I’ve Been Good…

I’ve been really good this week and have been following my plan to get caught up on a few things.

Monday I cleaned the kitchen cabinets. Oh, it was a mess. I have food all over the table and counters. The insides all got washed out. The threw away a few outdated things, gave some things to Karl that I won’t eat, and set aside a box for the food pantry. Oh, it felt good.

Tuesday I cleaned the sewing room. I even had some extra time and bound the 16 patch half square triangle quilt. YAHOO!!

I also cut up the four shirts that were here that needed attention.

Wednesday was my day to do my taxes. I’m terrible about bookwork. NO JOKE. I am terrible and greatly disorganized.

The table was covered with stuff. At least I had the pretty flowers from Barb here to cheer me up. I was about three hours into trying to make sense of the mess when I was ready to quit. UGH. I didn’t want to do that. I ended up calling and asking for an appointment with my tax person. The receptionist said, “I have one as soon as tomorrow at 3 pm, but that’s probably too soon. The next one after that is….”

I immediately interrupted her and said, “I’ll take the one tomorrow at 3 pm.” UGH. Now I was committed and now I had to keep at it. It’s not what I wanted but definitely what I needed.

I ended up working on that for much of the rest of the day. Karl came over in the evening and visited. It ended up not being as terrible of a day as I made it out to be.

The next day I did a job for work that I could do from home for much of the morning…then changed the sheets, did the laundry and tidied up some.

My tax appointment was that afternoon. It went well and I didn’t end up having to pay in a bunch of money as I feared. I started my job at the vet clinic this year and I didn’t know how that might affect my taxes at the end of the year. It’s always a bit of a struggle when a person is self-employed.

On the way home I grabbed groceries. I am fine to be out and about now. I just can’t sit close to people for an extended period of them and every day that goes by, it gets better and better.

I was need of groceries. As I feared, my mouth is badly acting up from the radioactive iodine I had to take. I can’t eat anything citrus based. I tried to eat an orange the other day not thinking and WOWZA! I was miserable with just one bite. Pop is no longer something I can drink. It taste more like alka seltzer and burns. I can’t eat anything Mexican or spicy. No tomatoes or tomato-based foods.

Even foods I can eat do not taste right. Water tastes terrible. Coffees and flavored water is the best. My whole mouth burns and is very uncomfortable. Right now it feels like I tried to drink scalding hot coffee and burned the inside of my mouth. There are no sores yet and it’s not as bad as it was last time but…it’s okay.

I am eating bland food. Oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese, bread, cheese, rice…those kinds of things. They aren’t the best for my blood sugar but right now, that’s the option I have. That’s why I needed to stop and get some groceries. I ended up getting this cottage cheese.

It is Anderson Erickson (a local Iowa brand) cottage cheese in a garden vegetable variety. It’s wonderful and I could taste it!!

I also picked up some ice cream treats and stopped at my daughter Kalissa’s house on the way home. I share some ice cream treats with Kalissa, Carver, Gannon, and Anders. Again…I can see them but only at a distance of six feet away and only for 15 minutes or so. It was a quick visit but was wonderful to see the boys.

Once home I realized that I really hadn’t accomplished anything off my work list for the day except fill the bird feeders so…I cleaned one cabinet and cleaned the refrigerator.

We’re a condiment family so even clean, it looks like a mess. HA!

Friday was my play day. I went to the Stitchery and took the whole day and did NOTHING what was work. Whew. It felt great and I felt like I earned it!! I’ll tell you about that in another blog post.

Today is Saturday. I have two more days left before I go back to work. On my list to do is finish my Red Pears cross stitch piece. I did the stitching on them last Fall but haven’t fully finished them. I also want to get a couple of wool applique projects prepped and write blog posts. I’ve done very little with my email this week so I should do that too. Thankfully the big things are checked off my list.

I wouldn’t mind spending an hour or so in the garage and tidy a little there…we’ll see. If that doesn’t get done, that’s okay too.

Whatever I do is just bonus stuff…the big stuff got done!! I’m so glad I was good and tackled the jobs that have been hanging over my head and bothering me.

I’m feeling well…not overdoing anything. My only real problem is my mouth and it will likely get worse before it gets better but that’s okay. I’ve had such a better run of things this time around. I’m so thankful for that. I’ve had a wonderful week off. I so appreciate everyone at my work place who has checked up on me and covered for me so I could get this cancer knocked down again. All the way around, I feel blessed!

