It’s Happening!!

After the long road to get here I really started believing the building at the new house would never happen.  We were told last week that the excavator and the cement guys would all be here today.  I’ve been disappointed so many times that I just didn’t tell any of you anything about that and for the most part just refused to believe it…but…THEY ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!


I went into town to snap a few photos and then got in the truck.  As I was leaving the cement guys pulled up.  WOW!!  THEY ARE BOTH HERE!!

I just snapped these photos and then came home again.  I don’t want to get in their way nor do I want to second guess things.  In an hour or so when I am sure they’ve all left for the day I am going back in.  The footing were supposed to be poured so finally I’ll get to see how big the addition will actually be.

I was told that the garage will be poured after the basement walls are all in.  I gotta say I am really getting excited..and nervous…and anxious…and oh you know..all of those things.

I’ll be posting updates to the house as time continues so keep checking back.  If you really want to the know the latest and are on Instagram or Facebook, I typically update there first.  Just click the links and follow us if you want the news hot off the press!!

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