It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day!! Giveaway too!!


If you are new to the blog, welcome.  We typically put up new blog post twice daily so there is always something new and fresh here.  We host lots of giveaways too.  Click HERE and see what’s new today…

I am so excited to show you the latest Moda Bake Shop quilt, Sophie’s Bouquet, and to tell you about the great giveaway the Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring right here on my blog.  First things first…If you are new here WELCOME.  I so glad you stopped by.  I am a busy gal who loves sharing the antics of my fun, quilty, silly, crafty, and mostly happy life with daily blog posts.  If you stop by, you can bet there something new or different here.  Without further ado….Here’s the newest quilt!


Never fear….Gracie didn’t loose her spot in the family.   I just decided to try to get a photo of a quilt with a different background so to the barn we went and along came our farm dog Pepper.

Our daughter, Kelli, was trying to help me get pictures.  I am under the quilt trying to hold it up but Pepper’s weight is pulling the quilt down.  In the meantime, I have no idea how the picture looks..Trying to get pictures was totally a hoot!

We started out having me sit under the quilt and were going to try to get the dogs to sit by it.  We thought you’d see the design best that way but Pepper didn’t like the idea and neither did Gracie.  I started talking to Kelli while I was under the quilt and that was where this location ended.  Neither dog was willing to sit on a “talking quilt”.


Then Kelli insisted that she was going to take my picture and I am yelling no…my hair is awful from being under the quilt…she snapped it anyway.  Pepper was all excited to learn that she wasn’t crazy and there are no such things as talking quilts that she decided to nuzzle and almost tickle me!


Then we  moved to a new location that looks the same to you but we wanted better lighting.  I decided to hunch over and hold the quilt this time.  The lighting was better…but look.  There’s my hand.  UGH.


Now Gracie is bothered that she isn’t in the photo so she joined.


Neither of the dogs would look at Kelli because just behind Kelli was a baby kitten.


Oh…I’ve heard it said that actors should never work with children..I don’t think quilt photographers should work with pets!!

I finally shoo-ed the dogs away and snapped this photo.  If you’re wondering…this fabric is Chez Moi’s line Sophie for Moda.  I am so in love with the blue floral setting squares.   I love the pink fabric in the blocks too.  When laying this quilt out, make sure that the pink squares make vertical lines across your quilt.


When I first designed the quilt and sent it in for possible submission, I didn’t realize that the floral bouquets in the blue were so large.  When the fabric came I contemplated fussy cutting the fabric so each each square would have a floral bouquet in the middle of it, but then wasn’t sure I’d have enough fabric.  I decided to just cut them and not worry about it.  I think it turned out fine.  If you would want to fussy cut the squares, you’d need to add more yardage.


Chez Moi is my favorite bright colored fabric designer.  Most of the collections are a softer bright rather than the neon bright.  I loved the Charisma line…I made this disappearing nine patch with it and this quilt.  Kelli made this quilt with the line to.  I made another quilt with it too but I don’t have pictures of that quilt.  I have loved the Hunky Dory line too.   I have a couple charm packs of that waiting to be sewn into a Schnibble.  Here’s a quilt from the Swanky line too.  Here’s a quilt from the Boutique line. Are you convinced I love Chez Moi??  Sohpie is my favorite Chez Moi line yet!  I am totally in love with the blue…or should I say turquoise fabric.

I machine quilted it with a free hand loopy flower.  This is one of those quilts that it was really hard to pick a thread color to do the machine quilting.  I opted with a light tan that you might describe as camel.

Originally I thought about adding borders onto the quilt too…I ended up with just the blocks and setting triangles.   If you want it larger, borders could easily be added.

Here’s a little tip that helped me when making the quilt.  I finished one complete block.  I positioned that block next to my sewing machine to use a reference so I didn’t get the half square triangle pieces turned or twisted.


I bet you’re probably reading along wondering…I thought she said something about a giveaway….I did.  I’m just trying to build the anticipation.

Quilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop

Kimberly over at the Fat Quarter Shop offered to sponsor giveaway here.  She has a Sophie Jelly Roll up for grabs.  The Fat Quarter Shop is fully stocked with all the fabric from the line and you can find it here.

Here’s a little heads up…if you are thinking about making this quilt…order the blue setting fabric, pronto.  Earlier this year, my quilt, Chain of Faith, was featured on Moda Bake Shop.  I am still getting email from people wondering if I know where they could find the red border fabric.  I have helped people search on line for it….it can’t be found.   Being this quilt needs 4 3/4 yards of the blue floral it is sure to sell out quickly.

Back to the giveaway….We don’t want to make you jump through a bunch of hoops to be entered.  We both value your time.  You don’t have to like Jo’s Country Junction or Fat Quarter Shop on Facebook.  You don’t have to subscribe to Jo’s Country Junction or to the “Jolly Jabber” (Fat Quarter Shop’s blog)….but you sure can, we both would love to have more company.  I’d love for you to pop over to Moda Bakeshop and let me know what you think about the quilt.

Just leave a comment here…tell us if your prefer online fabric shopping or store front quilt shopping and why.  I’ll pick a winner on Monday.

Oh…one more thing before you go, if you haven’t heard I am hosting a “Crumb Along with Me” quilt along.  We are making a “crumb” quilt….Check out my post from Monday and you can see if you’d like to join…it’s not too late!


Today I am hooking up with Confession of a Fabric Addict…can I get a Whoop-Whoop?

216 thoughts on “It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day!! Giveaway too!!”

  1. This one caught my eye…it has a strippy look! Love that…will leave a comment at Moda Bake Shop and have to send the pattern to a friend of mine! She will flip!
    Okay….as of late most of my fabric shopping is online for the simple reason that I haven’t a quilt shop close. Boy we are truly spoiled with internet shopping!

  2. Both! I like to touch and see the colors in person. Then if I need more I might go look online for better prices. Love the dogs!

  3. I laughed when I saw your quilt on the MBS this morning, I’m in the middle of piecing your Chain of Faith quilt made with Sophie!

    I like shopping both in my LQS and online. The LQS closest to me is much more expensive than shopping online, but sometimes I need to touch the fabric before I buy it.

  4. Like so many above… Both! I too love to “pet” the fabric. But sometimes I can’t find all the pieces of a collection at my local stores and sometimes I need to look for “sales” online. But I do enjoy and appreciate supporting my local quilt shops.

  5. I do both as well. But I LOVE online shopping for the convenience and the selection. My LQS is pretty small so much of what I buy cannot be found there. The single issue I have with online shopping is color matching.

  6. That is a beautiful quilt, the colors are fantastic! I prefer to buy fabric in a store so I can see the color and feel the fabric. If I can’t find what I want in the store I will sometimes shop online.

  7. I have to laugh about your photo session. It reminds me of a Christmas photo shoot we tried. The idea was simple, my nephew was suppose to sit in a box wrapped in Christmas paper. My daughter was suppose to have the box lid in her hands making it look like she was opening the package. Not such a good idea at 1 and 2 years old. My nephew ended up eating the wrapping paper while my daughter was hitting him with the lid. Needless to say, we did have some really cute pictures though. Not they way we planned though!

    I love shopping online (can”t pass up the selection!!!!) but I do love supporting the local shops too. It’s hard shopping with the kids though.

  8. I enjoy both but I prefer to see it in shops to actually see the colors and match to something I am making. I live in a rural area with no close shops so when I do get a chance to visit one, I take adavantage of it!

  9. I prefer to do the shopping at the quilt stores than online – I get such good ideas online, and then like to go pick out the fabric combinations in a store. I love the quality of moda fabric, and love the nice cheery colors of this quilt.

  10. I’m a quilt store shopper, because I’m a fabric fondler. I can’t feel the hand of the fabric online, I don’t trust colors online, and I like to shop local.

  11. I do a lot of online shopping, but when it comes to fabric I do better if I can actually see and feel the fabric in person at a quilt shop. That said I’m probably split 50/50 on where I end up purchasing the fabric.

