It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day: Star Spangled Sky


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Meet Star Spangled Sky our newest Moda Bake Shop project!


The gals over at Fat Quarter Shop have all the fabric you need to make the quilts.  You can find it here.  The gals are so generous and are giving away a jelly roll of the line to one of our readers…just keep reading and we’ll let you know how to sign up to win.

Quilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop

Kelli and I originally wanted to make the quilts from Minick and Simpson’s line Indigo Crossings but when we contacted Moda’s Sample room we were told we would need to pick a different fabric line as they didn’t have what we needed.  We debated for a bit and reluctantly picked Paint Box Batiks.  Kelli and I have never sewn with batiks and were a little hesitant.  We ended up loving the experience!!

We did another new thing with this quilt too.  We used a white from a different fabric line.  It’s actually from PB&J.  It’s called Creamy Grunge..Fat Quarter Shop has it here.  The fabrics mixed very nicely.

When it came time to quilt it, I was again at a loss.  Keep in mind this isn’t perfect and I am still learning but this is what I did in the white open borders.

I admit..I really wanted to do feathers but I just wasn’t brave enough..someday soon I will be.  These stars ended up being okay.  In the borders on the red I did a swirl.

The center of the quilt was done in a wood grain.  It’s a design I learned from the Pajama Quilter.  Sorry..the thread blends so much that you can’t see.

The stars were done with something that just popped into my head.  I need more practice but for a first’s okay.

I used a variegated thread that ranged from white to baby blue to navy blue.  It was was a good choice.  All in all we are really happy with how it turned out.

The pattern is free here at Moda Bake Shop.


The quilt finishes at 90″ x 90″.

If you would like a chance to win a jelly roll, just leave a comment here telling if you have made a project with batik fabric.  We’ll pick a winner next week.

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174 thoughts on “It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day: Star Spangled Sky”

  1. Love the quilt!

    As for batiks, last summer I finally made a quilt (well, a quilt top) with batiks. Love the look, but I just don’t have batiks in my stash. I had to buy them special for the project. One of these days I’m going to enhance my batik stash so I can use them more frequently.

  2. Love the quilt! I’m a fan of stars – as for batiks, I was once scared of them, now, I can’t get enough of them…. Use them all the time…. They have such wonderful qualities…. Unique & beautiful…. Great job on the quilt…. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  3. Valerie Boudier

    Love batiks, have made a couple of quilts and some cushions. I’m in the process of making a d9p – all different batiks

  4. Catholic Bibliophagist

    I haven’t made a project with batiks yet, but I will soon. A local quilt shop had a going out of business sale, so I stocked up on them.


  5. First, I love the star quilting in the white border! I think it works nicely with the star theme of the quilt!
    Second, yes, I’ve worked with batiks and I love them! My first finished batik quilt was a few years ago in a BOM and the second quilt is a bargello that took 2nd place in the professional machine quilting category in our local quilt show last February. I am working on a Storm at Sea with batiks and I have a box of batiks I’ve collected waiting for just the right project. I love Civil war era prints and batiks! Quite the contrast.

  6. Great quilt–love it! I used a couple of batiks in my daughter’s quilt–a sampler. I’ve never made anything with only batiks. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  7. My very first quilt was made with batiks. It was a baby quilt and I didn’t know any thing about fabrics at the time. I only knew the colors were gorgeous. Since then I have stuck to traditional cottons while collecting fat quarter batiks here and there. I am just waiting for some batik inspiration…or maybe I have UFOs that need my attention :)

  8. I love your batik quilt and will download the pattern. I have been adding batiks to my fabric stash and I love the look of my quilts.

  9. I love batiks, but never buy them because they’re expensive. I love that you used all batiks, it’s lovely.

  10. Ohhh I love the quilt it’s beautiful. I think your to hard on yourself on the quilting.’s very nice quilting be proud of that. As far as batiks yes I have made a quilt with batiks. I love them.

  11. Your new quilt looks beautiful! I love it in batiks. Batiks are one of my favorite kinds of fabric to use in quilts, although they can be a little tricky because of color variations.

  12. Mary Ann Harpe

    I love batiks and have been collecting them about as long as they have been out….Right now I am on a hunt for background batiks. Not much else as I have it all! LOL
    Mary Ann

  13. haven’t yet made anything with batiks yet, I have a kit from Sew Batiks waiting for me to start! but love the look of them!

  14. I have never used baltiks but hear lots of good things from people who have. Your quilting looks great! And thank you so much for all the give aways!!

