It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day…The Neighbor Girl Version-GIVEAWAY too!!


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That’s right…it’s a Moda Bake Shop Day!!  It’s a Giveaway Day from the Fat Quarter Shop too!!
Here’s mine and Kelli’s quilt that is being featured on Moda Bake Shop today.  Feel free to hop over there and print the free pattern and if you’re looking for the giveaway keep reading!

Don’t you love the scene in the picture…trust me, it’s not my house.  It’s our neighbor’s house and that’s where this quilt now lives.

Six years ago when a family moved to the place across the road from ours, little did we know back then that the family’s oldest daugther, Regan, would become such a big part of our lives.  Here’s Regan with our daughter Kalissa.

Throughout those six years Regan and Kalissa have become close friends, in fact, Regan is that friend that just kind of becomes part of the family.  She’s sweet, kind, energetic and super supportive of Kalissa.   Through her times hanging out, Regan has seen me making quilts and began teasing me sometime ago wondering if I would make her a quilt as a graduation present.

Of course I was…I would make a manly looking quilt and tease Regan that maybe it was her quilt.  I kept my eyes open for a pattern or a look that made me think of Regan.  Then I saw Moda’s fabric line Juggling Summer by Zen Chic.  I loved the rich deep purples, oranges, teals and blacks.  Then I started playing with a design.

I came up with a block that I liked that could use jelly roll strips or a fat quarters…but the block had sharp points that made me feel like it needed something just a bit more feminine.  I ran the design past Kelli and she said I was right, it needed something more.

I played with the design and didn’t like it.  So I left it alone for a couple weeks.  I came back to it and ended up creating this.

I emailed the design to Kelli and she said that was it!

I love the little triangle inner border.  It gives it a little delicate almost lace feeling that makes it better for a girl quilt.  I am going to pass along a note though.  This is one of the harder quilts I have ever made.  If you are new to quilting make a couple quilts before you jump in and tackle this one..hop over and look at the directions and you’ll see why.  Thankfully I had Kelli to help me out with the sewing.

The quilting is just a loopy loop done in variegated thread.  Nothing fancy but it looked pretty good.

Regan is graduating in May but I gave her the quilt when I finished it with the promise that some pictures of it would get taken and sent back to me..thus the pictures of the beautiful fire place and awesome house.

I will forever be thankful for Regan.  She has been wonderful to Kalissa and to our family.  Every girl needs a friend like our neighbor girl, Regan.

The Fat Quarter Shop is celebrating good friends by offering a FREE FAT QUARTER BUNDLE of Juggling Summer to one of my reader friends!  How cool is that?  Coincidentally a fat quarter bundle is exactly what you need to make this quilt.  If you are looking for this fabric line, you can find it here at the Fat Quarter shop.

For your chance to win, leave a comment here telling something about your best friend.

281 thoughts on “It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day…The Neighbor Girl Version-GIVEAWAY too!!

  1. Maryellen

    My best friend is my sister-in-law. She’s always supportive, and a great listener. She’s been part of my life since I was 8, and understands our crazy family issues. She supports me and we always find something to laugh about. She loves the quilts I’ve made, and adores my son. We don’t get to talk as often lately, but there’s always something great to share when we are together.

  2. Deb H.

    My best friend is Capi. We have been friends through many ups and downs in our lives. We are always there for each other. We are chosen sisters, since neither of us has one. We have an Etsy shop by that name. We love being together and though it only happens a few times a year, we have such an amazing time. I would be so lost without her.

  3. Lisa Cox

    My best friend is my husband. We’ve been together nearly 10 years, and have known each other for almost 21.

  4. Annette Z

    I have had “best friends” throughout the years that come and go – grade school, high school, work, etc. My sister is the only one that has stuck with me through thick and thin – probably because she has to. : )

  5. Janet in Jackson

    She makes me laugh more than anyone I know, always cares and is always there. She is Jan, Anita AND Donna.

  6. Esther F.

    My best friend Patricia and I just spent New Years Eve in Florence, Italy, together. She is so different: a free spirit, a globe trotter, a seeker, a dare devil and an organizer.. She can be happy as a child with a nice picture or little notebook. She cherishes the little things, but she cherishes friendship even more! She is just the best!

