It’s Baby Crumb Time…

About a week or two ago, I gave you all a little warning that I was preparing to tackle another crumb quilt.

This was the quilt I did with the original “crumb along”.

At the time I said the quilt would go to the first grandchild.  The quilt sat around for a few years and the first grandchild ended up being Carver.

He loves the quilt…not as much as the “bit” (crocheted throw-Kayla made him) but he uses it most nights.  It’s family tradition that they find a few letters on the quilt before bedtime…  Carver’s “C”, Mommy’s “M”, Daddy’s “D” and so on.  Because of the good memories Carver’s quilt made with him, Kalissa said, “Mom, why not make another just like Carver’s for the new baby.”

I was fine with that so….I started the new crumb quilt for Baby Friedman.  As of Monday, this is how far along I am….

It’s been so long since I’ve done crumbs that I had to “think about how”…Ask me in a week or so if I need to think about it!  I’ll be knee deep in and I’ll be back at it full speed ahead.

I started with the letters….These free form letters are fun to make.  They are the hardest part of the quilt but not terribly hard if you aren’t too picky about them being the exact same size.  I like them different sized as they are more whimsical this way.

If you try, start with an easier, quicker letter like an “F”.

Here is a link to all the tutorials I did to make the Crumb Baby quilt.

I had first made this quilt for Kalissa…


I got lots of requests for tutorials so I did a “crumb along”….I made a link page and sewed up two more crumb quilts…the baby quilt and this one….

This one was done in Civil War prints and is one of my favorite quilts that I’ve EVER, EVER made.  It combines strings with crumbs!

I’m off to sew up some more blocks.  I’ll be posting periodically about the quilt over the next few weeks as I make it.  On Monday I’ll be showing off some Flying Geese blocks.  I am getting excited about sewing this one.  Crumb along with me if you’d like….As with any project, the more the merrier.

6 thoughts on “It’s Baby Crumb Time…”

  1. When you showed the first crumb quilt, I wanted to make one. When you showed the second large crumb quilt with the strings, I was really in love with that. I started to make a couple blocks and then got side tracked. I’m going to try and follow along with you this time. Hopefully I’ll do better this time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Because I recently joined our KEYS group by offering to make kids quilts for them to take along when they visit kids in different cancer units, I have been deep into the crumbs/strips/scrappy quilt making. I have also included some of the fabrics I got from you.
    I love the alphabet idea and will be following your tutorials on how to make them. I’ll email you photos of the 4 tops I’ve already made and the 5th one is half done. I’m also using orphan blocks in mine. Once the 5th top is done, I’ll layer and quilt them.

  3. Maybe I should get out the blocks I made while I watched you make Kalissas all those years ago. They are still in a bind downstairs in my sewing room. Waiting…just waiting to be made into something!

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