  15. Love this quilt. Have been incorporating batiks in tops for awhile. They blend well, punching up the total look of a quilt

  16. I have used batiks in a few wallhangings and would love to do a quilt with them. I like your pattern and am going to download it. thanks for the chance to win . Hope you have a good Memorial Day weekend.

  17. Made a couple projects with batiks and have a couple kits that are batiks. I also have a scrap container full, so need to organize the lights and darks for several projects floating in my head. Beautiful quilt and like the quilting in the white area.

  18. I just finished making two twin size quilts using batiks. I used Bonnie Hunter’s pattern Pineapple Blossom. Love batiks!

  19. I am currently working on a queen size quilt for my daughter’s high school graduation. The pattern is Butterfly Trails by Atkinson Designs. I love their patterns and the Fat Quarter Shop is my favorite online store. Although, I have to admit that I actually call them to place my orders, they are very accommodating.

    Love you quilting on this one!

  20. I’ve never been brave enough to use batiks. I think they are beautiful in quilts I have seen done with them. Love your quilt and will be printing the pattern off – ideas are turning to use it on my red white and blue stash. Don’t know how you get so much done. Keep up the good work.

  21. Your quilt is beautiful and you did a wonderful job with the quilting! I have not made a project with batiks yet but have been collecting them to make a quilt from a beach pattern that I got while in FL.

  22. I have only made two quilts using batiks. while i still prefer regular cotton quilting material, i do like how interesting the finished product is. Thanks for the opportunity to win the jelly roll.

  23. I have used a batik or 2 in a quilt. My next quilt will be my daughter’s wedding quilt-she’s getting married at the end of Aug. and it is all batik.

  24. I have a Bali pop but it’s still waiting for me. I like your stars in the border – much better than feathers! I love the Mora Bake shop. There are so many recipes I want to try.

  25. I felt the same about batiks as you did and then I made a couple of batik quilts as Christmas gifts and fell in love with batiks. Your quilt is beautiful and I love how you quilted it. This quilt is on my to do list now.

  26. Patricia Jackson

    Love this quilt! I’ve used batiks a lot-you can’t go wrong using batiks for any project-very pretty!

  27. I haven’t made anything with batiks although they are getting more interesting all the time. Your new pattern might be the perfect reason to give them a try.

  28. Deborah DeBerry

    I love batiks. At first, I was told ‘you don’t mix batiks with other fabrics’, but others did mix them. It gives the quilt expression and depth in some cases. I really like using them. Your quilt is beautiful!!! Love me some Moda Bake Shop.

  29. Lovely! Wow – you have been so busy, also loved the Quiltmaker quilt!

    Batiks are my favorite and I love them for low contrast quilts. My Yellow Brisk Road is all batiks, my string blocks are all batiks, and I have FQs pulled for a Scrappy Sedona Star (Marti Michel).

  30. Bonnie Thomas

    I have not made a quilt with batiks “yet” – but have always loved the look and feel of batiks. This quilt pattern and choice of fabric is beautiful! I am putting in on my list of quilts to complete. So Pretty, thank you for the pattern. I love viewing the Moda Bake Shop almost daily!

  31. Love your quilt and the stars in the white border looks great. I’ve made several batik quilts and love everything about them, in fact I’ve a whole section of batiks in my cupboard.

  32. I really like this quilt. The quilting is very good. I’d never know it was a first time. I like working with batiks and I love the colors of batiks. I haven’t worked with them in a while so winning this jelly roll would be a good reason to get started again!

    Thanks for all y’all do for us quilters.

  33. I love the quilt, it’s beautiful! I LOVE batiks. They are my guilty pleasure. I have a stash of of them, and I love to look at them all stacked up together. I have made several batik quilts. My most recent was using Editya’s line “Over the Rainbow” for a charity. Her unique style of blending batiks and regular fabric is awe inspiring. Great job of trying some new and pushing yourself, and growing your skills. You inspire others to try new things too. :)

  34. Jenelle Boxberger

    I have only used batiks once or twice and that was just to make a block for our “Quilt Party” that met once a month for a block exchange. Love your quilt thank for all the information about it.

  35. I have made two table runners out of batik, and they are beautiful. The colors are so smooth and blend so well. Your quilt is gorgeous!

  36. This quilt is fabulous. The contrast between the red chains, white stars and blue logs is great. I love batiks, and use them a lot, especially for applique.

  37. Your quilt is just beautiful…I love star quilts. I’ve never used batiks, and never thought I would want too, but this quilt could sure change my mind! And I think your quilting looks great!