  7. Maureen

    My best friend is getting married this spring and moving to West Virginia. We’ve been together for 14 years- through thick and thin, ups and downs. I’m going to miss her terribly when she moves.
    She just got engaged over Christmas, so I don’t have much time to make her a quilt. Guess I’d better get started! Winning this drawing will come in handy!!

  8. reenie

    well i have 7 best friends, because i have 7 sisters. they are all my best friends in different ways. i could not get through this life without each and everyone of them, because they all contribute something different in my life.They also offer different advice on everything whether i need it or not.

  9. Natalie T

    My best friend is my boyfriend. We’ve been together almost 5 years and although it hasn’t always been easy, he’s always been there for me.

  10. Mimi

    My best friend is my husband and he totally supports my fabricholic tendencies!! Thanks so much for the chance… I love this bundle!!

  11. Margaret R

    My best friend is awesome. She listens to me whine and makes me laugh. She can always be counted on to help with pranking our friends and family. I love her and would not have as much fun if not for her. Love the quilt. I may give it a try. I haven’t done one quite like this but am always trying to expand my quilting knowledge and skills.

  12. Missie

    My best friend is my hubby. We’ve been married for 25 1/2 years and he’s still my best buddy. From the day I met him, we were best buds… Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Emma Hill

    My husband is my best friend, we can talk about anything and everything for hours! My mum would be a close second though, especially now that I am older and have a child of my own. Plus we can talk and sew happily all day long.

  14. Nita

    I don’t see my best friend very often, but we’ve been friends for 34 years and when we get together it’s as if no time has passed at all.

  15. Phyllis

    My best friends are my three sisters. We have been together through tragedy and have always been there for each other. We speak just about every day although we do not live in the same state.
    Your quilt is stunning

  16. Ann Seely

    My best friend Sue inspires me to be more creative! She paints, carves, knits, and does art quilts. More importantly, she inspired me to be a better person.

  17. Amy C

    Dee and I have been best friends for 33 years! We seem to go through things at the same time although we live thousands of miles apart. We can go six months without talking and still know that we are thinking about one another. Through everything in my life she has been there for me and hopefully I have been there for her. I have just finished a quilt for her and can’t wait until she gets it!

  18. Janina

    My best friend is my sister! We even married brothers! They will celebrate their 50th anniversary this spring and my husband and I will celebrate our 42 Ed anniversary this fall.As sisters we new a good thig when we saw it! Thank you.

  19. Cindy F

    My best friend is my husband. This year we will have been married for 37 years. We married young and both have changed but we’ve managed to change together and still complement each other. He’s my rock when I need his support and he always offers encouragement in all my endeavors including my quilting.

  20. Janine

    I’ve known my best friend since third grade, almost 40 years! Now that you’ve made me realize that we’re coming up on our 40th anniversary, I see I need to make her something special to mark the occasion. Thank you!

  21. Sarina

    I have had many best friends throughout my life so far. This past year as one of my best friends and I each went through life changing circumstances, she gave me a saying that I just love, ” A best friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” I am so grateful for ALL the best friends I’ve had and the many blessings they’ve provided. Love your quilt. I don’t know if I’m as ambitious or not, but the fabrics are fantastic for the design!

  22. Wanda

    My best friend is the one responsible for getting me into this wonderful world of quilting. That was about 11 years ago. At that time we had been BBF’s for over 15 years. Our birthday’s were 1 day apart. I always thank my Best Friend for introducing me into quilting and so many other things. I just wish I could tell her again. She passed away 3 years ago and I still miss her. I have many good friends, but she will always be my best friend.

  23. Daisy Christopherson

    Along with 6 wonderful sisters who are great friends I have my friend Lou who has known me since I was a baby and I will be 64 in about 14 days. She is coming to visit this weekend and I can hardly wait. She lives in MN and I am in WA. No matter what she has always been there for me and there has been a lot of thin over the years but lots of thick too. People think that we are related and I would like to think that is because we grew up with the same values in our little SD town. Something about being from that area that shows. It would be great to win those fat quarters because I need to make her a quilt. Thanks for the chance. Daisy

  24. Sue H

    My best friend is my sister. When I would hear people say that, I would think – “no, she’s your sister. A friend is someone not related!” But, it is true that it’s a special relationship, where even if you weren’t related, she’s the one you call and talk to almost everyday and she also likes to quilt!

