It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day…The Neighbor Girl Version-GIVEAWAY too!!


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That’s right…it’s a Moda Bake Shop Day!!  It’s a Giveaway Day from the Fat Quarter Shop too!!
Here’s mine and Kelli’s quilt that is being featured on Moda Bake Shop today.  Feel free to hop over there and print the free pattern and if you’re looking for the giveaway keep reading!

Don’t you love the scene in the picture…trust me, it’s not my house.  It’s our neighbor’s house and that’s where this quilt now lives.

Six years ago when a family moved to the place across the road from ours, little did we know back then that the family’s oldest daugther, Regan, would become such a big part of our lives.  Here’s Regan with our daughter Kalissa.

Throughout those six years Regan and Kalissa have become close friends, in fact, Regan is that friend that just kind of becomes part of the family.  She’s sweet, kind, energetic and super supportive of Kalissa.   Through her times hanging out, Regan has seen me making quilts and began teasing me sometime ago wondering if I would make her a quilt as a graduation present.

Of course I was…I would make a manly looking quilt and tease Regan that maybe it was her quilt.  I kept my eyes open for a pattern or a look that made me think of Regan.  Then I saw Moda’s fabric line Juggling Summer by Zen Chic.  I loved the rich deep purples, oranges, teals and blacks.  Then I started playing with a design.

I came up with a block that I liked that could use jelly roll strips or a fat quarters…but the block had sharp points that made me feel like it needed something just a bit more feminine.  I ran the design past Kelli and she said I was right, it needed something more.

I played with the design and didn’t like it.  So I left it alone for a couple weeks.  I came back to it and ended up creating this.

I emailed the design to Kelli and she said that was it!

I love the little triangle inner border.  It gives it a little delicate almost lace feeling that makes it better for a girl quilt.  I am going to pass along a note though.  This is one of the harder quilts I have ever made.  If you are new to quilting make a couple quilts before you jump in and tackle this one..hop over and look at the directions and you’ll see why.  Thankfully I had Kelli to help me out with the sewing.

The quilting is just a loopy loop done in variegated thread.  Nothing fancy but it looked pretty good.

Regan is graduating in May but I gave her the quilt when I finished it with the promise that some pictures of it would get taken and sent back to me..thus the pictures of the beautiful fire place and awesome house.

I will forever be thankful for Regan.  She has been wonderful to Kalissa and to our family.  Every girl needs a friend like our neighbor girl, Regan.

The Fat Quarter Shop is celebrating good friends by offering a FREE FAT QUARTER BUNDLE of Juggling Summer to one of my reader friends!  How cool is that?  Coincidentally a fat quarter bundle is exactly what you need to make this quilt.  If you are looking for this fabric line, you can find it here at the Fat Quarter shop.

For your chance to win, leave a comment here telling something about your best friend.

281 thoughts on “It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day…The Neighbor Girl Version-GIVEAWAY too!!”

  1. I met Lory over 40 years ago when we both started working as secretaries right out of high school – we met our husbands, had 2 children each, went through illnesses, my divorce and our children getting married. Lory has moved all over the country and we have never been less than 5 hours apart in those 40 years but still as close as ever.

  2. BFF, Posse, Sister from another mother…you betcha! That’s my bestie, she’s there for me no matter what….she came to the delivery room for my daughters birth when my hubby couldn’t stomach it. She was there to celebrate my wins and there to grieve with me in my failures…but always she reminded me that my bestie would always be there for me, she puts the smile on my face everyday that says…the world is gonna be kind today. When she moved away, I mourned the loss of her physically being here, but have learnt that through skype, email, facetime and a great long distance telephone plan, we are just two souls in different locations. cheers Rhonda

  3. Hi,
    My best friend is Kathleen, and we are very blessed to have each other. She has a great sense of humor, and we always have fun together. I introduced her to quilting a couple of years ago, and she has far surpassed me in ability. Our favorite time together is when we quilt! I am so thankful she is in my life.
    Kristy S.

  4. My BFF is Amanda. We met while working for the same company and our friendship just grew and continued even as we both moved to different job. Now we live about 2,500 miles apare but still talk everyday in one way or another thanks to modern technology.

