It’s that Time, AGAIN!

I’ve had my three month reprieve.  It’s time to head back to Lacrosse and get my cancer rechecks.

Gundersen La Crosse Campus

It amazes me how easy it is for me to slip into life as I live it and completely ignore that I had cancer or that it’s trying to sneak back into my life.

If you’ve been a reader since December of 2015, you know that I’ve had thyroid cancer.  Mine was initially found during a routine annual physical.  I had absolutely nothing going on in my life that would have lead anyone to believe that I would have it.  The nurse practitioner who I see was feeling along my throat and felt it was enlarged in that area so she sent me on to have an ultrasound….and so it went to the removal of my thyroid and then I had Radioactive Iodine Treatment.

From there I thought I was good…but slowly we’re afraid it’s creeping back.  Well, I have a blood test done that’s called a Thyroglobulin Tumor Marker.  My number is supposed to stay below 2…but it hasn’t.  If the number goes above 2, then it’s a sign that the cancer is returning and I’ll have to go through treatment again.  They can’t treat me unless they find where the cancer is so…we look.  That has meant PET scan and full body scan and chest CT scans.  To date, we have found nothing.  So they have moved me up to a three month check rather than every six months.

It between testing…I live a normal life.  I honestly can even forget all about it…but then an appointment reminder comes up and there I am back wondering what life is going to throw my way.

The last time I did this series of testing it was the beginning of May.  Kramer was in the hospital.  He was so worried both of us would be in the middle of treatment.  I didn’t know how…but somehow either way, I knew we’d figure it out.  We always figured things out.  I’ll never forget the joy on his face when I told him my scan came back clear.  At the time, my only prayer was that if it was going to come back, that it could wait until Kramer got better…well we know how that played out.  Kramer didn’t get better and passed away in early June.

So Thursday I was in the clinic and had the blood draw.  Monday I go back to Lacrosse.  I had a chest CT and then I talk to my doctor about what’s next.  They have started doing a chest CT because if thyroid cancer spreads, the lungs is the usual place it goes….So say a prayer, cross your fingers or send a happy thought my way.  I could use one.

My kiddos are a little upset that I’m going myself.  I told them and told them that I’ve been doing this so long that I now know what to expect.  The only thing that has happened for me as of late is being told we don’t need to worry…and frankly, I think I could handle that.  Whatever they decided to do with me, I’ve already done so I’m okay to go alone.  Kelli is doing childcare and Kalissa…well Kalissa was going to go with me but she has somewhere more important she has to be.

….remember Gannon’s belly issues???  Yep that happened this spring too and with that, we never really found out any answers.

For those of you who need an update on that…here it is….Shortly after Gannon was born his stomach was weird.  He screamed.  It was an issue.

Kalissa went to Mayo Clinic…was not happy…then went to Iowa City instead.  Nothing was ever figured out.  At Mayo they dismissed her and told her it was a milk allergy, she needed to quit nursing and everything would be fine.  At Iowa City, they said no but couldn’t exactly explain it either.  I think they were all waiting for him to settle into himself and see if this was colicy baby or what.

Well recently Gannon ruptured an ear drum and had puss coming out his ear.  He went on meds for ear infection.  His ear continued to drain…Kalissa made another appointment over a week later and Gannon was put on another round of meds.  A week after that he went in for an ear check.

They were seeing his regular doctor and in the middle of his appointment the doc said, “You know, his belly still isn’t right, is it?”  Well, no it isn’t.  It never has been “RIGHT”.  We’ve all just learned to live with it and Gannon is the MOST content baby…rarely fusses unless he’s hungry….so we, although bothered by it, have started to wonder if we were over reacting to think something was really wrong…after all he’s so content.

The doc recommended she go back to Iowa City.  Of course the open appointment is the same day as my appointment.  Kalissa tried to get a different appointment but it would have shoved him out into the very end of September.  I wouldn’t let her so…Gannon is going south.  I’m going east.

For the curious minds…here’s a couple pictures of Gannon’s belly.

This is a normal day for Gannon….

This is too.  This is how if looks if he tries to sit up.

The current thought is that there’s an issue with lack of abdominal muscles..but who knows.  That’s the opinion of a specialist…so, hopefully we can get to the bottom of this as well.

I hope to have something to report to you on Tuesday about both Gannon and I….That is probably wishful thinking of me.  Time will tell.

