It’s FINISHED: Texas Tumbleweed

The Texas Tumbleweed quilt is finally finished!  I am so happy.  I met my deadline which is the wedding that is taking place TODAY.  I actually was able to finish it up on Thursday night but didn’t get time to take pictures to show if off to you until today.


I am in love with it.  Really in love.  I think it’s the batiks.  I feel like I need to stand up and apologize for any comment I made about batiks in the past.  If someone would have suggested I made a batik quilt a few years ago I would have laughed.  I wasn’t a fan.  I didn’t think there was much variety in the fabrics.  I didn’t think I wanted to pay the extra $1 or so a yard for the fabric that they usually cost.


Then some really kind blog readers started gifting me some batiks.  I started keeping them in a spot.  Gradually my scrap pile of batiks grew.  It grew enough that I was able to cut out a couple quilts.  Texas Tumbleweed was one of the quilts I chose to cut out.

Boy, oh boy, I sure am glad that I’ve been gifted all these scraps as they have now turned in to one totally awesome quilt.

You might remember awhile back I had told you that Material Magic in New Hampton closed.  Before the doors closed, they had big clearance sales….I built more onto batik stash then.  One of the fabrics I found was this sunflower fabric on the border.  I was hesitant to use it on the border but then six weeks ago or so I talked to the bride to be.  She was telling me that she had planted sunflowers in the spring and had hoped they would be looking good and blooming for the wedding so she could use them as her flowers.  When it came time to pick the border I was so thrilled that I had bought plenty of the sunflower fabric so I would have enough to use as the border and for the binding.  What do you think?


Another reason I was glad for the sunflower border is that I stopped at her house the other day to gift her some African Violets.  I saw her house and I think the colors will work really well.  Double Score!!!

I got a brown for the backing…..For thread I used a brown on the back and a gold color for the front.  I think they were both perfect choices…especially the gold on top.  It’s a really “warm” gold and that just enhances the “warm” feeling of the quilt.


The quilting motif if the standard one I do when I can’t think of anything else…the motif works with everything including this quilt.



When I cut this out last winter a couple blog readers thought I was a little crazy.  I was making a UFO with no intention of sewing it soon.  It sure was handy to have it cut out and ready to grab when it came time that I needed the quilt.  When I picked it up I immediately designated it as a wedding gift.  Had I not done that, I sure would be tempted to keep it!!


I might be tempted to make another of these quilts.  It was quick and fun!!


The quilt pattern can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.  There are LOTS of good quilts in that book!!

22 thoughts on “It’s FINISHED: Texas Tumbleweed”

  1. Congratulations on finishing the wedding quilt in time. Looks a great gift, hope the bride and groom like it too. Have a happy day at the wedding.

  2. It looks just awesome, Jo. Batiks have their own charm and you found the right pattern to show off that charm.

  3. The quilt is gorgeous, Jo! It’s definitely on my quilt bucket list. I know what you mean about batiks. They look gorgeous, but the weave is different, so they don’t play well with regular quilting cotton. And it’s hard to determine the right side from the wrong side. But they kind of glow in a quilt, don’t they?

  4. Love the finish “high”! I got a binding finished before work yesterday and cleaned house right after work, so the weekend is mine to start chasing the next quilt high. :)

  5. Your wedding quilt is beautiful and congrats for getting it done in time! I’m taking Texas Tumbleweed class with Bonnie next week and am very excited. I also haven’t worked with Batiks but started collecting them for this quilt.

  6. WOW! I love that quilt- I could be the next batik convert…..The sunflower border is perfect. I would have had a hard time cutting into that awesome fabric but it’s perfect!!! Lovely gift.

  7. Woohoo! you got it done in time and it sounds like it will be a perfect fit for the new couple. I really like the sunflower border that you used.

  8. Beautiful finished quilt. It will be a treasure for the new bride and groom. That is my type of quilt pattern to sew. Batiks look great with the sunflower border. Love reading your blog.

  9. Stephani in N. TX

    Love the batiks for TX Tumbleweed. I tried a block or two in my favorite fabrics and it was nothing special, so I will save batiks for that quilt. Yours is just lovely and the sunflower border is perfect. Enjoy your day with the bride and groom, your quilt will be a precious gift for their happiness.

  10. Yea!!! You finished it! It’s a beautiful quilt, Jo. I’m sure the happy couple will be so surprised. There are so many more batiks available now, like the sunflower fabric–a perfect border.

  11. Just beautiful! I love, love the sunflower border! Although I am a rank beginner in this quilting hobby at this senior age, the first two things I bought were Bali Pops batiks. I was simply fascinated by all the beautiful colors and patterns in the fabric. I’m glad you are enjoying them too. I sewed a lot of my clothing and also for my girls back in the day when it actually was more economical to make your own clothing than buy it. In these later years I have enjoyed machine embroidery and always said I would never quilt, well, famous last words, ha! Anyway, the young bride who receives this quilt is going to be thrilled beyond words. It’s simply wonderful!

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