18 thoughts on “I’ve Been Good…”

  1. So glad you are feeling pretty good – all things considered! Thought of you as my husband is touring California and I saw on the map “Kramer Arch”!
    Anyhoo – you well deserved a day to play after all your hard work when you got home.

    All the best xx

  2. You’ve really handled this treatment regiment well! Who comes home from the hospital with a to-do list—and gets it done? You inspire in so many ways ❤️
    Can’t wait to see your red pear work. I finished the three patterns in red and watched the video you recommended. It gave me a birthday gift idea for my cousin and I stitched another of the alphabet pattern in green. She raised goats for years and I had a beautiful thrifted linen green toile valance with a goat motif in part of it that will be fun for the pear fabric. Hope to finish it this week!

  3. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Glad the recovery (so far) is going better than last time! Sounds like a wonderfully productive week!

  4. Jo, so relieved to hear that you are able to be up and around. So glad you were able to get your taxes done and it wasn’t too bad. Praying for your mouth and your recovery.

  5. So glad to hear you’re doing as well as you are! I’m amazed at what you got done. I hope your mouth doesn’t get much worse ! That’s an awful thing when everything tastes bad or strange and eating is painful! I’m glad you got to the Stitchery Nook and I’m looking forward to seeing what jumped into your basket. Hope things only get better from here!

  6. Joy in NW Iowa

    Glad you had your you day and went to the Stitchery nook. I’m anxious to hear about your day! You really got a lot accomplished
    During the week! I did a NO FUN and went through part of my sewing closet and purged fabric for our sewing group. We make ‘dignity’ kits for the young girls in foreign countries. The problem with sewing is I fell in love with a kit …. Who knows how long ago, and now it really isn’t on my radar! So in the bag it went! I thought your NO FUN day was a perfect thing to call it. Have a nice weekend.

  7. I’m so glad you’re feeling well enough to accomplish your “To Do” list. It does remove a lot of pressure and make you feel so much better to get some of those things done. I’m chipping away at my own list and can feel the pressure go away as each item is accomplished. I pray for you always and hope the remainder of your recovery goes well. As everyone else has said, you are such an inspiration to all of us. Thank you & may God bless you!

  8. I used viscous lidocaine as swish and swallow (or spit) for mouth and throat pain during and after chemo. Lidocaine and nystatin mixture was also offered if pain and thrush were a problem. You might check with your doctor about an Rx. Food didn’t have much taste but a little reprieve from the pain was nice. Good luck

  9. Judith Fairchild

    Like the old gospel song, we are
    “Blessed Beyond Measure” so glad things aren’t as bad as they were last round two years ago. Does the cold food help. Your mouth?

  10. Stephani in N. TX

    Wishing you the best with all you have on your plate. You deserve a lot of credit, and self-satisfaction as well, for plowing ahead on your to-do lists. I wonder if some viscous lidocaine might help with your oral issues. It’s a swish-and-spit mouth rinse. It’s a prescription and probably still custom concocted at a pharmacy but it could provide some temporary but good relief. Looks like you’ve made the best of symptoms otherwise. I’m sure the changes available in food you could eat has helped a lot. Stay strong Jo Kramer.

  11. You are doing so good, Jo! Sorry that your mouth is so sore again, but you are a trooper and are doing good handling it, at least as far as you tell us. Enjoy your last two days off of work.

  12. I’m glad you managed to get your big jobs ticked off your list, it will be a huge weight off your mind. Sorry to hear your mouth is sore again, thank goodness for ice cream! Take care Jo.

  13. I so want some of your cottage cheese!!!! I’ve never seen that flavor. Whenever we make it to Iowa our grocery list is AE cottage cheese, old fashion or sea salt. I got my neighbor hooked on it also. It’s the only cottage cheese I eat. Then of course chip dip, usually French onion. Then, chocolate milk. And meat from Fareway. No plans to hit Iowa until July. But hoping a friend comes to visit next month and will bring us some.
    Enjoy, I hope it doesn’t taste bad for you!!!

  14. I am sure that turning over the tax info to your accountant was a big relief! That’s a big accomplishment! If rice is a good food for you right now, maybe you would like “sticky rice” that is a favorite in our house. It goes by other names too. Basically, just cook chicken in water (I add celery too), then use the broth to cook your rice. Cut up the chicken in small pieces and put in pot with the rice as it cooks. Add more broth as needed. My cousin called sticky rice because it all sticks together. 50 years later, we all call it sticky rice. Even if you can’t taste it, you will get some protein with the rice. Another plus: it’s easy to reheat. I spy an empty shelf in your fridge! Praying for you Jo!

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