26 thoughts on “It’s Time to Win a Go!”

  1. I love your site and would love to win the GO!!!!!! My grandaughters, 5 and 7 have recently moved near this quilting Grammy and what a treat to be able to give them some of the best things to learn to quilt with…what a treat it would be and also a nice treat for grammy here…

  2. I would love to have a GO! My daughter and I bought one a year ago which resides with her 1o0 miles away from me.She make lots of quilt tops and when I ask her about that, she says it is because she can cut the shapes quickly. I don’t get to go play as often as I thought I would so I want one too.

  3. WOW…. Hoping for the best. it would be so much fun to be a winner. The GO CUTTER is so fun….only viewed on line have never seen one up close and personal, but to own one…WOW. Thanks for the opp to enter.

  4. A GO cutter would be a perfect birthday present for me. My birthday is 9/11, and would really make my day complete!!

  5. Enjoyed seeing bloggers getting excited about their GO’s. I would love the opportunity. My little quilting group would be ever to enhanced!

  6. make alot of scrapy quilts for our small group and give them to firefighters , shelters, etc to pass out. Would love to share with our small group the Go cutter and learn new ideas Thank You

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