Thanks for hanging in there with our family.  I know this is suppose to be a quilting blog and I know very little quilting gets done anymore.

37 thoughts on “It’s that Time, AGAIN!”

  1. Hoping and praying for both you and Gannon. Tough when a baby needs help and he can’t voice his concerns. Maybe you are one of those people whose number is always going to be higher than it is supposed to be. My BIL has a prostate issue and his numbers are high. But he has been tested and tested and does not have cancer. So far. Just high numbers. Here is hoping that is the case with you. Getting a cancer check is a good thing. I had mine this week for the breast cancer and clear.

  2. Praying all goes well with both you and Gannon. The unknown can be scary. Hope they find some answers for the little guy. Hugs!

  3. Praying for peace and answers for you and Gannon! It is good that between check ups you forget about the cancer possibilities. You are living life! It is hard when that appointment comes around. Early on I waited for someone to read my scan before I left the dr office because I was anxious about the results. Now I wait for a non call knowing after a few days that I’m probably in the clear. I just think, if it has returned I’ve done this before and made it through. So if I have to. I’ll do it again. Thankfully I’ve been clear! I pray that you get the same results. Let go and let God handle it!

    Enjoy the drive through crop land and small towns. Think of all those cute grandbabies and all the fun times you have with them and how much more you are going to enjoy! What a blessing your children and their spouses are to you. You have a wonderful life. I know Roger will be with you. You got this! DRIVE SAFE, my friend!

  4. Jo, I know so many people will be praying for you to have a good outcome. My sister-in-law has been fighting ovarian cancer for 9 months and was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer possibly caused by the chemotherapy. Our family has been dealing with this along with my own sister’s diagnosis of Non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, and the passing of my husband’s sister due to cancer in July. I pray you will get good news and that they can figure out little Gannon’s curious tummy issue. May God bless your family.

  5. Saying prayers for all of you. It’s ok if you don’t write about quilting. You are facing some hard issues and quilting will wait and once again be your reprieve and you’re happy place. Take care

  6. Prayers for the whole Kramer family! You all have had more than your share of issues to tend to. If you never mention quilting again, I will continue to follow you because you have shared so much with us that I feel like you are a good friend. Know that you are loved!

  7. I don’t really read your blog for the quilting. I actually appreciate reading about your problems (I’m very sorry you have them, of course, but some of your problems mirror my own and I love how open and honest you are in sharing.)
    My mom is in a similar boat, as my stepdad died in the spring, followed by the return of her cancer and a round of chemo in June/July. I took her on Friday for a scan and we’ll hear the results this week too. I’ve been wondering how little Gannon’s belly was doing, so I’ll be keeping both of you in my thoughts this week.
    Drive safe. Kramer Strong.

  8. Hoping for good news on Tuesday, know that you are in my prayers. I’m so glad that Gannon is being seen again for his stomach issues, something is not right. Enjoy the road trip and stop along the way and thrift shop.

  9. I started following you during your renovations of your forever home. I love watching people bring new life to an older home. It was just an added bonus that you are a quilter too. I love reading about your day to day life, the humor of things, learning new sewing tips, all about your wonderful family, your precious grandbabies and the list goes on. You are my On Line Friend…. My email “Old” stands for On Line Daughter even though I lost my mother way before on line was even thought of but it’s my “handle” on line. I’m grateful for your friendship and allowing me to be a part of your life. My prayers are and will be with you all forever!
    Jeri in Texas a removed Iowan

  10. Prayers for you and your whole family I hope that all goes well. Maybe I can ask for your prayers my daughter who has been a diabetic for forty years and had to go on dialysis since Jonah was two so he is 12 now, she has decided to go off of dialysis which means she has decided to die. She has been so ill for so many years that we understand but it is so hard as we love her so much . Jonah was born blind and he is such a dear child and so grown up but he will miss his mom and I need to know how to help he go through this. My health is not great but we won’t go into that. I have said many prayers for your family maybe you could say one for us. I know that prayers are very important. Blessings and hugs. Sandra

    1. Oh Sandra. My heart hurts hearing your story. Prayers will be sent for you all…sadly sometimes being brave isn’t a choice. It’s a necessity. I’m so sorry you have to endure these struggles.

  11. Keeping you all in my prayers. This is your blog. You can post whatever you want. Your header doesn’t say it is just a quilting blog. You do and take care of what is important. If quilting or stitching happens, it is just a bonus.

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