  5. My best friend Rosemary took me to lunch at a fancy French restaurant the day my daughter started kindergarten. She knew I would be sad without my little one around and didn’t want me to dwell on it. The restaurant was too expensive for my budget, but she was a regular patron and the owner fussed over us like we were his daughters.

  6. My best friend lives on the other side of the country and we do not see much of each other. We met years ago while our husbands were attending a small Bible College. We always have a wonderful time when we do get together, she makes me laugh and has such a positive outlook, she is a blessing.

  7. I quilt with my best friend, my daghter Carol. Sometimes we do everything at the same time. Sometimes I sew and she cuts and irons and vice-versa.

  8. My best friend I have know for 33 years & we’ve raised our children together & now enjoy our grandchildren together. The best part of our friendship is our faith in Christ & knowing we can call each other any time of the day or night to pray.

  9. I meet my best friend, Holly 37 years ago in college…..we were ushering together for the Met Opera when it came to town.. Our love of music brought us together–she is a city girl, but I am from a small town and it was opening a whole new world for me..Holly was a music major and is a great flute player and teacher….we have been together through thick and thin… Her Mother is also a mother to me now that my own mother is gone ..some things are meant to be….

    I would so love to win these fabrics and start on this amazing quilt—I think I can do it…..I would love the challenge….

  10. My best friend, and my other best friend (this one since grade 10), sadly, both live in another province! I would give anything for both or either of them to live closer!

  11. I’ve known my best friend since we were five and lived around the corner from each other – when she recently had her first child I made a cheeky monkey crib quilt for her as a shower present.

  12. My best friend lives down the street from me and we love to go to lunch at least once a week. I have two little boys, so it’s wonderful to have girl time!

  13. Oh my! Juggling Summer is my current favorite fabric line, and your quilt design is perfect for it! My best friend is not a quilter, but she is a wonderful inspiration for my quilting, and therefore she is a frequent recipient of my quilted projects.

  14. My best friend is my mom! 15 years ago when I started sewing I did not think that she would go on the journy with me. We make the perfect pair. I’m the cutter in this group and she is the sewer. I can start to cut a quilt out enought to get her started and then we are off. We could make a quilt for both of us in a day. I would love to see what we could do with this fabric. Im sure my mom and I could come up with the perfect quilt. Thanks mom!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Valerie Boudier

    My best friend lives a few miles from me, but we meet every week for coffee. We support one another through the difficult times and we laugh together a lot

  16. My women friends are my support system. I don’t seem to have on BFF, but have many very close friends. Laughter, coffee, fabric, books, food, dogs and love seem to abound in all these special relationships.

    Thank you for sharing this special quilt!

  17. I have been blessed with many best friends. Each one has entered my life and helped me start a new chapter. I have my childhood best friend, my college roommate, my friend who was a second mother to my kids, my teaching best friend and my quilting best friend. They are all still close to me and help me in my life depending on what is happening. I am one lucky person. And my last best friend would be my husband…who lets me sew, buy material, and go on shop hops.

  18. My best friend is Ellen. We started 8th grade together back in 1973 when our dads were stationed at the same Air Force base in Germany. She was the maid of honor in my wedding and I was hers. Still in contact after nearly 40 years!

  19. It may sound cheesy but my Husband Dave is my best friend. He listens to me no matter how upset I am and always gives me something to look forward to go home to. Thankfully he also appreciates my crafting side and helps with input on my projects.

  20. My Best Friend is my baby sister. We have been through so much together. She lived with us for the last four years before she got married this past October. I was her maid of honor in her wedding and helped with this important day in her life. The quilt shop we hang out at had all of us make her and her new hubby a quilt for a wedding present. She absolutly loved it. My sister has not been much into sewing but she found that it was a hobby she liked and we both now have sister sew days. I hope my girls will have the same relationship my sister and I have.

