It’s all in the Bread

Saturday I was at the grocery store.  I passed by the cinnamon raisin bread.  It looked so good, I popped it in the cart.  Then passed the meat counter and ended up going back to get meat.  I was hungry for a Reuben Sandwich.   Ugh…no Corned Beef.  They did have Turkey Pastrami so I opted for that.  Then off to the bread aisle and got some Pumpernickel bread.

Once home and it was supper time and time to make sandwiches.  That’s when I remembered the AWESOME sandwich we had when we visited the Mississippi Valley Quilters and saw Bonnie Hunter.  There was a restaurant there that made Reuben Sandwiches only they used cinnamon raisin bread.  I was going to make mine like that!

So I started out…

My griddle was front and center for this job.  If you want to make these, you can easily make them with a frying pan.  Down went buttered bread.  Then meat and then Thousand Island dressing.


Next up was the sauerkraut…We LOVE sauerkraut.  You certainly wouldn’t need as much as I put on.


Next Swiss Cheese.  I ALWAYS put the sauce and the kraut in between the meat and cheese.  It keeps the sandwich from getting soggy.


They are topped with another buttered slice of bread and then flipped.


You can see mine was made with the cinnamon raisin bread and his with the pumpernickel.

So how was it?Delish!!  I was so busy eating and enjoying that I forgot to take a picture.  Oh my.


I highly recommend giving the cinnamon raisin bread a try on a Reuben.  It’s so good.  It’s a sour and sweet taste mixed together….YUM!!!  I’ll be making mine like this from now on!!

Best yet, lunch was ready in about 8 minutes. PERFECT!!


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  1. Reuben’s are my favorite sandwich and California Reuben’s are my second favorite. Will definitely try this with the cinnamon raisin bread!

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