It’s been five years….

It’s been five years since this happened.  Our daughter Kelli and I had our book published by Kansas City Star.

It was a fun adventure that didn’t pay off for us in ways that we expected.

We had hoped that we would launch ourselves into the quilting world in a big way and that didn’t happen at all.  Our book was dead on arrival.  Not due to us.  Not due to the designs.  Instead due to circumstances beyond our control.

Many of you likely don’t know but back in January of 2015 we were told our book was being printed and would be released and we would get our shipments by the end of the next week.  We were excited and anxiously waiting.  We had all sorts of plans.  Kelli was coming home.  We were going to have champagne.  We were going to surprise those of you who pre-ordered with a book in your mailbox several days early.  We were on cloud nine.  Tuesday of that week rolled around and we were sent an email telling us that Kansas City Star, our publisher, was closing their quilt book division.  WHAT?? What did that mean?  What was happening with our book?  We no longer wanted to celebrate.  We wanted to cry instead.  Here one of the biggest days in our life was just dead on arrival.

Our book was later picked up by C&T Publishing but in the transfer, our book fell between the cracks.  C&T didn’t promote it.  Kansas City Star closed and left our book behind.  It was the worst timing ever.  We asked for C&T to promote it but the timing was completely off.  They already had their roster of books they were promoting.  It’s no fault of either company…just a terrible luck of the draw.

We kind of lost our push to do more in the quilting world about that time.  We realized we loved home and whatever we did, we didn’t want to travel.  We didn’t want to promote.  We’re home bodies and we wanted to stay home…so in the end, it really was okay that things happened like they did.

We were allowed by the company to sell our designs from the book to magazines if we wanted as they “dropped our book” from promotion.  We were encouraged to write another book….we’ve thought about…look, we have designs that would would make another book.

But our heart isn’t there.  Kelli is busy with Georgia and her family.  I’m chasing childcare kids and grandkids…plus you all would be a little sad if I took time off of blogging and threw myself into writing another book.

So…we dabble.  We write patterns for the magazines.  We can do one at a time and concentrate for a short period of time and then put the projects away.  That works MUCH better for us and our lifestyle.

That said, here are few designs from our book.

My favorite from the book might be this next one….
We do have books available.  It is a great book, and I think it would have been a good seller if only the company wouldn’t have sold out when it did.

If you’re looking for a copy, we sell them for $22 each postage included.  You can drop us a note at if you want a copy.

Kelli and I will always be proud of the work we did to bring this together.  Even though at the time it was a huge disappointment that the company got sold, I think it was good for us.  It helped us see that deep in the quilting world is not where we wanted to be.  Travel, being away from our families, and always facing deadlines, was not going to bring us happiness.   Sometimes, it takes something falling apart for things to actually fall together, even if it comes on the heels of a disappointment.


22 thoughts on “It’s been five years….”

  1. I have that book and just love it! I guess it was a blessing in disguise that it happened that way. You’re right…you wouldn’t have been happy having to travel and promote it……..thats not who you are.

  2. I have book. Created Rainbow Connection from it. Worked it out a little different from your pattern. Have appointment to quilt on 31st. It will go to a group for fundraising when bound.

  3. You’re right, everything happens for a reason and at the appointed time. Things really did work out for you and we fans are so grateful!
    Love and prayers

  4. Thanks for the book and this blog post. One of the things I love so much about your blog, the mix of quilting and everyday philosophy. Your last sentence is absolutely true!

  5. Sue Stringfellow

    My favorite saying is “God always answers our prayers- sometime, the answer is “No” This could be a prime example of that!

  6. I have your book and it’s full of beautiful quilts. May Flower is one of my favorites….. hoping to be done soon! I have made several of your quilts that I found in various magazines. Love the designs that you and Kelli create, very talented mother and daughter team. I enjoy your blog everyday. God bless you and welcome to your newest grandson, Jasper.

  7. I bought your book at a estate sale in TN and I love it! I joined the blog after you wrote the book and imagine my surprise at finding out you had written a quilt book. I love it and I enjoy reading threw it and planning what I will do first and the fabric I will use, its on the list.

  8. I love your line,”Sometimes, it takes something falling apart for things to actually fall together”. Should be on a T-shirt.

  9. Judith Fairchild

    Oh sometimes disappointments are God’s appointments. I love the patterns you’ve shown from the book. I’m putting your book on my want list. Thanks for your last sentence. My world did fall apart about 42 years ago. It was the hardest time in my life. The following years things gradually came together and I had the best times of my I learned to be contented in whatever situation I was in. I thank the Lord for letting my world fall apart so He could put it back together.

  10. Mary Etherington

    It’s a great book, Jo, and a sad circumstance that everything happened like it did – through no fault of your own! Writing books is a real commitment and submitting quilt designs to magazines is a great way to go – I always get excited when I see one of your designs featured and I always buy the magazine! Ha!

  11. I too have your book! I plan to get started (finally) on May Flower as a leader ender this summer. Beautiful quilts in this book. With y’alls autographs in it, it’s one of my favorite treasures.

  12. It is an excellent book, very well written. I have recommended it to all my quilts friends. I cherish that you signed it for me. I actually put the book on my bedside table and gelid it and looked at your name during some of your hardest times this past year. It made me feel very connected.

  13. Its a great book! Maybe the best of both worlds, you can resell the patterns to magazines. Rainbow connection looks like so much fun.

  14. Katherine Gourley

    I have your book and love it. I am happy to have purchased it. Thanks for the hard work it took to create it.

  15. As a longtime blog reader, I purchased your book when it was first released. Beautiful quilts and photography! I thought I recognized a couple quilts from the book in recent magazines. Thanks for telling the story behind that. I really enjoy seeing your quilts in magazines. So happy that will continue.

  16. I’m glad you view the way your book situation turned out as positive for you in the long run. I had the same experience with a different publisher for my book Cut and Shuffle Quilts, and it was a real eye opener. But like you, I’ve learned that I don’t really want to be a rock star in the quilting world, I just want to enjoy the community of people who share my interest in quilting. So the publishing saga ultimately worked out okay for me, too.

  17. I call that God’s perfect timing when things work out to our good. Sometimes we don’t even know what’s best, but God does. I’m glad you aren’t off travelling, etc. I enjoy reading the blog and sharing your everyday life.

  18. Greetings! I never knew that story about your book. I just purchased one last November from either Amazon or Ebay. I didn’t realize that you had stock yourself…
    Love the book!

    Blessings to you and your family.

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