It’s Quilted!!

You make remember last week I was very nervous about quilting my cousin Donna’s Bargello quilt.  Well, I put it on the frame and decided I just had to start doing it….it wouldn’t get done sitting in a box.

The quilt is gorgeous…Sadly it’s really hard to get pictures of the quilting.


I hadn’t done a lot of feathers before but this seemed to call for them.  There are feathers in the wide and narrow brown borders.  There are feathers in the the white design of the quilt and in the dark brown design.


I followed Sweet Paulette’s advice and changed color using white thread in the white and brown throughout the rest.


In this picture taken with my phone (did I say I love my Galaxy S5 enough times yet?) you can see the quilting best.

Can you believe it took me 10 hours to quilt it???   It’s far from perfect but for me this was a major accomplishment.  I have never done a Bargello..had limited experience with feathers…I’ve never done anything where I had to advance and reverse the quilt so many times (it really make awesome use of the added automatic forward and reverse option on my machine)..never anything so challenging.

I do know one thing…after working on this I could NEVER be a person who machine quilts for a living.  Those of you who do…hats off to you!!

I don’t mind doing our own quilts and charity quilts as there is only my expectations to live up to….I am not good with the pressure of someone else’s expectations and opinion of what is good plus I am always really hard on myself expecting perfection.

I delivered it to Donna’s mom on Sunday.  Donna will see it in a couple weeks when she’s home from Alaska for a visit….In the meantime Hubby askes, “Why haven’t you made a quilt like that?”…oh Donna, what did you start???

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7 thoughts on “It’s Quilted!!”

  1. Lovely quilt and quilting! Your thread and quilting choices are right on and enhance the movement of the bargello flow. Bargellos are fast, fun, and easy to do! After the double wedding ring quilts you made a bargello will really be a breeze for you!

  2. You did a great job with the feathers! I have been quilting for others for 6 years and I still worry about how they will like it! On expectations and perfection…I have been known to use a magnifying glass to make sure my stitches are perfect! That must be why I earn $2-$5 per hour when I quilt for others…slow because I want it to be perfect!!! I’m just glad I get to do what I love!

  3. I hear ya! I love your feathers. When I got my new machine Friends & relatives came out of the woodwork asking me to quilt for them. I don’t want it to become a JOB! that would take the FUN out of Quilting for me. Maybe when I get a few more than 10 quilts finished to my liking… I love my S5 Phone pictures too. They automatically upload to my synced photos Album on FB.

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