It’s Looking Like a Porch!

Here’s the latest house update.  We have a porch!!


The roof is on.  The tar paper is on.  There isn’t a ceiling yet but that will come after the electricians are there to put some lighting in the porch-or at least that’s what Hubby said.


The house looks like it has had the porch for years…I think that’s how we know we did the right thing by adding it.

They started in on the shingling.  Monday looks like more work for the carpenters on the porch.


Once that is done, they’ll be on to putting up the garage.  I am told once that’s up we pray for electricians to squeeze us in and the carpenters start siding…slow and steady and we’ll get her done.

In the mean time, there is still work for us to do.  We have some cleaning and tidying to do and then there are those floor boards…more to clean.


Kelli was a sweetie and offered to clean boards for the afternoon for Hubby’s birthday present (It’s his birthday today!).  It was the best present!!

All of the boards from the old farm house are cleaned.  We just have some left that came from the part of our house that we tore off.  They are in the middle pile.

The four rows to the right still need attention.  It’s a slow boring job but we’re getting closer.  I asked Hubby to stop and take time to count to see if we have enough floor boards…he said, “Can’t stop, we have to keep working!”..Isn’t that the truth??

I’ll be back to the house on Sunday afternoon to scrap boards again…I can’t wait!!   oops typo!  I’ll admit I’m getting tired of the boring job but we are getting within striking distance of being finished.

All in all we’re really happy with the house and how it’s coming together.  Pretty soon I’ll need to start considering paint colors for the interior.  Anyone have any suggestions on which brand of paint to buy??  I’m going for least expensive but good quality.

..and that my friends is the latest on the house!

28 thoughts on “It’s Looking Like a Porch!”

  1. I can’t believe what a difference the porch makes in the look of the house. And, yes, it does look like it’s always been there. I don’t think the porch column in front of the window will be too distracting; you’ll learn to look around it! Good decisions all around.

  2. Phyllis in Minnesota

    Progress has definitely been made and it looks great. I can just picture you and hubby sitting on that porch in rocking chairs. Just think of all the free time you’ll have when the house is done – you’ll need to find a new project!!

  3. We always use Sherwin Williams. Have for 35 years even though it costs a little more we don’t have to paint as often. It goes on good, cleans up easy and doesn’t seem to fade. We use it inside and out. Outside we paint about every 10 years inside longer than that. Just plain good paint.

  4. I use Consumers Reports reviews and I really trust Home Depot’s Behr paints, trust me I’ve personally used their paint for years and it’s really the best !!! If you’re lucky there will be a rebate going on around Labor Day! It’s up to you, but it’s GREAT PAINT ! Oh, I LOVE the porch !!

  5. Being I am from Cedar Rapids Ia now living in Kansas City and know of all the place you travel. I have to check each day to see what your up to now. Love your blog and watching house progress. If you were ever at the Crazy Lady Quilt shop in CR 10 years ago I was the owner.

  6. The porch is amazing and looks like it’s always been there. I use Behr paint from Home Depot. It last forever and looks great. The best thing is that I have never had to do more than one coat so that saves money and time. Check their ads or call the store and find out when they are having a sale on it.

  7. Home Depot’s Behr paint–the only kind I use, and we have painted alot in the past 5 years. 1 coat (especially if you use the paint and primer combined paint) , not much spatter off rollers, easy clean up and a great variety of colors! I still love the colors in my home even after 7 years–moss green, light brown with a dark brown accent wall, light brown with a red accent wall, and pale gray. My girls’ rooms are Tiffany blue, Norwegian blue and Granny Smith apple green–fun colors. Good luck!

  8. Agree w/others..the porch looks great! We also have been using Behr paint for years. One coat covers well and if you do the satin option it wipes down great. We haven’t painted inside for almost 10 yrs.

  9. The porch looks perfect on your house. You have done an amazing job of making sure that all the additions look like they belong. I have never liked it when you can tell that an addition to a house is obviously an addition.

  10. Love the porch..I get excited every time you show something new being done on the house. Can hardly wait for the finishing of the inside.

  11. The house is looking great….the porch with it’s recycled columns is just the right touch.

    I mostly use Valspar paint…it’s what’s available here in town. Or something from Menard’s. Dutch Boy, maybe?

  12. Your house is looking so beautiful. I’m excited for you! Let’s see – for paint – we have used Sherwin-Williams for 30 years and have had really good luck with it. The extra cost is worth it. Don’t scrimp when it comes to paint!

  13. Love the porch…..this is one lucky house. Thank you for sharing the progress as you work on your home. Our contractor told us the Pittsburg Paints are the best paints. That is what he used inside and out on our new house but when we painted at our old house we used Behr and loved it. We have been in our new house a short time so I cannot tell you what I think of PP.

  14. I love to see American houses with a porch on the front – something you would rarely see here in the UK – it’s all looking fantastic and I love your daily updates :)

  15. least expensive of good quality paint…… does not ring true. Just get good quality paint….. the labor costs way more than the paint.

  16. Love, Love the porch it makes a house look like a home. I wish we had one. I am a big fan of Behr paint from Home Depot if you have one close by. Even after time if you need to go back and touch up it does not look like a different color it dries really well.

  17. I think the porch look wonderful! It looks like it belongs there and has always been there! That’s really sweet of Kelli to clean the boards for your Hubby’s birthday. Hope he had a great day! I like Home Depot’s Behr paint. I just painted my living room day before yesterday.

  18. I don’t think paint is where you want ‘cheap’. I buy Benjamim Morre and it truly only takes ONE coat. Saves time and money. Ask the salesman for advice b/c they are informed. I have no affiliation. DH bought Sherman W. for the living room when he was in a snit and wouldn’t talk to me. He had to paint EVERYTHING twice. How is that a bargain? I just walked around whistling. I’m usually the one who paints and he hates to paint. HA! Serves him right!

  19. I have recently started using the paint from the Habitat for Humanity Restore here in Cedar Rapids. They have their own line of paint called Amazon (no relation to the big online retailer) with several standard colors you can get in 1 or 5 gallon containers. I looked online and there’s one in Waterloo. It’s a very thick paint that covers wonderfully and looks fantastic!

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