  21. My best friend is also a sewing buddy. We are both named Debbie. Another friend calls us Crazy Debbie and the Other Debbie. I won’t tell you which one she is referring to! Debbie in WV

  22. My best friends are 2 ladies that I work and play with. We have our “girl’s day s out” where we enjoy movies, lunches, day trips, pool parties and even just porch sittings! We have known each other about 12 years now and enjoy our times together. There isn’t anything that I could ask of them that that wouldn’t do and I for them. We’re sisters!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  23. Throughout my 47 years in this world I had a couple of best friends, my school best friend, my home best friend ( my beloved grandmother) and my college best friend which came to be my DH. We’ve been married for 22 years but met and dated since 1985.

  24. my best friend when i was a kid was someone I met in Kindergarten and we are still friends today oh so many (many) years later.

  25. my “bestie” is also my husband

    he’s looked after me and the children for all the time we’ve been together and he STILL likes me!! : )

    what more could I want??

    ….well maybe some yummy fabrics……

  26. My best friend is my hubby of 30 years. We were best friends when we married and we ate still best friends!. He is also my biggest supporter for quilting. How great is that!

  27. Velda, my sister, is my forever best friend. She is generous, hard working, has a wicked sense of humor and she is completely dedicated to her family. She loves me like no one else and can drive me crazy like only a sister can! It makes me nuts that’s she looks good in skinny jeans and she gets a kick out of my fabric obsession. We couldn’t be any different but one thing we share is our love for each other! I would love to make your project with these great fabrics for her.

  28. I seem to have multiple best friends. There’s a best friend from my childhood. There’s a best friend that I met through our kids. And I have 2 best friends that I live (hubby and daughter). Thanks for the great giveaway.

  29. My best friend is very loyal and always by my side. She can be grumpy and a little naughty, but she’s entitled to her own quirks and personality. She’s very dependent on me, and I try to be as good to her as I can be. She has four legs and barks, too much, sometimes,

  30. My best friend since we were 3 years old, Donna, lives an hour from me now, after my wanderings around the country. We share an aunt and uncle, and graduated from high school together in 1971. We may go weeks without talking, but we’re always there for each other.

  31. Yes, yes, yes…..we met each other 17 years ago. We married 2 years ago. And, yes, he IS (still) my one and only best friend. I am so happy!

  32. My bff is Ms. Bonnie Jo and the best part of our friendship is that we “get” each other so perfectly. She’s always willing to overlook my bad days and doesn’t judge me and my mistakes. And she makes me laugh and smile, even on hard days. We moved away from each other almost 2 years ago, but that hasn’t changed a darn thing. I love that girl and if I win, I’ll probably split the fabric with her :)

  33. My best friend lives in Florida and I live in Ca… we haven’t seen each other in a few years but remain BFFs… We met in Kindergarten – way long ago. (as we both turned 65 this past year)

  34. Marcia & I have been friends since Nursing school. We have followed different paths but have supported each other for 44 years.

  35. my best friend is my brother’s dog. He’s always happy to see me come, always sorry to see me go, and always ready to go for a walk with me.

  36. my BFF is one that is always there for me even if we don’t live close any more. we became BFs when we both worked at the same place and worked on the same team. We went through a lot working together and spending many hours working on projects together. She was there for me when my Grandmother passed away which she was a best freind to me also then I was there for her when her parents passed away… we have kept in close contact every since after I retired and moved away… we are together everyday in our hearts and thoughts.

  37. I have a couple. One lives in town. We’ve raised kids together. The other is in St. Louis. Her house is a favorite destination.

  38. I met my best friend in high school, yikes 37 years ago, when she transferred to our school in her senior year. She lived in the same town in California all her life until her senior year in high school when she moved to North Dakota! What a change, but she was always very upbeat, cheerful, and lots of fun. She still is! She lives in Houston now and I’m in SC, but we keep in touch mostly via facebook. She doesn’t quilt yet, but is interested! I would love to win the moda fabrics….thank you for the opportunity!

  39. My best friend is great. He is a new best friend, which makes it exciting because it’s fun getting to know him. We go shopping and laugh all the time. He’s a great support in my life. I love him so much. He has been the one to help me turn around from a bad break up. He is generous and supportive in my decisions. Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. Laurel from NW Iowa

    My best friend is Jane and I have known her since sixth grade. She is a wonderful, crazy, zany personae and my life is much richer with Jane in it. LOVE Regan’s quilt!

