It’s DONE!!!!!!!!!!..well at least the top!!

I did it….it’s done.  Well at least the top is done.  It’s my double wedding ring quilt that I’ve been making for Kelli’s wedding.

Sorry I don’t have a spot big enough to lay the whole quilt out for you to see.

I ended up with it being 92″ x 92″.  That’s a nice size and Kelli doesn’t care if it’s square so I’m calling it good.   When I started I had no idea how many blocks I needed or how much fabric I needed as I was adjusting a small pattern.  I can say that I have quite a few pieces left over so as a leader and ender, I just might start on a second one.  I have no intention of making it quickly.  I just can’t throw the pieces away and they are already cut out.

See there are just too many scraps to trash.  I think I had the fabric doubled when I was cutting and didn’t realize how much I was cutting.

If there is a quilt to have cut too much of…this one is an okay quilt to have cut too much with.  I could live with having one of these quilts for myself.

Next up…get this quilt top ironed, a back pieced and loaded into the quilt machine.  It’s such a relief to know I will likely make this deadline and have the quilt done on time for Kelli’s March 15th wedding.

36 thoughts on “It’s DONE!!!!!!!!!!..well at least the top!!”

  1. Yea I am happy for you that the top is done. What a relief you must feel. It is beautiful I am sure your daughter will treasure it.

  2. Wow, you are one focused quilter. Congratulations! Deadlines really do play a part don’t they. Kelli will be delighted with all your hard work. Awesome!

  3. It’s so beautiful and all the leftover bits have made your decision for you, haven’t they? There is another one in your future :) Really Jo, what a tremendous job you did under your tight deadline. Oh what a relief it is, right?

  4. Oh my …. just gorgeous. You are truly a wonder and am sure that Kellie and her hubby will cherish it forever because YOU made it. Do you have enough leftover pieces to make a pillow or two?


  5. You are hereby awarded the super speedy sewer gold medal! Good gravy you are fast. That is not an easy pattern, but Kelli is going to treasure it forever! Its fantabulous, Jo! And yes — that IS a word! :)

  6. What a great mom you are! This is a beautiful DWR quilt! I hope we get some more close up photos of the quilt when the quilting is done.

  7. Wow wonderful! It is on my bucket list for sure. And you have already made 2 in like a year wow! I vote table runner with the left overs, for yourself. As a little treat for finishing :)

  8. Its absolutely beautiful. I just love it, love the colors too. This has been a favorite pattern of mine since I was teenager (many many years ago). I have never attempted to make one but really do want to one day. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring me.

  9. What a treasure! I can’t believe you’re thinking of making another. I think that makes you a master quilter (and certifiably crazy)!! :)

  10. barbara corbitt

    what a beautiful quilt top! i have always wanted to make a double wedding ring, but cannot stand long enough to cut the pieces out. i have severe arthritis in my back and have to go to an acute pain doctor monthly and get 16 shots beside my spine, 8 on each side. they are not helping but hopefully will in the next few months. thank you for sharing. i love your blog and look forward to reading it.

  11. It’s just beautiful! I’ve never seen a DWR quilt with dark for the ground color before and the effect is just stunning. Amazing color, just terrific!

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