It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day: School Spirit Quilt..a Giveaway too!!


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Hey all…it’s a Moda Bake Shop Day and a giveaway from the Fat Quarter Shop too!

But first let me tell you about the quilt.  I grew up in New Richland, Minnesota and attended New Richland-Hartland Public School.  We were known as the Cardinals.  Fast forward 30 years and my kids go to Turkey Valley School in Jackson Junction, Iowa.  They are knows as the Trojans and their school colors are red, white and black.

For me, whenever I see red, white and black together, I think school colors….that’s exactly what I thought when I saw Sweetwater’s Moda fabric line “Mama Said Sew”.   The same day I initially saw the line, a friend of mine who is the president of our Music Booster group at school asked if I would make a quilt for their upcoming fundraiser.  That same day while in blogland I stumbled across a picture of an antique quilt done in red, white and black.  That’s how this quilt, “School Spirit” came to be.
I used a design from the Pajama Quilter from her “Rethreaded” DVD called “Wonky Stars in Space”.  I tried to take a picture of it but the thread doesn’t show up well.  At least in this photo you can see a peek.

Here’s a little heads up:  In celebration of my getting a new APQS quilting machine…Dawn, The Pajama Quilter, is planning to host a little fun here in the next week or so.

 This quilt was actually a team effort.  I designed it.  My daughter, Kelli, sew it.  I quilted and bound it.  She wrote the tutorial for it.  We are both happy with the results and had a great time working on this together.  We have more joint projects planned in the future so keep your eyes open for them!

I had the hardest times taking pictures….I always do.

I went out early….Gracie insisted on being in the photo…

But then in the sun she was all squinty eyed.  Then the wind picked up.  I ended up scrapping the morning photo session and went out in the afternoon.  With the wind in a different direction and me being able to get a picture without Gracie or the dirty chicken yard in the background, photo taking went much better.

If you are looking for the free pattern to make the quilt you can check out Moda Bake Shop.  You’ll see that they have a new difficulty rating system.  Each project is assigned one, two or three rotary cutters designating the difficulty of the project.  Three is the most challenging.

If you are looking for a giveaway….read on…  Fat Quarter Shop is offering a layer cake of Mama Said Sew to one of my lucky readers.  You do not need to follow Fat Quarter shop on Facebook or follow their blog the Jolly Jabber.  You do not need to follow my blog or follow Jo’s Country Junction on Facebook…but you sure can!!  All you need to do in order to have a chance to win is leave a comment here telling what your school colors were.

If you like giveaways, I have another one for a book from Lark Crafts, “Hand Appliqued Quilts:  Beautiful Designs and Simple Techniques by Tonye Belinda Phillips. You can find that giveaway here.

Today I am hooking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

256 thoughts on “It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day: School Spirit Quilt..a Giveaway too!!”

  1. Purple, white and gold were our school colors! (1971) They have since dropped the gold and changed it to black. Thanks for bringing back some memories for me today!

  2. Everyone leaves a comment when there is a contest! Yeah…me too! My school was Oxon Hill Senior High in Maryland Class of 1972. We are the Clippers (the tall ships). Black and Gold! My 40th reunion is just two weeks away…wish I could be there.

  3. Love the quilt, I was wondering how it was quilted as soon as I saw it, nice to see a little peek at least :)
    I’m in the UK, no school colours here either!

  4. My school colors have ALWAYS been blue and white from elementary thru college. :) Red and white (sometimes w/ black) were always our biggest rivals colors! But my daughter’s school colors are red, white, and black… so this would be perfect for her! Plus I LOVE this line of fabric!

  5. No school colors in the Netherlands, but I do love the color combination of your quilt. Checking out your ‘recipe’ right now!

  6. My school colours were garnet, green and gold. I never thought of using them as a theme for a quilt, but I think they could be okay in Civil War fabrics. Gracie is so accommodating, always willing to pose on a quilt.

  7. I should log about the crochet blanket my grandma made me for high school football games. It is BRIGHT gold and deep purple for my school colors. I love that I have something made from grandmas hands and heart but oh how it was a neutral. Lol

  8. Jenelle Boxberger

    Love your team work. Love the quilt. Looks great on your new patio. School colors were Black and Gold, name was also Trojans, and the school was also in Iowa. But just to add, our favorite NBA basketball team is the Portland, Trail Blazers and their colors are red,black,and white.

  9. Our colors were Black and Gold at University City HS in St. Louis. I think that would be a great combination for this quilt.

  10. Love your Quilt! It is great to team up with your kids on projects. My Mom and I still team up!
    My high school colors were black and orange as were my college school colors (Go OSU!)
    Thanks for the chance to win “Mama Said Sew” line of fabric – I love it!

  11. My school high school colors were maroon and white (although maroon and gray were the primary colors of our uniforms, the sports uniforms were maroon and white). I think my college colors were blue and white, but each class had their own color so I am not entirely sure about that. My grad school colors are gold and black (GA Tech). Love the quilt!

  12. My high school colors were blue and silver…the Casa Roble HS Rams in Citrus Heights, California…In college I was a purple and gold San Francisco State Gator…technically, we were the Golden Gators

  13. My school was Franklin Senior High in Maryland. We were the Franklin ‘Indians’ and our colors were Navy and Red! “Go Big Red”.

  14. The Huntington Beach HS Oilers from Huntington Beach CA and our colors were Orange and Black! Thanks so much for the chance!!!!

