It’s My Turn…Sewpad and More

With Buck’s kids here I am busy…I’ll tell you more about that in tonight’s blog post.  I’m sneaking this blog post in here..I have some fun news for you.

I did have a little one wanting to watch me cut out my Hawk’s Nest quilt.  I don’t know what kept her there, watching me or that I was feeding her Cheetos.  Lucy is a picky eater, but Cheetos, she loves.  I do too.

I put one of the Hawk’s Nest blocks together.  I’ll talk more about that in Monday’s blog post.  I’m improvising the blocks.  I do really like their scrappiness.

What a fun block!!  I can’t wait to tell you more about the quilt on Monday.

But I have other news for you…

Have you heard about Sewpads?  I first heard about them back in May when Bonnie Hunter sang their praises.  Find her review HERE.  I was intrigued…a pad on a chair could make sewing more comfortable.  Really?

Quilting Cushion by Sew Pad

Well, Gary from Sewpad and I got together and were talking and back in June and he sent me a Sewpad to try out.  I’ll admit to being a little skeptical.  Could a pad really make things more comfortable??  I’ll admit to needed something.  I don’t know if aging is it or what it is that makes it hard to sit at the machine for long periods of time.  I often have a crick in my back or finding myself needing to twist and turn a lot after a long time at the machine.  What the heck…if it was free I’d give it a try.

I have the simple old fashion sewing chairs that come with vintage sewing machine cabinets.  I don’t have a lot of room in the sewing room for fancy roller chairs and although these aren’t great.  I’ve made do with them.

I was sure the Sewpad would slip and slide off the chair but it didn’t.

(Yes I need to vacuum my sewing room floor-keeping it REAL)

I was sure the pad would squish down and would be flat.  It doesn’t.  It holds it’s shaping and stays supportive.

I’ve been very impressed with it.  Can you guess the place that I didn’t think I would use it?…at the computer.  This is where I type out my blog posts…where I design quilts…where I read comments and email.  I spend more time here than at the sewing machine.  I’ve thought about getting a different chair but I like my vintage chair…it just doesn’t have a soft nice cushion….but now I have one…see? My Sewpad is here.

I think Gary and his wife are not marketing wide enough as the pad is good for anyone who sits a lot…quilter or worker.  If I had a desk job, I’d for sure want one.  (Christmas is coming-**hint-hint**)

Truth be told, I’m thinking about getting another one.  Then I wouldn’t have to cart this one up and down the stairs.  (Yes…I do that.)

Here is a video from the creators of SewPad to tell you more about how the Sewpad came to be.  I love the husband/wife story!!

  • 1/2” Thick Medical-Grade Gel Filled
  • Cushions & Supports Your Hips & Back
  • Sit Longer in Much Greater Comfort
  • AirMesh® Cover Keeps You Cooler
  • Feel Better at the End of the Day!
  • 100% Made in the USA

Happy news for all of you….SewPad is offering free shipping to anyone who orders over the weekend.  That’s a great deal as the pads are heavy and shipping would be expensive.  To order or learn more, follow THIS LINK to the SewPad website

At checkout type int “JUNCTION” to get FREE priority shipping.   I’m so happy that SewPad is offering that to you all.  You can be comfy sewing (or at the computer) like I am.

If you have one, please leave a comment and tell us all what you think.  I love supporting an American Made company…especially when they are offering a great product!!

28 thoughts on “It’s My Turn…Sewpad and More”

  1. I tried ordering one last month and they were on back order. I will definitely order one today! I too am trying to support American made businesses!

  2. I bought one when Bonnie had the free shipping back in May. It is the absolute best ever!! I haul it back and forth from work everyday so I can use it. It relieves my lower back ache from sitting too long. It’s super! I ordered a second one and am anxiously awaiting it so I don’t have to haul it to and from work daily. Best investment ever!!

  3. I also bought one when Bonnie promoted them earlier this Summer. I love mine and have recommended it to several friends!

  4. I’ve used my Sewpad for about a month and love it. It is especially good for my computer desk chair. It is pricey, but I have tried MANY chair pads that were less costly but didn’t help my hip and leg pain much.

  5. I’ve ordered 2-one for me and one for hubby who has been work-from-home since late March! The stuff they use inside is the same stuff we use in the Operating Room to protect patient pressure points! I love those devices. Never dreamed I’d be able to have those at home! Super excited to receive them.

    Most definitely worthy of the equivalent of 8 yards of full price fabric!

    Thank you Jo for getting us a great deal :-)

  6. Allison C Bayer

    I’m enjoying mine too! I do have a question. Does your pad have an odor? I’m having to spray mine with the Featherweight Shop’s case deodorizer. It smells a bit musty/neoprene gassing off. Just curious. I’m a big Bonnie Hunter fan too!

    1. Mine has an odor too. I didn’t notice it but my husband did! I find it’s easier to stand up after sitting for a long time with the sew pad. . Otherwise, I need to stand up and straighten up slower and with a bit of lower back pain.

  7. I’ve had these pads in my cars for quite a few years, and also have 1 at my computer desk, and another for sewing. I hate to denigrate a small business, but $90??? Really? That’s a ripoff. Sorry to say that, but so many quilting-related items are simply overpriced, to market to a specific market. If you want to save yourself some money, google ‘gel seat cushion’. You’ll find quite a few, with or without a lower spine notch, for around $40.

  8. I bought two of these when the shipping was free through Bonnie Hunter. I was having trouble with sitting, too, especially during this shelter-in-place pandemic. My husband spends most of the day at his desk, so the second one was for him, as I worried about him sitting so long all day. So we are both being helped by this cushion. I think it would help everyone. Especially quilters. We have spent so much money on our sewing machines, our tools, threads, batting and especially our fabrics that we love. So support your body now so that you can keep on enjoying your quilting on a comfortable cushion, on into the future.

  9. This may sound like a weird question but does it keep your tushe cool? I sit for long hours at work in front of a computer and as I’m getting older I find my internal thermometer is out of whack

  10. I also ordered one when Bonnie first introduced them. I have to say that I am NOT thrilled with it. First of all, it stinks! When I contacted them about it they suggested I use Febreeze. I did, many times, and it still smells so bad that I have trouble keeping it in the house. When I manage to use it, it gives me a headache from the smell so I don’t really know if it makes any difference or not.

    1. Jo, I’m really disappointed to see that you’ve chosen to not publish my comment, which I posted here early today. I realize it’s your blog, but I wasn’t expecting censorship for my opinion & suggestion. You won’t miss me as a follower, I’m sure, but I will be unfollowing this blog.

  11. At a retreat last year, I took my Red Bernina Chair as it is very comfortable and the perfect height for the portable SewEzi sewing machine table that I use.

    Three people at the retreat with me had the Bungee Chair, and we all tried them out and they were very comfortable to sit in.

  12. Allison,
    I had the same problem and unfortunately it triggered my allergies. I talked to Gary and he suggested I spay it with Fabreeze but that would have caused the same problem. Gary graciously accepted a return on it and refunded my money. I wish it had worked – everyone is singing its praises.

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  16. Jo, I used to use mine at work in Tx as I’d sit for 9-10 hrs on the computer. I still use mine – sitting at the dining room table. My husband is a disabled vet. He uses on on his electric cart. They are really comfortable and a back saver too.

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