It’s Bath Time for my Little Dear…

When our daughter Kelli first started thinking about getting a dog, she asked, “How often do you give Gracie a bath?”  I told her, “When her ears get crusty.”

That really confused Kelli.  She had never seen Gracie in action with the dishwasher.

Gracie LOVES licking the plates in the dishwasher and sometimes she gets food on her ears and then…crusty ears and then….bath time.  I’m not a huge fan of draping myself over the bath tube and bathing her so I asked hubby if we could buy a hand type sprayer for the sink in the garage.  He thought it was a good idea so the next time we were in town, he went to finding the supplies.  He said there was a special “kit” attachment for washing pets but he didn’t want to spend that much money and came home with this instead.


There is a split-er on the faucet, a six foot hose on that and then a spray nozzle on the end of that.  All together it was under $15.  The kit that had it all together that was marketed as a dog bath kit was much more expensive.


It worked really slick.  No back strain and Gracie didn’t try to jump out even once.

Isn’t she so cute?


After her bath, Gracie turns WILD.  She runs and chases and runs and chase…around the table-to the kitchen-up onto the couch and around and round.  Honestly, certifiably WILD.  She was running, rolling around and acting so crazy that she got herself wrapped up in some strips of scraps I had left over from a project.


She is quite the beagle.

If you haven’t been there, make sure you head over to this blog post and learn about the new dog food from Purina Pro Plan Selects that we are feeding Gracie.  Get coupons and sign up to win the giveaway for a $100 VISA gift card.

Here’s just a little update to my post about my embroidered towel….
My sister contacted me and asked, “What does the Sunday embroidery motif look like?”  I scanned it and emailed it to her.  She emailed me this note back, “Oh,oh oh! It’s the one!! I embroidered that Sunday one when I was in first grade – I learned at country school! Our teacher showed our work at the Steele county fair that year. (The other girls embroidered an apple that their mother drew on the corner of a towel but my first attempt was that cute Sunbonnet Sue)!!”

I had got this set of embroidery motifs in a box of goodies at an auction over 10 years ago….It’s a small world!

Oh and one more thing…AccuQuilt is offering a bundle of patterns for free, you might want to check it out.
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4 thoughts on “It’s Bath Time for my Little Dear…”

  1. What a precious girl!! And so thoughtful, too, holding those scraps up with her body, so you can string piece more efficiently! `;-)

  2. I can’t believe how much I use the sprayer at my utility sink! What did I do all those years without that sink–I know, I leaned over the bathtub. :) Gracie is a lucky dog to have a mom that will let her lick the plates……..
    Thanks for the coupon alert.

  3. It must be a beagle thing. I have two beagles and they get a bath every time they roll around in smelly stuff in the yard. They always act nuts after they get out of the bath and run all through the house!

  4. I just love your Gracie! Our dog passed away in March. Don’t know that there is another dog in our future so I really enjoy reading about Gracie! Thanks!

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