  15. We were the Knights and our school colors were blue and gold. My old high school has since become the only high school in town and they are now known as the Ravens with black, red and white colors. To me they will always be Kimball Knights!

    Thanks for the chance.

  16. Navy Blue & Gold
    and there were always white or black accents, but neither was ACTUALLY one of the official colors.
    Lamar Vikings, Arlington, TX!

  17. Maroon and white were the colors for the Antigo Red Robins. Your quilt is wonderful. Looks simple enough to make in a hurry. Thanks

  18. Ahh red, white and blue! The Brazosport Exporters! Love my school, even though it HAS been forever since I went there. :0) Thank you for the chance. I just LOVE your quilt!

  19. I am embarassed to say that my school colors were green and yellow. In our pictures it looked more orange. We looked like a bunch of pumpkins. Ha, ha, Not flattering. But the sew mamma line makes a much better school spirt quilt.

  20. What a fun quilt and I love that you and your daughter were able to work together on it. My high school colors were blue and gold and my college colors were purple and gold. I think I could make this pattern up in those three easily.

  21. Jo, I love your quilt! It is such fun to sew with a daughter. My high school colors were black and gold. Like you my kids went to school in a different place but had the same black and gold colors. I need to check my closet and see if there is anything those colors to wear to my 51st Homecoming tomorrow night. I’m going with three of my four siblings. Thanks!

  22. My school colors were orange and black! We were the Trojans! However, I would much prefer a quilt of the new Sew Mama Sew collection! Those are MY colors, and I have been drooling over that collection for the past several days since it first came out! Love it!

  23. My school colors were maroon and white. I’m surprised that I remember – it’s been a while! LOL

    Love the quilt too – anything with red and black is a winner in my book!

  24. My high school colors were navy and canary yellow (out mascot was actually a canary), college colors were navy and orange, while my kids’ high school colors were red/white/blue. There college colors now are black/red/yellow and purple/yellow, so we’re all over the map with colors!

  25. What a beautiful quilt, I love the colors. My High School was purple and gold, Baker City Bulldogs class of ’82. Thanks for sharing your great story and awesome quilt.

  26. Hi Jo,
    My school colors were burgundy and navy.
    I don’t know if I can really enter the giveaway though, I live in England. Your quilt is beautiful, as always.

  27. What a great quilt & a fabulous collaboration once again.
    We were the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Riders & our colors were red, white & blue.
    Rah!! Rah!!

  28. Hi!!!!!!!!! I think you and Kelli did a great job and I love the quilting. And Gracie is so cute… of my bobtail kittens name is Grace but we call her Gracie after Gracie Allen of George Burns and Allen…sorry I tend to ramble. My school colors were red and white. Thanks for the chance.

  29. Good work both of you; your quilt is striking! My school colors were black and white, but sometimes we threw in a little red for contrast. ;-) We were the CM Panthers . . . “and we couldn’t be prouder; if you can’t hear us now we’ll yell a little louder!”

  30. Daisy Christopherson

    My school colors were red and white. I grew up in Britton, SD and we were the Britton Braves. I think they still are in spite of everyone being so concious of those kind of things these days. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I made a red, black and white quilt for my son this year. The pattern was Box Steps but I don’t know who the author is. He just loves it. I enjoy all your posts. Daisy

  31. I was, and still am, a Preble Shawnee Arrow from southwest Ohio! I work at the school I AND my 2 kids graduated from! Our colors are RED and BLACK! My daughter graduated from THE Ohio State University and my son is a sophomore there this year…colors are Scarlet and Gray! This quilt quickly caught my eye. Love the color play in it!

  32. LOL, my school colors. Wow, that brings back some memories. Burgandy and Gold, I can remember the chant of the cheerleaders. “Burgandy and Gold, we’re really Bold!”

  33. Forest green and gold. Your quilt is wonderful. So great that you and Kelli could work on it together. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  34. Love your quilt. It is very close to my high school colors of red and gray. I am also a BYU alumni, and the school colors are blue and white. Go Cougars!!!

  35. High school colors were orange and black. College colors are red, black and white. Go Wolf Pack!!!!!! So I really need this fabric! Thanks for the chance…

  36. My high school colors were blue and gold; but I will forever be a Washington State Cougar with colors of crimson and gray. Go Cougs!

  37. Mighty Muskies (Muscatine, Iowa). Purple and gold, which is also great when I visit my brother in Minnesota where their colors are also purple and gold!

  38. My school colors were Blue and Orange we were the Warriors back then. They have since changed to something else in an effort to be politically correct. Funny thing is we moved to a different county and the new High School they built, has the same Warrior emblem and blue and orange as their school colors, so it is somewhat like being at home again when I drive by.

  39. Shamrocks for high school — colors green and white. Loyalty to the Spartans for college and didn’t have to change school colors — have made a couple of quilts using those colors.

  40. Our school colors are red, white and black. We are known as the “Cardinals”. I actually work at the high school that I graduated from. Actually, my whole family (6 of us) all graduated from this high school. This fabric would be perfect for us. Thanks for the great giveaway and for the tutorial for this beautiful quilt.

  41. My school colors were blue and white, Portland Bulldogs. I still love blue and white together; in fact, I’m taking part in a Row Robin where I chose blue and white for my Row pals to use to make a row for me. I can’t wait to see it!
    I’d love to win the giveaway, but the free pattern is an awesome “win” on its own.Thanks.

  42. My school colors for both high school and college : red and white . However, we are Ohio state fans and those colors are PERFECT! Thanks for the chance to win…

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