  25. Sandy A in St. Louis

    I am blessed with several best friends. My best of the best, though, knows things about me that most people don’t and would walk away or judge me over, but she just accepts me as I am, flaws and all. She supports me when I need it, brings me back to earth if I need it and is just a phone call away, no matter what!

  26. Rita S.

    My best friend is my husband. We’ve been married for 24 1/2 years and been together for 31 years. I’ve seen him through basal cell carcinoma surgery, he’s seen me through a breast benign cyst removal. I’ve seen him through the death of his father and he was there for me when my brother died. I seriously believe there’s one particular person meant for everyone and I’m lucky that I found my “one and only”!!

  27. Diane C

    Margo is my best friend and my 9th child. She was born when I was forty-five years old. We have gone through a lot of life changes together through the years, one of them being the death of my husband. He was called to early to meet our Lord. We share so many things to-gether. My first quilt that I made was given to Margo. And now I enjoy asking her advice on fabric themes. designs and colors. I don’t know what I would do without her.

  28. Marilu Franks

    I am so blessed with many best friends, some from the the I was very young until now that I am very old. Well just in years, not life or heart. But I guess the one I would have to say is the bestest is the one I met about twelve years ago. This lady works with special ed students all day and then goes home to her own special ed boy. I havenever heard her complain and when I am sad I just think of all she has to handle and all my troubles just fade away.

  29. P J

    My Best Friend is Dee. We met in church in 1970, and we are as close as sisters. She is always there for me, and I for her. Everyone should have a friend like her, and I feel blessed to be her friend.

  30. Linda

    My best friend Shirey is always there for me. If a need a shoulder to cry on or a ear to b_t_h in, she is there to listen. She is very susportive of the quilting I do. We have been through a lot together and hope there are many more years.

  31. Sandy D

    My best friend is Erin. I know that I can confide in her and she will keep it to herself and if either of us is down we know we can talk to each other for support.

  32. Debbie H. in Kingston, ON

    I’ve moved around a lot and have had a few BEST friends. My first best friend was Debbie A. and we spent every possible moment together in grade school. We enjoyed the best childhood any two girls living in the Canadian Rockies could. Television and radio were not available very often because of where we lived, Kemano, British Columbia located in the North west and not too far from Alaska. We made our own fun climbing mountains, fishing, skiing, exploring anything and everything. We slept at each other’s houses almost nightly and we even dressed alike. She with long brunette hair and me with long blonde hair. Pink was our favourite colour and we loved to dance to British Pop music (we grew up in the 60’s) and record ourselves singing on our tape recorders (reel to reel). Debbie was my shadow and I hers. I have not heard from or seen her in years as we now live at different ends of the country, but I fondly remember our times together like they were yesterday and writing this for you has brought a smile to my face. Thank you for that. : )

  33. Debbie H. in Kingston, ON

    I’ve moved around a lot and have had a few BEST friends. My first best friend was Debbie A. and we spent every possible moment together in grade school. We enjoyed the best childhood any two girls living in the Canadian Rockies could. Television and radio were not available very often because of where we lived, Kemano, British Columbia located in the North west and not too far from Alaska. We made our own fun climbing mountains, fishing, skiing, exploring anything and everything. We slept at each other’s houses almost nightly and we even dressed alike. She with long brunette hair and me with long blonde hair. Pink was our favourite colour and we loved to dance to British Pop music (we grew up in the 60’s) and record ourselves singing on our tape recorders (reel to reel). Debbie was my shadow and I hers. I have not heard from or seen her in years as we now live at different ends of the country, but I fondly remember our times together like they were yesterday and writing this for you has brought a smile to my face. Thank you for that. : )

  34. Tammie Stephens

    My best friend is my sister. Unfortunately we live apx 3 hrs away from each other but because of FaceTime, Skype, and google+ we are able to quilt together. We just chatter up a storm not letting distance interfere with missing out on our quilting together.

  35. Nancy Angerer

    My best friend is my husband. We enjoy just being with each other. We work well together on projects. We enjoy traveling together. We laugh a lot together.

  36. Karin

    I’m married to my best friend & he’s there for me through thick & thin, better or worse, sickness or health, just like he promised oh so many years ago. My next best friend would have to be Boo, a German Shepherd pup that saved me from myself and gave me, not only my life, but 17 wonder-filled years in addition. For them, I’m forever grateful to the Good Lord above.

