It’s the Little Things

You know in life…sometimes it really is the little things that spark a smile.  Here are some the recently came my way.

This came from Carver and Gannon.  They call me “Joey”…  See the envelope is attached to a 3 pack of tissue?

Inside was a note.

Bahahahaha!!  Yep, this round of colds came from the Friedman family.  You can see that Carver was quite the artist on this one.

More smiles came way when two people in my life gifted me things for the childcare kiddos.

My sister-in-law sent a BIG tote of dresses, ties and goodies my way.   All of the things were handmade.  Apparently one of the people who rented an apartment from her was an Etsy shop seller.  She was moving and closing her shop.  She ended up giving a big tote of things to her and told her to find a good home for them.  Kelli ended up pulling some dresses out for Georgia and I passed some on to one of the childcare kiddos.

Here’s an apron I kept for my house.  All of the things were VERY QUALITY made.  The cute little dresses were all lined.    I can’t imagine all the work that went into them.

There were a couple book bags too.  I kept one and the kiddos are using it lots and Kelli took the other for Georgia.

A local quilter was cleaning out her daughter’s things and asked if I wanted to be the beneficiary.  I, of course, said YES!!  I love fresh goodies for the kids and they love it too.

New color books and crafty things.  YES PLEASE!!  My kiddos fly through coloring books.

This tote was packed with goodies.

The most popular thing is that bag of necklaces and jewelry.  They have been crazy over them.  See??

There was another bag of goodies but the kids had that all out and were playing before I got pictures taken.  We kept a lot but passed somethings on to a little gal that needed a few things.  It’s been a fun week with them all interested in the new toys.

I have been working more than ever to find joy in the little things….Being around the kiddos really helps with that.  Seeing them smile over a new apron, a new necklace, or a new coloring book is priceless.  I’m often smiling right along with them.  Thanks for thinking of us Wendy and Melissa.  We so appreciate your kindnesses.

Are there little things in your life that you are taking time to appreciate?


6 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things”

  1. Being able to open the windows and hear the birds in the morning is wonderful. Seeing the gorgeous pink sunrise. Making a simple meal that just tastes so good. Lovely little things.

  2. Picking beans from the garden for dinner. Watching birds out my kitchen window. Family walks with our dog. A little time for sewing. DH making me a cup of tea in the morning.

  3. Those dresses are super cute! I had a little dress pattern for my granddaughter but somehow it disappeared in my sewing room. Oh, where are you little dress pattern. I’ve been waiting for a cheap pattern at Joann’s to replace it but no luck yet. Its like Christmas everyday at your home.

  4. Looking forward to letters from the grandkids. Blessings
    Sure, we text but the letters are super special being so far from them.
    Love and prayers

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