  12. I don’t have any quilt stores nearby so I do alot of fabric buying online. I actually have filled in order for fabric and then have deleted the order because I order too much online – it’s quite addictive!

  13. The pictures were priceless! Funny how the critters don’t cooperate, isn’t it?
    As for online vs. store front…I go for the best deal and availability. Some things just aren’t available in the store. So for me, it depends. Thanks for hosting and posting!

  14. I love both online and store front, however, sometimes it’s easier for me to find what I want online. I love your quilt. You’ve turned me on to Sophie fabric. Now I’ll have to have some!

  15. If I’ve already seen the fabric in person I don’t mind shopping for it online…..but I like to see it first. And I like the people at quilt shops too they are always the nicest people around!

  16. I really like to have my hands on the fabric, so I don’t shop much online. If I can’t find something particular locally, I will try the internet.

  17. I love to “Pet” the fabric before buying BUT, since I live at least 60 minutes away from any quilt store, I usually end up doing the online thing. I am very careful about the online purchases and usually just purchase Moda fabrics because I am usually afraid of quality. Thanks for the giveaway. Tammy

  18. I love the tutorial you put up on Moda Bakeshop. I’ve purchased fabric online and been happy with it, but I love fondling before I purchase, so most of my fabric is purchased in a brick and mortor shop. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway.

  19. Your post is too cute. I love that you are under the talking quilt, I can just see the pups tilting their heads trying to figure out where you were. Your quilt is beautiful, great pattern.
    I like to buy fabric from a store, because I love to touch it, and unroll it a little to see a bigger portion of it. If I have seen a line in person and know I love it, I dont mind getting it online. I will also buy Moda online because I know they have quality fabric. I also use the internet when I cant find a fabric that I want locally.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. I am so lovin’ Sophie! The colors are fabulous! I do most of my shopping online, but I love hitting up the LQS to get my hands on the fabrics. Our LQS is mostly traditional and young child based fabrics; very little contemporary stuff. Thanks for another great tutorial!

  21. Oh, I love this fabric, not only for the design…but my dachshund’s name is Sophie. When I first saw it, that is what I thought of!! I have never used online shopping until recently. And I have discovered I love it!! It is convenient and usually very quick to get my order. Thanks for a chance to win…I’d love to win some of these adorable fabrics.

  22. I love your quilt. I pinned it to my Christmas presents page. I like to shop at local stores so I can touch fabrics and see how the colors really are, although my local shop doesn’t carry many designers. So if I want Amy or Anna or Kaffe, I have to shop online.

  23. such cute quilt -gorgeous!
    I prefer ordering fabrics online. Sometimes when I am shopping at a quilt shop I just get overwelmed by all the possibilities and can,t make a decision. I like the excitement of getting a package in the mail,too.

  24. I do most of my shopping at brick and mortar stores because I like to touch and compare fabrics before buying them (and use coupons if available). As I’m getting more of a stash, I’m doing more purchasing online to fill in the blanks.

  25. Almost all of my shopping is online, I don’t have a quilt store closer than 2 hours. Fat Quarter Shop is my go to store, their sales are dangerous for me. I have to lock my dogs in the house when I take pictures, as photo assistants they really want to help too much.

  26. I love supporting my local shops owners but I can shop at anytime when I shop on line. So when I can not sleep at 3am I go shopping and then when the packages come I get soo excited I end up staying up all night figuring out what I can make. Then I can’t sleep again. There’s a pattern here I know horrible habit I can buy lots of fabric but never have enough to sew it all together as planned. I love this quilt as well and think I would like to use more of the pink.

  27. Your photo mini-story gave me lots of laughs because I am always trying to get our labs to “look up” at the camera w/0 treats; otherwise, if I have the treat in my hand … whoops!!! Love online shopping due to the variety and speedy posting of new fabrics and kits. I agree w/ Dana; the Fat Quarter Shop is excellent [especially w/ customer service]. :-)

  28. I like shipping at the local quilt shop. I’m a new quilter and I get very overwhelmed online. At the local shop, the very nice ladies help me narrow my focus.