  37. Sandy K

    My sister is my very bestest friend. I know that I can always count on her. We can talk for hours and love spending time together. We aren’t best friends because we have to but because we truly love each other unconditionally. We can tell each other anything. Her only flaw is she doesn’t quilt (LOL) but I can live with that.

  38. Linda

    My best friend lives 500 miles away but every time I see her or talk to her time melts away. She doesn’t sew or quilt but she loves and owns more quilts than I do.

  39. Helen LeBrett

    That is one awsome quilt!! Yes, it does look challenging!! Congrats on such a great looking quilt!! And I’ll be spending some time perusing your blog now that I’ve found you! :-)

  40. Lori H

    My best friend lives in N.C. & I have not seen her in six yrs. We were pregnant together w/ our youngest children. They are 28 now. I hope to go see her this summer.

  41. Terry

    My best friend lives in Colorado, and she is the best quilter I know. I can tell her just about anything, and she will just listen. Together we talk things through till we both figure it out.
    I help her and she helps me. We get to spend summer time together in her beautiful mountains. What could be a better place to quilt, or spend time with your best friend.

  42. Skye

    Goodness, that is beautiful. I am going to have to pop over & look at the pattern. And if I won this FQ bundle, I will consider it a sign. ;-)
    Thanks for the chance. You are great.

  43. Judy Bowes

    Beautiful quilt for a beautiful young lady! My best friend has pushed me out of my comfort quilting zone! Thank you for the great giveaway.

  44. Suzzanne

    My best friend is the greatest. In the past, life has gotten in the way and we’ve not been able to spend much time together. However, we always seem to pick up right where we left off without missing a beat.

  45. Bonnie Larson

    My BFF has been since Grade 1 and that was over 45 years ago. It may be weeks in between talking to each other, but we pick up where we left off. Such a wonderful person to support each other. Thanks for the opportunity on a wonderful draw.
    [email protected]

  46. Diane S

    I have lots of great friends but my absolute best friend now that I’m an adult is my mom. She has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader through the past couple of years. She is a new quilter since my dad passed away a couple of years ago. We share our passion for fabrics together!

  47. Jo

    My best friend and I met in 1979 and have been as close as sisters ever since. Four years ago she moved to TN but we talk every week and see each other every few months. Our children grew up together. Don’t know what we would do without each other!

  48. Judy

    I moved away from my best friend several years ago and do not get to see her very often. I now consider my daughter-in-law my best friend, and I have a lot of fun going places and doing things with her.

  49. hueisei

    My best friend is my classmate from standard 1. We have been close friend since small. She is now live quite far from my house but we will keep in touch during Christmas :D

  50. Suzanne

    Love this quilt Jo, Regan will be thrilled with it. love the fabrics too, thanks to FQS for the opportunity to win some. My best friend and I have known each other since college days, even if we don’t see each other very often when we do get together its like we saw each other yesterday.

  51. Jane Knoll-Tenney

    What a gorgeous quilt! I’ve completed a couple of quilts and feel I’m “ambitious” enough to complete this one…what a beautiful design. I met my best friend when we both were 24 and we flew the skies together. This was back in 1968 so that makes it 45 years. How lucky am I! She is the most humble and honorable lady I have ever met. We have helped each other through her divorce as well as the loss of our loved ones in both our families but have also laughed our way through 45 years of friendship. She is now helping to raise her two grand daughters and I have my very first grand daughter that I am helping my adopted daughter raise. I have made several baby quilts and also one for my daughter. This fabric bundle is perfect for the joy I find in my friend, Rose. What a joy it would be to win this for my friend….thank you!

  52. Marcia

    Thank you for the awesome tut on such beautiful quilt. What a lucky girl Regan is!
    My best friend has been my friend for 34 years. We grew up together, got married at the same time, got pregnant at the same time… Our children love one another to bits and through thick and thin we’ve been there for one other. She’s my sister from another mother!

  53. de baker

    My best friend still lives by my childhood home, my folks are there and she moved into her folks home, so 50 years later I see here, it doesnt get any better than this. Thanks for the oppertunity for this fat quarter bundle, had my eye on it, now I hope to win it and show my best friend.