  41. I have a sometimes sick and twisted sense of humor that most people just don’t “get it” But when I met Amy, she had the same kind of sick and twisted humor, that I “got it”. That began our friendship. We would hang out every weekend all weekend long with the husbands and kids and her mom too. Mom is just as crazy as we are. We are so much alike, the way we talk, the things we do, the way we act, we even look a lot alike, that her mother would confuse the two of us all the time. Once while out for dinner me and Amy sitting next to each other chatting and laughing up a storm, her mother sitting across from us. She said that if someone just walked up to her and told her I was also her daughter she would believe them in a heartbeat because how much me and Amy are alike. We “get” each other. She and her family have since moved to Atlanta 5 hours away, and it sucks. The weekends are no longer the same, wish we could move to Atlanta too.

  42. My best friend is my hubby and we’ve been together for 17 years. And I love that he goes fabric shopping with me and is a great supporter of my sewing/quilting hobby. I love this quilt and the colors are fabulous! :)

  43. Hi!!! Thanks for the fun!!! I am married to my best friend!!!! We met in 97 and got married in 2000!!!! He is a wonderful hubby!!!! He loves to create things and is very artistic so we enjoy what the other is doing and we can be together each working on their own projects!!!!

  44. Last year, I was able to spend time with my best friend. We haven’t seen each other in thirty one years. She worked every day, but when she came home we sat down to talk about old times and funny things of our younger years! We just picked up where we left.

    She lives in Miami and I live in Minnesota, but we are from Nicaragua! Thanks for a chance to win.

  45. I am blessed with several devoted friends since childhood. One dear school friend lives 400 miles away, we see each several times in a year…..In fact, this friend, was my friend while I was still a sparkle in my Dad’s eye…she was at my Parent’s wedding. Her Mom made the food and served the wedding reception, while pregnant. This is my small town, where I still live….Even after all these years, most of my friend’s families still live here so even though friends have scattered, they still come home and I have places to go visit…we heading to having our Grandchildren…..what a blessing to know, my Friends have my back. There are many new friends, in the mix over the years but the Oldie’s are the Goldies. Yep, Cupcake, a Blessing.

  46. My best friend is an English professor of mine from my Wake Forest days. She was assistant Dean & taught a small seminar class on American Lit. I was in her class back in 1983. We talk weekly, see each other several times each month. She is like my second Mom. She is in her eighties; I treasure ever moment with her. Thanks for a chance to write something @ her, and a chance to win the Fat Quarter bundle!

  47. Sue in Scottsdale, AZ

    My best friend is my husband. We met in a computer users group before PCs were even sold. We both used dedicated word processors for our businesses. We will be married for 23 years on January 20th and life is good. He is very supportive of my quilting addiction – after all, he is the one who bought our first sewing machine and signed me up for my first quilting class! We are a perfect match as he does embroidery and I quilt!

  48. I met my best friend playing games on the computer. Although we have never met in person, we talk almost every day.I can tell her anything and she makes me laugh and cry. Since i don’t get out much I cherish this relationship. Your quilt is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  49. My best friend is my Mom. She is the person who is always in my corner, always has my best interest at heart, and always tells me the truth about myself, whether I like it or not. She has taught me everything I know about being a woman, homemaker, sewer, etc. I adore her.

  50. My best friend asked me to sit in an empty seat beside her at a sewing event. We quickly got aquainted and 10 years later I am so thankful she did. We have the best long distance friendship ever including yearly stays at her home.

  51. I’m so lucky to have TWO BFF! One since we were in jr high together and one from just 8 years ago. The first is nicknamed Dimps and then there’s Della. Dimps and I can not talk for months and then just pick up the phone and talk forever! We can’t hang up until we both laugh, we’re good medicine. Several people have mentioned that they thought Della and I were sisters because we look alike! She looks more like me than she does her sisters! I don’t know what I’d do without these amazing people in my life. They are just as dear to me as mine own sister and I love them both with all my heart! I am very blessed!!

  52. My bestfriend is my husband. I have never found anyone that I trust and cherish more. He is my biggest fan and without his support I would have never dreamed much less done half the things that I have accomplished

  53. My best friend is my husband. I have been sick a lot this past year and he has been tremendous support for me. We’ve been married 52 years and counting.

