A package arrived.  I’ve been anticipating it’s arrive since about January.  I knew it wouldn’t come for a long time but I was still anticipating.  The box finally arrived.

I was head over heels and doing a lot of squealing and lots of happy dancing.  Any guesses on what might be inside?

I opened the box very carefully…after all the front of the box said, “Fragile Glass”.

That’s your clue…any other guess before I show you what was inside??

Well now maybe you can guess…this is pretty big clue…

It took for forever to get the packaging off.  It was packaged AMAZINGLY.

Here it is…
TA-DA!! This is Newcastle Bouquet by Teresa Kogut.  I stitched this last year from the end of June through the very beginning of October.  I figure it took me about 3 months.  I am totally in love with it.  My goal is to someday have a sampler wall.  With this finish, I am one step closer.

Here are a couple of close ups.  Oh my I love it.

I love the frame…I love it a lot!

All the work and frustration with the fabric was totally worth it…the cost of framing worth it too.

Oh, I’m thrilled.

This is the largest thing I have finished to date.  I have another Teresa Kogut project I am currently working on and that one is bigger.  My goal is to finish that one this year.

As excited as I was about my Newcastle Bouquet being finished, I was upset.  I had sent two projects in to be framed.  Where was the other project??  AH.  I couldn’t be lost could it?  I looked and looked in the box.  I didn’t see it.  Oh no!!

I called Total Framing who finished this project for me, and she started getting my information as I flipped through all the packing.  I flipped over one of the pieces of cardboard and ah, there it was…  I apologized to the lady and then I was off the phone and opening the package.

This was a smaller project.  This is a Heartstring Samplery chart called Take Heart.  It was a quick stitch.  I stitched this one last year too.

I love the frame and I love the bible verse.  I am so glad that I stitched this one.

Long term I really want to have a wall filled with samplers.  Having this one that is a different size will make the wall more interesting.

Having these professionally framed was expensive.  I could do it cheaper with a Hobby Lobby frame but…then I have to take two days, one day to drive there.  It’s an hour away.  Then another day to pick it up.  Time and gas money add up too so, for now, I’m going to send my large sampler style cross stitch pieces out to be framed.  I told the kids if they are getting me a present that a gift card to Total Framing would be great.

I am so happy with these…

I am so glad I got back into cross stitching.  It’s so good for me…and I have some great pieces once I’m done.

45 thoughts on “It’s FINALLY FINISHED!!”

    1. These are exquisite works of art, Jo! You do beautiful work.
      I love cross stitch, but due to my sight mine has to be stamped.
      I love your samplers!

  1. Jo od all trades……………..i am impressed. quilt stitch garden cook lovely parent and grandparent. AND you do it all so well.

  2. They are both beautiful. I used to cross stitch before I took up sewing. It’s a very relaxing hobby. So glad you found the missing piece and have them back where they belong.

  3. The samplers are gorgeous, especially the border on the large sampler. The framing is totally worth the expense. The frames are so unique and I just love them too. Good job!

  4. Your samplers are lovely. I have a wall with 7 different sized alphabet samplers. None of my samplers are as detailed as yours, but I still like my wall. Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are masterpieces! The framing is so beautiful and compliments your work so perfectly. I don’t know what the proper term is, but I like that little “jagged” detail near the edge of the large frame. I imagine you will feel such happiness to see these hanging on your wall every time you walk by.

  6. These are beautiful! The professional framing is worth the cost. These projects will be heirlooms to be pass down through your children and grandchildren.

  7. Great column, with the element of surprise and wonderful outcomes! I really like your choices of samplers, too. They will be an inspiration to all who look at them…Years ago I had a outstanding student who had so many skills and interests. I asked her what influences she had had, growing up. She said the biggest was a “saying” her parents hung on the wall of their family room that read “Ancora Imparo.” (This is a quote often attributed to Michaelangelo, written when he was elderly but still painting. It translates, “I am still learning.”) She said it empowered her and her siblings, always reminding them it was good to try things, to keep learning even if you make mistakes.

  8. These are so beautiful! You do such a great job. You have inspired me to get back to cross stitching and I am glad I am doing it again. I haven’t been able to do the linen cloth but that’s ok.

  9. Donna Pheneger

    Such a beautiful job stitching, Jo and the framing is gorgeous! Congratulations on a job well done!
    Love and prayers

  10. Judith Fairchild

    The framing wS well worth the wait. I liked both pieces of cross stitching when you showed finished. But with those gorgeous frames they go from great to outstanding. Van hardly wait to see them hanging on your wall.

  11. These are stunning! My LNS (Keepsakes, in Cincinnati) has a trunk show of a number of Teresa Kogut’s beautiful samplers, angels, and other work that she brought for Stitch Con last week. They are really something to see, and will there until July 10. Love that border. Your work is gorgeous!

  12. You inspire me, just need to find more time to do beautiful work like yours. I will keep thoughts of your work in my head all day. Actually, I sew at night in my dreams so I am good.

  13. Your samplers are gorgeous! You do beautiful work! It amazes me how much you get done, between gardening, quilting, cross stitch, and of course your children and grandchildren! Amazing!

  14. WOW!! Those are gorgeous – beautiful stitching! The frames are wonderful and they did a great job of lining the pieces up so the stitching and frames are nice and straight… heirlooms for sure!

  15. These are so beautifully framed, no wonder you are excited! I love them both, and I am admiring your perfect atitches…I love cross stitch, what a great job!

  16. Well worth the cost. Sometimes you just have to do it. Now the your kids know what to get you at Christmas. :-)

  17. Margaret in North Texas

    These are so beautiful Jo, can’t be said any better. The framing is gorgous, no matter the cost! You will enjoy looking at those forever and I have no doubt you will GET that “sampler wall”.

  18. Wow Jo! The samplers turned out wonderfully! I also love the frames. Cross stitch is my first love and quilting is right beside it! Can’t wait to see your sampler wall materialize!

  19. Gorgeous! You’re making heirlooms so the money is well spent! I can’t wait to see how your sampler wall comes along!

  20. Spectacular! Love your idea of a wall showcasing your fine workmanship. I admire that you always have a plan. It must be how you manage to get so much accomplished.

  21. Absolutely beautiful!!
    You have inspired me to get back to my quilting and cross stitching.
    You are an amazing person with all the things you do. It is wonderful to see your handwork just after a delightful tour of your yard and gardens. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Rosie Westerhold

    I noticed you initialed the smaller sampler, but didn’t see your initials on the big one. Any reason why you didn’t add your initials? And I LOVE the frames you used. Makes the pieces absolutely STUNNING!! Brava, girl. Way to go

  23. Heirlooms for sure! Teresa’s designs are so beautiful and you have done a wonderful job stitching yours. The frames are just perfect for both of your pieces. Newcastle Bouquet will be my winter project because I am still waiting for some of the fancy floss.

  24. Marlene Clausen

    The frames are so beautiful and absolutely perfect compliment to the lovely stitching. They are a wonderful start for your stitchery wall.

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