  54. kim wiley

    My best friend is my husband we have been married 22 years …. and dated for 5 years prior to that! I’m thankful for him and his loving support! My female best friend was one growing up in youth group. She has since moved away – but when we catch up – it’s like we have never been apart! Thanks for a giveway – as I love to share my quilts!

  55. Quilter Kathy

    An amazing quilt and a very generous giveaway!
    My best friend is fun, positive and encouraging, and never has a bad or judgmental word to say about anyone. She is smart and kind, and I am so blessed to have her in my life!

  56. jmniffer

    My husband is my best friend. He is always supportive of me, encourages me in all I do and makes every day better just be being with me. Your quilt is gorgeous and the giveaway is amazing…thanks for the chance.

  57. Twyla

    My best friend is there whenever, it doesn’t matter if I’ve talked to her a week ago or a month ago, we pick up where we left off. We have been friends for over 25 years that is a best friend! ! God has truly blessed me with her friendship.

  58. Charity

    I am very lucky that my best friend is my hubby. He supports me in everything… Especially my quilting habit… I mean hobby.

  59. Joyce

    My husband and I have been best friends for 50 years! He indulges my passion for sewing, and I play golf with him! We endeavor to encourage each other and enjoy every day that God gives to us!

  60. Cheri

    Honestly…my 12 year old grand daughter is my best friend! We have been together since 10 minutes after she was born and I have day cared her since…and now she lives with me (with her mom…my daughter). I am teaching her to quilt…she is not there yet, but we are working on it!

  61. barbara

    My best friend was my daughter who passed away. She was so full of life and generous to a fault. She always made birthdays, holidays special for everyone. She always had a twinkle in her eye that gave you the feeling she was fixing to pull a practical joke 9n you and she usually did. I miss her so much. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway [email protected]

  62. Rae R

    My best friend is great at listening. We talk almost every day, about almost everything. She listens to me vent, and offers encouragement, and advice when I ask. I’m so glad we’re friends. Thanks for the giveaway. The quilt is beautiful!

  63. Lynn D in NC

    My best friend was my Mom, now passed. I miss her so very much. But I have 3 very close friends, whom I can call at anytime and pick up where we left off. Geographically we are not close, but I love and appreciate each and every one of them.

  64. Nell

    My best friend is the reason I am addicted to quilting, she taught me how over 14 years ago. . .she was tired of hearing me whine about how 4-H sewing squelched my desire to sew. Now she mocks me for outstashing her and my messy piles and my UFOs.

  65. Cheri Searles

    My best friend is my sister. She made her first quilt when I went to Hawaii for her college graduation. We rented a cabin on a beach and sewed for a week. Her daughter Kattie made her first quilt that same week, and 2 of my daughters sewed with our Mom helping out. The maids called us the crazy wahinies (spelling???) sewing in the cabin!

  66. Melody Mitchell

    My best friend from youth is Stephanie – we bonded in 7th grade dodgeball and continue to this day! She lives in Pennsylvania and I in Idaho so we’ve only seen each other once in 14 years and that was last year! It was so great to spend 24 hours with her talking as much as we possibly could!!
    Forever, my best friend is my husband, Dave. I’m so blessed, but I’ll stop before I go on too long!

  67. Laura

    My best friend and I share the same birthday. No matter how much time we are apart we always pick up right where we left off even if it is months! She is my sister by another mother.

  68. DR

    My best friend is always there for me.
    She and I have known each other for many,many years. We complement each other so well; you would think that we are sisters!
    Everyone should have someone like her in their life! he quilt too.

  69. Margie Oeltjenbruns

    My best friendis a good 25 years older then me but when we are together we can laugh anf giggle about almost nothing and come close to embarssing our selves (in the worst way) Our husbands are also long time friends. When my husband asked me to marry him, he asked their opinion first. We’ve been married 20 years. No matter how long we’ve been apart our friendship pickup where we left off. I love her.

  70. Lovie Ball

    My best friend helps to keep me sane. She is always available to listen when I need to rant and rave. But I’m there for her also. She also knows that:
    1. chocolate is a food group,
    2. quilters can’t ever have too much fabric,
    3. sitting home reading a book is a good reason to call in sick.
    4. And you can share anything, without getting judged.

  71. Elizabeth McDonald

    My childhood friend is still in touch, and we still talk about the pranks we pulled on our brothers, and her future husband, all these years later!