  38. Yes, a few years ago I made a jewel colored Batik drunkards path quilt. It was my 1st time sewing curves and using Batiks. Later that year my LQS had a Batik BOM that I participated in, done in the colors of nature. Ruby’s modeling career has really worked out well for both of you. ;-> Toni Anne

  39. Batiks are my favorite! I have made small cosmetic bags and large quilts with them! I love your quilt and the quilting designs!

  40. I have made a batik quilt. I fell in love with Edytha Sitar Laundry Basket Quilts batiks and made a throw sized quilt. I have a few fq’s in my stash I’m saving up to make another. As always yours is beautiful!

  41. I Love your quilt!! Beautiful! I made one quilt from batiks – a scrappy block of the month from my LQS. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do — love those vibrant colors!

  42. WOW!!! Great job – I love this quilt and would love to try to make one just like it. Even if I decide not to tackle a quilt this large, this is a great inspiration piece for me.

    I gravatate to batiks and have used them in several projects. The weave on batiks is denser than regular cotton fabrics, so I wouldn’t want to hand quilt a batik project, but otherwise they are lots of fun and very beautiful.

  43. Janet Richard

    Hello and what a great quilt! It might be that I missed it in the cutting instructions, but don’t we need to cut eight white or neutral 2 1/2″ squares for each block (total 128)? Good news is most likely with the neutral yardage indicated we have plenty of fabric to use for this.

    I have never used batiks but this may change my mind – great use of the fabric!

  44. Love your quilt and I see the dog does too. I just finished a table runner with batiks, and it turned out wonderful. Batiks are really wonderful to work with.

  45. Oh My…I love this design. I became a batik convert about 10 years ago. I rarely work with cotton prints anymore. I love the serendipitous quality working with batiks…the irregular colors and patterns often surprise me in the final quilt.

  46. What a cute quilt! I love the red, white and blue!

    I have never sewn with batiks, either. Like you, I have been a bit intimidated by them. If I win your jelly roll, I will definitely be giving them a try (tee hee).

  47. Finished a strings quilt in batik scraps that I got from friends for a grad gift. I love batiks and try to throw some of them in my scrap quilts to add to the kitchen sink variety! At quilt stores, I dig through their scrap bins for the batiks first, neutrals second, and anything that catches my eye after that.

  48. What a gorgeous quilt! I haven’t used a lot of batiks, but I do have a FQ pack plus a few extras, in batiks, that are waiting for the right inspiration.

  49. Yep, several batik quilt under my belt. Love this pattern so I need to go see if I have enough in my stash to make this quilt.

  50. I made a graduation quilt for our grandson with batiks, it was a struggle as they aren’t my style. The quilt did turn out nice though.

  51. I have made a quilt out of batiks and I also have a huge stash of batiks. Your quilt is beautiful and Memorial Day is the perfect time to present it.

  52. I have never made a quilt with batiks, but have used gifted scraps in other quilts. A very wet, rainy day here today. Am working on quilts for AAQI.

  53. Your quilt is beautiful. I love the stars. I’ve made a table runner, 2 lap size quilt and king size quilt using batiks. What I really love about batik fabric are the many colors and designs. I’m always amazed with my finished quilt. Thank you for the chance to win the jelly roll. It will be used in my next quilt.

  54. I am working on an applique Iris quilt using Batiks on black background so far the center is done. Then I put it away and have not gotten it out for a while guess it should come out to play soon

  55. HI! No,I have not tried any batik fabrics;would like to though. currently working on a huge project for me, a queen size bed quilt>almost finished>lots of fun!
    Thanks for sharing a neat giveaway!

  56. Glenda in Florida

    What a lovely quilt! I’ve made a couple of purses with batiks. I had a layer cake of purple batik, so I made myself a Twister quilt, alternating those with a pastel lavender batik so each fabric could be seen better–it turned out great.

  57. have make 2 small quilt tops and lots of smaller items from batik. love sewing with it. the hand is great and the painterly qualities really appeal!

  58. I have collected batiks for years, but have made only one quilt. I love your quilt. The quilt group that I belong to is making quilts for veterans and this would be a nice addition. Thanks for the pattern and a chance to win the jelly roll.

