I’ve been whipped by Paganini….and a design wall report.

As part of the Le Petite (little project) group I belong to, we were suppose to make a small quilt using Miss Rosie’s Paganini Schnibble pattern.  We have known about this for TWO months….but could I finish it?  No.


Yes…the top is finished but that’s where it ended.  I am out of dark blue fabric to bind it with…I need to get to town to buy some thread to quilt it with.  The place where I got the dark blue fabric is an hour away.  I have an errand there Saturday so I’ll get some then.

I hate when quilts get in put in the flimsy pile so hopefully, this one won’t go there.

You can see more Paganini quilts over at  A Quilting Life and Pink Pinchusion later today.  You can check out to see what next month’s project will be too.

Now for what I’m working on….
I wanted to do Judy’s (Patchwork Times) mystery quilt.  I looked at the yardage and thought…UGH!  I don’t have near that many yards of the same color in my stash so what’s a girl to do?  I love a mystery and I love anything Judy designs.  All of the quilts come together so nicely.  I didn’t want to be left out of the excitement of a mystery so I improvised….Mine is going to be scrappy.  I have no idea if this design will go good looking scrappy…I have no idea if I should try to keep one color from the same print to unify the quilt a bit.  I simply have no idea and that’s the fun of a mystery.


Here is part of step one to give you an idea of what it is beginning to look like.  I am almost finished with step two.  Hopefully I can sew LOTS tonight and be caught up by the time Judy posts the next clue.

13 thoughts on “I’ve been whipped by Paganini….and a design wall report.”

  1. Love your quilt top!!
    I think your mystery blocks are gorgeous too. Even if the pattern doesnt quite turn out you’ll have a beautiful quilt because of the fabrics used.

  2. Love your scrappy decision! I even have a couple of those prints in my scrap bin :) I did Judy’s last mystery and it was a blast. She did a great job of keeping me guessing, though others may have done better than I at that task. The Paganini is really cute!

  3. Your not alone. I was hoping to have my quilted, bound and on the wall. And got about as far as you did. I’m sure this will be put forward in the “to do list”
    I does look wonderful!

  4. I’m working now on JudyL’s Peaches & Dreams pattern. Yes I agree with her instructions. I’ve been saving off instructions for the Connects with Dots pattern–although I’ve not had time to start it–I will at some point (are you talking about this pattern as JudyL’s mystery?) Today BonnieH put out the intro to her yearly mystery. It’s my mystery project for the year. I’ll have to give JudyL’s a try too. Love your scrappy idea.

  5. Your colours for Judy’s mystery look so pretty together! I want to make this quilt, too, but I have so many projects to finish before the end of the year, I don’t *dare* start anything new right now. Your Schnibble quilt looks fantastic, too! :)

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