  72. Ellee

    My best friend from high school has since moved away and when we can get together it’s like no time has passed — we pick up right where we left off. My husband is a wonderful best friend — totally supporting my quilting passion. He has even taken quilting classes with me and enjoys piecing on my featherweight.

  73. Miep

    My best friend and I know each others since 1979 and even though now we live quite a distance apart our friendship is growing stronger with the years.

  74. Sandra Lee

    My best friend is Irene. We have been friends for 31 years, half my life. She has travelled my journey and has always been there waiting to pick up the pieces through the tough times, which have been plenty, and the fun times where we have cried tears of joy. Irene is a beautiful soul and gives continually, never expecting anything in return. I am the luckiest person to have such an awesome friend.

  75. Judy

    My best friend is my daughter. We have a lot of common interests and we do a lot of things together.

  76. Susan

    My best friend is my middle daughter. We have traveled overseas together *South Korea and Australia), I helped her move from Texas to Florida to Washington (gotta love the Army) and we always have a great time together. I even taught her how to sew before Christmas so she could make gifts for all her friends! I enjoy spending time with her doing just about anything!

  77. Jane

    My best friend and are have been BFFs for over 37 years. We met in the Dr’s office for our first pregnancies and our husbands were school mates and friends. Through out many of life’s trials and joys, regardless of the distance of either time or place, we are there for each other. I am grateful to have such a nice, talented and creative friend, I am blessed!
    Would you believe there are also two other ladies I would call best friends too, but those are newer. About 12 years and 8 years respectively.
    Gorgeous quilt and pattern! I Love that line of fabric too, they play well together, just like BFFs! LOL Jane

  78. Mandy Schneider

    My best friend is my mom! We quilt together and have a blast..the best part of quilting together are coming up with ideas on what to eat and snack on while having fun lol!! would love to make something very pretty with this fabric :)..i love your quilt and tutorial Happy New Year everyone

  79. Michelle H.

    My best friend is Mary and she’s the most generous person I know. I think she’d give me her last dollar if I needed it and she’s always up for an adventure. I can’t tell you how many road trips we’ve taken together and I normally always drive…and get us lost. We spend much of the time laughing, especially when we’re lost.

  80. Paula

    I have many great friends that I have met on my journey through life so far, some I’ve known for years, others for just months but there are four I consider to be my best friends and they would be my husband, my sisters and my Mum. They are always there for me, they each add so much to my life. I could not single out one above the rest as being a better friend. My Mum and sisters live countries away but it doesn’t stop them or me from being a large part of each others lives. All four inspire me, support me, encourage me and are there for me always, just as I will always be there for them.

  81. Gill

    What a fabulous quilt – and I loved the story of Regan and Kalissa!
    My dearest friend has always been there for me – when we lost our eldest son in 2008 I couldn’t have asked for a better friend, always there and always knowing when to step in and help and when to hold back. Thank you Lorraine from the bottom of my heart

  82. Dana

    My best friend is my husband, my other half – until I met him I thought I was an organized person, but found out that he is much more than me (what puts my mess in the sewing room in danger :))

  83. Debra

    My best friend has been struggling lately, but her eyes are on the goal. She has two almost grown boys, goes to school full time, and works not quite full time. I would love to make this quilt for her college graduation this Spring. She’s an amazing person who inspires me to be the best I can be. I’d love to replicate this quilt for her college graduation. Thanks for the chance to win.

  84. Judy C in NC

    My best friend Phyllis joined my group of four Golden Girls five years ago, we met bi-monthly at my house. We laughed, sewed, challeneged each other, worked on group projects for charity and shared life and problems. Over wonderful pot luck lunches, we settled all problems. Phyllis always asked “do you have a pattern” LoL. I lost my dear friend last July 4th and we celebrated her life. I miss her everyday. Judy C

  85. connie

    Hello my best friend is carol and last june carol found out she had cervial cancer to say the least its been a hard 2012 and we hope 2013 is a better year. Carol and I have one of those friendships that I know what she’ll say and she know what I’ll say so we don’t have to finsh and sentence. She has the best smile and is the kindest person you ever meet. We share life problems, we laugh, she is always there when I need her and I for her. Carol always wanted a Christmas quilt, so last year after her surgery and before her first cemo treatment I made her a Christmas snowman quilt, (SHE LOVES SNOWMAN) she was so happy and the look on her face was priceless. Carol my best friend.

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