It’s a Top

So, my baby quilt is a top.

I went with scrap overload.  I added a scrappy white inner border and did a piano key around the outside.  The top is now pretty big.


It’s more of quilt for a toddler than a baby and I’m happy with that.  For the most part, in my experience, parents don’t use baby quilts like they did when my kiddos were babies.  Without the borders this was only about 32″ wide.  I like baby quilts bigger.  Now it’s pretty big but that’s all okay in my world.


I loaded this on the frame but didn’t get a chance to start quilting it yet.  I have a quilt with a deadline that is coming quickly.  March 5th is the local Fireman benefit.  I always make a quilt for it and I wanted to again this year.  You’ll have to stop by on Monday and see what I’m doing for that.  It’s not nearly as creative as this was.

Oh…before I go I want to send a HUGE shout out and thank you to Lisa Stacey.   Check out what she did for me. She left this note in the comments, “Hi Jo, I found the above panel on Quilters’ Roundup site for $7.13, plus postage. I also found it on a site here in Australia and even though I don’t need a panel or a baby quilt I may be inclined to order one to have on hand. You just never know do you! I love what you have done with this panel, it is very inspiring.”

Well..I had looked and couldn’t find the panel so immediately I went to the site and order 4 more panels.  I hope to come up with another cute idea to use these when I need a baby quilt again.


Being I am an early childhood educator it’s really natural for me to give an ABC quilt as a gift and now I can make four more sometime in my life with these adorable panel.  If your are so inclined as to want the panel, it is available here.

Once this is off the machine, I’m thinking a solid red binding to corridor with the red of the name and the red in the center stones of the scrappy blocks.

This was one of my favorite quilts to work on…I love free form piecing and working without a plan….it’s the best and really makes sewing relaxing.  I’m hoping for this to finished by the end of the month…that fireman quilt needs to be done by then too!!  Busy, busy….the best way to be!

17 thoughts on “It’s a Top”

  1. What an adorable scrappy baby quilt. I love how you used the panel and cut it up to make the free pieced blocks. It’s beautiful and perfect for a baby/toddler quilt.

  2. That is one of the cutest and most creative baby quilts I’ve ever seen! I love it! Jane will love it too! To pieces I’m sure!

  3. Wow! the quilt turned out perfect and what you did with the border just make it shine. Love it and I’m sure Jane will enjoy it for many years.

  4. Love the baby quilt. I know what you mean about busy, busy. It really aggravates me though that cooking keeps interfering with my sewing! I’d add cleaning to that , but most days I just let the dust bunnies congregate!

  5. The piano key border is just wonderful with your quilt. I love all the bright colors. I like bigger baby quilts too. I have a panel I purchased several years ago, it is also an alphabet panel with some black in it; was very striking and colorful; I need to get it out and see what I can do with it. I like your idea of adding free pieced blocks to make it bigger so the baby would have more use out of it as they grow.

  6. Lucky you. As I read your post I immediately went to the Quilters Roundup site but this alphabet panel is no longer list. Drats. And Internet search is not yielding anything with such brigh/primary colors. Out of luck For now. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

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