  29. I do both. I like storefront shopping so I can really see the colors and feel the textures and locally I get great coupons for Fabric Depot. (like 40% off) and they always have great sales. But sometimes the online shops have stuff I can’t find, or better sales :) I also love local actual quilt shops for the atmosphere and the really nice people ;)

  30. What a pretty quilt! I found your blog because of it. :-) I prefer shopping in person, but my store is 45 minutes away and I have 4 young kids who aren’t into fabric shopping. Plus online has such a great selection. I have sent quite a bit of money to Fat Quarter Shop!
    :-) Would love a chance at this fabric!

  31. I love this quilt, as usual you did a great job in the bake shop. I have been following your blog for a while and am a big fan of your designs. You are very productive as well and motivate me. I started the crumb along this week and have 6 blocks done. I’m loving it so far! Thank you for hosting the giveaway. I love the Sophie line, I want to make little girl dresses with the big paisley floral print and a houndstooth sash.

  32. I like both, but tend toward visiting quilts shops. I live very close to Lancaster, Pa and sometimes I am in the mood for a pretty drive and a quick run to Lancaster is in order.

  33. Love the Sophie’s Bouquet quilt – Just gorgeous!..
    I like online shopping (especially Fat Quarter Shop) because they have all the fabrics in the line. Also I live quite a distance from local quilt shop and they don’t carry all of the Moda fabrics.
    Plue there’s nothing quite as satisfying when your get a squishy or box in the mail :)
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  34. I live in a very rural area, so shopping online is much more convenient. But I also love to visit quilt shops. I can feel the fabric, I can gather bolts to see how fabrics look together, and often times the quilt shops have samples stitched up. What it all comes down to is that I am hooked on fabric and have so much that I’ll never be able to sew it all up, but I’m always on the lookout for more!

  35. I love online shopping as well as store shopping. It is so hard to choose; however, online shopping can be done after my family is asleep and I can surf the web for hours and hours in the comfort of my own home curled up under a quilt!!

  36. While I like to shop at a real shop, it’s impossible for our small local shop to carry everything I want to buy. Thus, I end up buying quite a bit of fabric online. I can sometimes buy some precuts locally, and then I end up having to hunt online for matching yardage. It’s nice to have both options!

  37. I have never shopped for fabrics online, but who knows, maybe I’ll try it some time! I love to see the colors of the fabrics in real life and to fondle (sp?) all the lovely fat quarters!

  38. I don’t think you have done a Moda Bake shop quilt that I haven’t loved. I have Jewels in the Curio on my list next, but this one will also go on.

    I would prefer to shop in person and actually see and feel the fabrics, but we have one little quilt shop in my city and she tends toward batiks, which I tend away from. So online shopping generally is where it’s at for me.

  39. I love the colors on your quilt.

    As for shopping fabric, I do both. I like to touch my fabric, feel it and see the color when buying and at the same time, like the convenience of buying online for the stuff I cannot find in local shops.

  40. love the quilt, esp the blue fabric. I shop on line and at a LQS, now that we have a LQS for a year, yea. I love to go in a feel the fabrics. When I cant find what I want, I go on line. Not as fun, but it works. I am enjoying the Crumb Along. got lots of scrappy crumbs made. Put some left over 9 patches in some last nite. Thanks for doing this.

  41. I enjoyed your photograph stories! Dogs are just so much fun. I actually like to buy online. Most of the time I get a better deal that way. But when I go into a fabric store…I want to buy it all!!! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  42. I love shopping in a brick and mortar store, you can’t beat the people and the touching of fabric. I guess that is why I work in one as well. I only shop online when I can not find what I need locally. I will have to put this one on my to do list…I already have a ton.

    Love the quilt.

