Itty Bitty Give-Away!

A post from Kelli–

A few days ago, mom told you about all of her little itty bitty scraps and that she was needing to get rid of a few of them.  This afternoon, I drew the winner Jonnie who said–“I do Bonnie Hunter’s Wild & Goosey blocks and itty bitty scraps are perfect! I cannot bear to see even the tiniest scraps thrown away, so I even save the leftovers from trimming paper pieced Wild & Goosey blocks to stuff into dog pillows. They add up quickly! You are such a sweetie to offer the tiny bits for others to make into something wonderful. Thank you Jo for sharing, not only your scraps, but your time to blog and show us all you do!”


Weehooo Jonnie!  I just sent you an email so as soon as I get your address, I’ll get the box labeled and sent out to you on Saturday morning!

2 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Give-Away!”

  1. What a surprise! But you can bet these Itty Bitties will find new life in Wild & Goosey blocks. THANK YOU SO MUCH Jo and Kelli!
    LOVE the blog, it’s one of the very first things I read when I sign on every day!

    Jonnie in SC

  2. Jenelle Boxberger

    I see you had many people sign up for your bits/pieces of fabrics. I’ve been wanting to give away a box of bits too from cleaning up my sewing area. I was wondering if I could get an address from someone to send them to? Do you need a picture sent? If so what address should I send a picture. If you can’t do this I’m okay with that too. Love reading your blogs.

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