  54. Oh dear, must one only have 1 best friend? I guess I’ve been doing this wrong Because I have several and would never “rank” them. Each is the best in his/her own way.

  55. My best friend is the one I took my first quilting course with 7 years ago. Quilting is not the only thing that bonds us. We share Mom struggles and enjoy walking together. I vowed not to buy any new fabric is year and make it a catch up year and then I saw the Zen Chic Juggling Summer line. These are my colors and I would love to have some.

  56. As the years add up, I have many who are best friends — some I see more often than others. Lives change, we move around, activities involve us and so on. …but, we keep in touch. With so many friends, it can seem like only yesterday, when you see them, though it’s possible it has been months. I value those friendships!

  57. I’ve had a number of best friends over the years depending on school, jobs, and locations, but my current best friend is also a quilter. How lucky can I be?

  58. Best friends are good…my best friend is one that we may not see each other every day or every week or maybe for months but once we are together it was like we were never apart.

  59. My best friend has no interest in quilting or knitting but she does appreciate all the things I make. Although we are very different, we are always there to support the other

  60. My bestie and I have nothing tangible in common except our differences and our willingness to try anything and everything. Of course, now that we are in our 50’s the challenges are milder than when were 30. I love Tonie and she loves me. We had a double wedding 15 yrs ago and I believe some people have never been sure if WE married or men were involved.

  61. I’ve known my best friend, Alice, all my life – literally!! She is my Mom!. I can’t say enough about the love and support, and just plain fun we’ve shared over the past 50+ years.
    If she wasn’t my Mom ( Heaven forbid!), I would still hang with this lovely woman.

  62. I’ve been fortunate to have best friends throughout my life … my best friend from grade school to high school, my fantastic college roommate, my dearest neighbor when our babies were born 2 mos apart, my wonderful quilting buddies today … and last but NOT least, my sweet DH of 28 years !
    This neat pattern is going on my list … and thanks for the chance to win !

  63. Sounds corney but my best friend is my husband. We were childhood friend who lived in different states. We only saw each other when our parents visited each other. My best memories are ones spent with him. When he graduated from high school our visits came to a hault and we lost touch with each other. Twelve years later I got a call from him and he came to visit and took me home with him! We have also been business partners for thirty years and I still look forward to spending our evenings together–then it’s off to my quilt studio!

  64. I was working on a quilt using Zen Chic and saw the link to you. Love your site, too, and thought I’d enter your give away. You could determine my next project. Keep sewing!

  65. My best friend is someone from work Her and I both work from home for the same co. We used to work in an office together but when the co wanted to cut costs they set us up at home We meet for coffee when we can but we “talk” every day while we work via IM There is nothing we can’t say to each other. I haven’t gotten her into quilting yet but I am working on it LOL

  66. This past year my best friend drove 2 hours each way to come and help me clean up my house in prep for my parents coming to visit. I had just moved and was about to have a baby. I am still very much in awe. She’s the most giving woman I know.

  67. I have three very close friends…two here in Texas and 1 in Virgina and I’d be hard pressed to pick one as ‘best’! They are all very different and I cherish each of them.

  68. My best friends name is Terri and we have known each other since grade school ..we keep in contact and both are busy with our family.
    I just wanted to say I love this pattern and the colors are great .can’t wait to get the pattern and find those colors ..lucky friend….

  69. I met by best friend, Julie, at work 25 years ago. We only worked together for a few years before she left to stay home and start a family. We have been like sisters since the day we meet. We have seen each other through many happy times like marriage and birth of children, and held each other up through the tough times like miscarriages and death of a sibling. We only live 40 miles apart but can go a year or more without seeing each other. Thank God for phones as that is our glue…once we’re talking there’s no stopping us. We do manage to put all things aside if we can nab Bon Jovi tickets….I can’t even count the number of Bon Jovi concerts we’ve been to! All our mom, wife, and work duties are thrown away for a day. No one knows me better than Julie and vice versa. I’d be lost without my BFF! If I win, I’m making the quilt for her!

  70. I met my best friend Gabby when I moved in across the street from her more than 30 years ago (yikes). I moved half way across the country and I miss her.

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