  59. Star Spangled Sky is beautiful. To me it looks as though the stars and chain explode right out of the quilt top. I have never made a quilt with all batiks in it. Have added batiks to some of my quilts. Hope to someday do a paper pieced all batik quilt. Collecting fabrics for it all the time. Would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

  60. It is hard to get away from Batiks once you start with them…I mix batiks with cottons all the time, as long as the color works I use it. Love what you and Kelli have done with Star Spangled Sky. Jo, your star quilting is perfect for the project. Thanks for a chance to win FABRIC! Sandi

  61. I most recently used batiks in a Buggy Barn project that combined patterns from two books. I call it Crazy Cats and Fishes and I love it! Using batiks on a BB pattern gives them a totally new look.

  62. I love the looks of batiks and have used them. Am always a little hesitant and paranoid about the first wash and bleeding though.
    Love your quilt! Thanks!

  63. Lynne in Hawaii

    Awesome quilt ladies! Yes, I have made a couple of baby quilts using batiks. They showcased the ‘humuhumunukunuapua’a ‘ (trigger fish). I love petting my batiks a lot…they are so pretty.

  64. Great quilt! I love it. Your feathers will come! Just practice on one of the donation quilts. As for batiks, I love them. Sometimes they need a sharper needle, but the colors and the texture of the fabrics is just so nice! I’ve used some that were so silky, it makes the quilt feel wonderful.

  65. Beautiful quilt; love the batiks. Both of you did a wonderful job. I have used batiks several times and am using more all the time. It just takes a long time to collect. Thanks for the chance to win.

  66. I LOVE batiks!!! Although I’m a new quilter I’m not new to sewing as I made custom drapery for a living for 25 years. And now I’m sewing for ME. Home decor, quilts,, etc. etc. I love how batiks can “read” as a solid but not be boring like a solid can be. I do finish work for people all over the country – needlepoint, cross stitch, etc. and batiks are great because they can enhance the stitching without taking away from it. I think just this week I used 15 or 20 different batiks in some cross stitch ornament finishing. Recently I found Moda Bakeshop and made my first quilt and it turned out great. I used my own fabrics, and some of those were from my stash, and of course some were batiks. I love this patriotic Star quilt and actually think I’m going to stitch it up real soon. It’s beautiful!!!

  67. I actually prefer to work with batiks because their colors are so rich and the fabrics are so sturdy. I’ve made many, many quilts and other projects with them. I love this quilt of yours and am on my way to Moda Bake Shop to get the pattern. Thanks for a chance to win.

  68. Great quilt. I have never batiks but I love all the rich colors. This would be a great pattern to try some out. Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. Hi, I recently made my first quilt with batiks- a child’s quilt with improvised stars and it turned out great. I’ve always loved the bright colours of batiks and the blues and greens in your quilt look fantastic combined with the red and white. Would love to win a jelly roll and make another quilt.

  70. Yes! I once used a fat quarter pack of blue and purple batiks in a online sampler quilt along. It was not going very well until I emailed a blogger who uses a lot of batiks. She suggested a fine needle on the sewing machine. I put in a size 70 and WOW what a difference! I just love it when I can learn things from bloggers!

  71. hahaha I have large boxes and bags of batiks. They look so lovely and I keep right on buying them and haven’t done a thing with them. I am scared of them I think. So I am really grateful for this pattern because I lay odds (blues and greens are my favorites) I can find some blues and blue/greens in those boxes and finally give it a try. THANKS

  72. I love using batiks, I have made 3 lap quilts from batiks and have incorporated them in other projects. I love your colors in the star spangled sky.

  73. I love batiks and make the majority of my quilts from batiks. I enjoy the stabilty of the fabric as well as all the great designs and colors.

  74. I have only used batiks one time. I made a wall hanging using a “sodoku” pattern I found online. I enjoyed working with them and would like to make another one- perhaps your “star spangled sky!”

  75. lorene holbrook

    the quilt is just plain beautiful!!! great job! Yes, I have made several batiks quilts and I love them. I am a scrappy kind of girl. and very seldom mix batik with cottons. but I love working with them…. thanks for the chance.

  76. Love your quilt. I am working with some batiks in a small wall hanging for a challenge project. I am not noticing much differance. I really like the colors in yours.

  77. Your quilt looks great. I’ve never used batiks. When I see quilts made in them I think how wonderful they look but still I don’t have any! Maybe one day I’ll take the plunge and buy some!

  78. I made a small purse with batik fabric last year and I also used some in a small quilt. I love the look! I’m very anxious to try it in a larger project and this quilt seems perfect!

  79. I love the Star Spangled Sky quilt – very patriotic. As for batiks – I LOVE them.
    I would like to try mixing them with regular cottons. Edyta Sitar does that I believe.
    And her quilts are very beautiful.

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