  43. I love looking at fabric online and getting ideas but I mostly shop at Local stores. I also enjoy going to quilt stores in other states while on vacation. I love your post today. It really made me smile! :-) Thanks for being real. K-

  44. I am so amazed at what you manage to produce on a daily basis, and then you go and reply to comments too!! Love this quilt with Pepper in the limelight. Better not show the picture to Gracie! I find it difficult to choose stuff online – there’s no way you can audition a selection of fabrics the way you can in a shop, so I don’t do it.

  45. I don’t have a local quilt shop nearby, so if I want a particular line of fabric, I shop online. Lately I’ve been mainly using my stash for quilt making. Beautiful quilt. I haven’t started on the crumb quilt along yet, but plan to. Thanks for sharing.

  46. I love the Fat Quarter Shop and your blog. What fun taking those pictures! Thanks for showing the new quilt. I have a little Sophie who is 17 months old, my granddaughter. She probably needs this quilt.

  47. Susan S Watauga, TX

    Both have good qualities. Shop at home no matter the weather or time, good prices, and shipping is usually fast. I have two online stores nearby so I just zip by after work no shipping fees BUT sometimes you need to feel the fabric and see it to make a match or a blend …. Most of my shopping though is online.

  48. I get a spasm every time I see the prices in local stores these days, so I’m thrilled about shopping online. Might have a different idea if I lived close enough to a large fabric store. Love your quilt, by the way!

  49. What a fabulous quilt design!!!! Congrats on another Moda Bake Shop project! I try to support my local quilt shops, first. If they don’t have a fabric line that I’m lusting after, I’ll order it online. Have a wonderful weekend!

  50. Great quilt! Love the pink and the way it makes a stripe is neat.

    I love shopping both! At the LQS I know a lot of the girls that work at them and get to “visit” with them when I am there. And there is nothing like “petting” the fabric when you can’t afford to buy anything! The on-line shops are great for looking for certain fabrics if the LQS doesn’t have it or I am looking for a sale.

  51. I definitely prefer to be able to see and feel the fabrics at my local quilt shops, and I’m lucky to have several within a reasonable distance. I also feel good supporting them when I can.
    That new quilt is so cheery!

  52. I love shopping online and in quilt shops, but online is more easily accessible. I spend a lot of time looking at blogs and checking out quilt shops (Fat Quarter Shop is one of my favorites). Love the quilt and adore the fabric line!

  53. I shop both online and in my local quilt shops. I like feeling the fabric but often they don’t have the fabric I want so over the Fat Quarter shop I go and they always have what is new! I love that blue floral fabric!

  54. I shop both online and at my LQS(s). I love the Fat Quarter Shop for their selection and service, but also like to handle the fabric at my LQS. The tactile experience can’t be missed!

  55. I like both for different reasons. I prefer online shopping because it is available 24h/day, 7 days/wk, 365 days/year and I don’t have to get dressed to shop. On the other hand, I love shopping for fabric in a brick and mortar shop. I love to pet the fabric, look at shop samples and meeting other quilty people who understand when they see me feeling the fabric….

  56. Deborah in Atlanta

    I’m still a fairly new quilter, and I’m horrible at choosing fabrics that coordinate and look good together. So I’d say I’m more of a front quilt shopping sorta gal. That way I can actually SEE all the fabrics side-by-side and know they work well together.

  57. I prefer to shop at my local store and actually touch the fabric and see what the true colors are. Love your Moda Bake Shop quilt!

  58. I prefer to shop at the quilt store, it is stress relief to be surrounded by fabric and to be able to see what new ideas they have out, to see the colors in person and feel the quality of the fabric. I do shop online when I can’t find a particular fabric I am looking for that I have seen on one of the quilt blogs. Love your newest moda bake shop quilt and enjoy reading your blog.

  59. Lately I have been purchasing fabric online as I find the prices in Canada becoming almost out of reach. Even with shipping charges I have come out ahead and am completely happy with my online purchases. I just received a few Sophie charm packs and now know how I will be using them!

