It’s a ???

Our family has been waiting for August 22nd for a bit now.  Kayla and Spencer had a ultrasound scheduled for the baby on that day and they had plans to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl.

I’m happy to report that they planned to share the news with us and I was given permission to share the news with all of you.  Before I share anything personal about our kids with you I always check with the kids to get their permission.  Most of them, like me, don’t mind sharing.  It’s gotten so often times they kids will say…”I’m telling you but you can’t put it on the blog until (blank) date.”  I am always super respectful of that.

Anyway…on the morning of the 22nd it was a bit of a frenzy with the childcare kiddos and on our family message board.  Everyone was guessing the sex of the baby.

Between the family siblings, boy was the strongest contender…Karl of course being a wise guy guessed “alien”…the gal he was working with during the wild conversation between the kids said boy.

Between the childcare kiddos…Girl….but see those three in the middle.  They said twins!!!??

I had to put my guess into the mix.  I said…
girl.  It was for no real reason.  Currently there are three boy and two girl grandchildren.  If it was a girl, things would even up.  I have absolutely no preference at all.  I love my boys just as much as my girls.

So…what’s your guess??

First off and MOST importantly…Everything looks healthy right now.  That’s the best news.

…if you’re wondering what color of yarn Kayla will be knitting with.  The answer is blue or green.  It’s a BOY!!

So let the thrifting for clothes, the knitting and all the other baby related things begin as we know it’s a boy for the Pins family.

The only not so good news…her due date was moved back a week so now we can safely say Kayla will most likely have her baby by her birthday which is January 31st.

This Grandma is WAY excited.  It’s good news.  Kramer and I always thought that once Kalissa turned 20, we’d start having grandkids…and being the oldest kids weren’t having kids right away, we’d end up with lots of grandkids all at once.  Well that seems to be true.  Scotty is the oldest and he just turned 4…Kayla’s baby is number 6.

As much as I love the grandkids, I’m totally okay with Karl’s current declaration that he doesn’t think he’ll have kids.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it time and time again, I didn’t have kids so that I’d have grandkids.  I love and appreciate all of our kids no strings (or babies or spouses) attached.  They are all great just as they are….but if a grandbaby pops in here or there, I’m going to happily accept that too.

Come about Christmas time, the Kramer family will be playing a new guessing game.  This time it will be for a delivery date.

14 thoughts on “It’s a ???”

  1. Lori Sparks Douglas

    Congratulations Pins and Grandma Kramer! Isn’t life grand! Boys are a bunch of messy fun! Wow, six under 4 years old… busy but fun! You are so blessed.

  2. So happy to hear the baby is in perfect health. And congrats on the boy!

    The Kramer clan continues to grow and oh so much fun all these cousins will have growing up together! I can imagine life 10 years from now, and the decades to follow. :-)

  3. I’m happy for Kayla! Congratulations to mom, dad, and grandparents. I learned on the 19th my daughter is having a boy and it would seem Kayla and her are due about the same time. It will be her 3rd and last.

  4. Congratulation on your new baby boy. It is so fun to have little ones . I have six grandchildren, 2 are boys. I have 9 great grand children and there are 3 boys. I have 3 daughters. You can see the girls took over in my family

  5. Congrats on Baby Boy Pins!! As for Karl, it’s easy to say no kids when you are completely single! Wait until he finds that special someone, and then see what happens. LOL!

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