It’s Raining Dogs…and Meet Hank!

Not long ago a blog reader told me that she missed my foster dog posts. It was so strange. We weren’t getting in very many dogs so there wasn’t much to write about. Last year at this time, it was raining dogs!! That’s about the time I had Rusty, the brown dog with cherry eyes.

This year we hadn’t had many dogs in. Aso, I am the end of the line foster. I take a lot of the dogs that others don’t take. Other fosters might only care for a specific breed…some travel and are often gone, still others have family circumstances that change so they can’t always take a pup and some people only foster one or two dogs a year and some people already have a foster pup and taking a second is too much. I’m the “end of the line”. If no one else volunteers, I take the dogs…I’m not picky about breeds and I hardly ever travel. I let everyone else pick the dogs/puppies that they want to foster and I take whatever is left. I don’t mind. I’ve never had a dog that we haven’t found a home for.

I recently told you about Dundee…He found a home immediately on a farm. He’s already riding in the tractor!!

While I was taking care of him, a pug came in. He’s just a pup but had an eye issue.

I didn’t take him as I had Dundee.

During that time we had two people wanting to surrender their dogs…one a big doodle…the other a border collie/corgi mix named Hank. Dundee ended up leaving on Wednesday and Hank came to my house on Thursday.

I ADORE Hank. As my son Buck would say…he’s best boy!

He’s only 8 months old. He was surrendered because there was a one-year-old in the house and together they weren’t a good mix. The owners said that Hank jumps and here, he only jumps on people when they first come in the door…and that can be fixed with some consistent training. He’s housetrained and kennel trained. I think for being eight months old, he’s great!

Anyone who has had a puppy knows that the worst time with them is between 8 months and 15 months old. It’s the teenage years for them. With good training, they can come out of those years and become a great dog.

I honestly just love Hank and he’s no problem for me at all. If he doesn’t find a home, that’s totally okay. He can be my dog. I love him that much.

Here we are together on the couch stitching.

Hank is up for adoption…95% of what I have to say about him is awesome…the 5%, he’s at a chewing stage but I’ve been curbing that with toys. He also jumps on people when they initially come into the home. Again…all age-related. He’ll grow out of that with good training.

On Friday the rescue got a call. Thursday and there were two 3-month-old Australian Shepherd/Border Collies that needed to be homed. Both puppies.

Friday this mini Australian Shepherd ….

…and these three pug puppies had to be picked up immediately.

On the way home from that pick-up, the rescue was told they needed to pick up four Papillon pups from a different breeder. OH MY!

I think some of these were “Christmas puppies” that never sold. UGH.

Well…you guessed it. So many of the foster places have a family get-together or are going to be gone over Christmas. In a matter of about four days, 12 dogs had to have homes…actually 13. We didn’t end up taking the doodle. There is nowhere for it to go. Sadly, sometimes we have to take who we think we can find a foster for…and who we think will adopt out.

Right now…we don’t have many fosters at all with it being Christmas. UGH.

I’ve never seen a problem our coordinator can’t figure out but this was surely testing her limits!! The quicker we can get these dogs vetted and ready for adoption the better. It’s putting a strain on the fosters…but with puppy mills calling, we have to go immediately or they might just kill the pups. I know no one wants to hear that, but it’s the truth.

If you are in the market for a puppy…we have one for you! HA!!

If you have any time, there is a foster group that needs help. If you’re in NE Iowa our group especially could use more foster families. You don’t have to foster all the time…just two or three per year would be helpful. There is no cost to you…just your time. All vet services are paid by the foster group…including mileage…all food and supplies are paid for by the foster group. Just something to think about.

If you are interested in any of the pups, you can apply for one HERE on Heart Animal Rescue’s website…you can also learn more about the pups by following our Facebook page. The adopter who got Dundee sent in a lot of pictures. I just love seeing them there.

Sometime in the rescue business, there is not much news, and then other days…it’s raining dogs!!

5 thoughts on “It’s Raining Dogs…and Meet Hank!”

  1. So many dogs and all so cute! It is so sad how many dogs need new homes. I hope you find fosters for them or their forever homes soon.

  2. It’s a crying shame there are so many dogs being discarded. We have the same problem here in the UK.
    Hank will surely get his forever home quickly, he’s a star!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    I wish I could afford a small dog. It would be company. The problem is I have to use a walker. Plus I live too far from you. Those papillons are the right size. Maybe next year.

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