  60. I do a combo… I love to go to quilt stores and I do purchase fabric from them- got to keep them in business. I love to see the finished quilts and get inspired! But I also get fabric else where, on-line, thrift stores, garage sales. The quilt is beautiful you did a good job on this one as well as all the other ones you made with the Moda line of fabric! Keep showing the new projects you inspire me!

  61. I love Chez Moi! This line is very pretty. I love your quilt!
    I like to shop in the fabric store best, but do like online, if you need something you can’t find.

  62. I shop wherever I find something I like. I might find a good buy on a charm pack on-line and then purchase coordinating fabric locally.

  63. I love fabric shopping of any kind, but I find myself doing more and more of it online.
    Love the new quilt and line and love the fatquarter shop, one of my regulars for sure!

  64. I prefer to shop at a brick and mortar store so I can feel the fabric and see how the colors work together. However I like the ability to see greater choices online.

  65. Pretty Quilt~
    I prefer to shop in a store because I’ve had fabric come that wasn’t what I expected from online, but if I know what the fabric is, I love online too.~
    Thank you for the chance.~

  66. I do most of my shopping on line these days due to my work ing fulltime, I live in a country area which does have good shops in the region so I buy when I can and from local shows. The colours are perfect for our spring and summer, and lovely quilts Jo.

  67. I love shopping in the shops but also browse the web. Your antics with the dogs made me laugh, I could see myself doing the same things. Love the quilt .

  68. Go can’t go wrong with animals in your pics…..even if they don’t cooperate. lol I love the quilt and and the fabric! Thanks for sharing with us. I suppose I must choose the brick and mortar store for shopping since I adore fondling the fabric and laying the bolt sside by side on the cutting table. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  69. I prefer shopping at a store, but we are military and often live in places where I can’t shop at a store. Online shopping has saved me! I would say 80% of my shopping is online right now, but who knows. When we lived in Illinois, I mostly shopped at a store. I am so thankful we have both options.

  70. I love to shop online for the convenience, the variety and the sales. The only drawback is the inability to really see the scale of the design. Some of the more modern designs are especially difficult to guage. Great quilt!

  71. I do both on line and shopping in stores, about 50/50. nice th actually see the fabrics in person, but on line is good for those hard to find fabrics

  72. I like shopping both online and in stores. I especially love finding quilt stores when I travel, seeing what fabrics are favorites for that part of the country.

  73. I love fabric shopping — on line, in stores, thrift stores, quilt shows, auctions, catalogues. Even my vacations revolve around fabric buying.
    Thank you for your great patterns and the giveaway.

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  75. Love the pattern!! and the Sophie line!!! Now I know what to do to warm up winter up here in North Dakota. Internet shopping is the best (especially the Fat quarter Shop).

  76. I am fairly new to quilting and really new to reading quilting blogs. I just found yours this morning and love the pics with the dogs. You must live a fun and happy life. I would rather shop in a fabric store than online because I have to touch everything. I do go to online shops to look and I enjoy that, too. I also like the interaction and conversation with other quilters that you get in a real “live” store.

  77. I enjoy the great prices you can get at online fabric stores but I don’t think anything is as good as seeing a fabric line in person.

  78. I prefer shopping in person for fabric, but sometimes the online prices and choices can’t be beat, especially when trying to find an out of print fabric design. Thanks!

  79. I prefer to look (thats’ shopping isn’t it?!) at fabric stores to get the true look and feel of the fabric and then look for a better price or sales at on-line stores or on e-bay. I even shop for fabric at rummage sales and thrift shops.

  80. I love both types of shopping. You can’t beat the local quilt shop for great advise but then again, they are never open at 2:00 a.m. when I want to shop. LOL!!

  81. I found your blog by searching for examples of baby quilts made with Sophie. I just finished one and was interested in what others have done. I just LOVE that whole line. As to shops, i sure like to support local people, feel the cloth, and see it in natural light etc, but i find more of what i want to buy on line.

  82. My most favorite form of fabric shopping is go to the store and visit to pick out what I need. That being said, I do like to look at fabric online and have had need to order online when I can’t find what I need at the stores I frequent.

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