It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day!! Giveaway too!!


If you are new to the blog, welcome.  We typically put up new blog post twice daily so there is always something new and fresh here.  We host lots of giveaways too.  Click HERE and see what’s new today…

I am so excited to show you the latest Moda Bake Shop quilt, Sophie’s Bouquet, and to tell you about the great giveaway the Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring right here on my blog.  First things first…If you are new here WELCOME.  I so glad you stopped by.  I am a busy gal who loves sharing the antics of my fun, quilty, silly, crafty, and mostly happy life with daily blog posts.  If you stop by, you can bet there something new or different here.  Without further ado….Here’s the newest quilt!


Never fear….Gracie didn’t loose her spot in the family.   I just decided to try to get a photo of a quilt with a different background so to the barn we went and along came our farm dog Pepper.

Our daughter, Kelli, was trying to help me get pictures.  I am under the quilt trying to hold it up but Pepper’s weight is pulling the quilt down.  In the meantime, I have no idea how the picture looks..Trying to get pictures was totally a hoot!

We started out having me sit under the quilt and were going to try to get the dogs to sit by it.  We thought you’d see the design best that way but Pepper didn’t like the idea and neither did Gracie.  I started talking to Kelli while I was under the quilt and that was where this location ended.  Neither dog was willing to sit on a “talking quilt”.


Then Kelli insisted that she was going to take my picture and I am yelling no…my hair is awful from being under the quilt…she snapped it anyway.  Pepper was all excited to learn that she wasn’t crazy and there are no such things as talking quilts that she decided to nuzzle and almost tickle me!


Then we  moved to a new location that looks the same to you but we wanted better lighting.  I decided to hunch over and hold the quilt this time.  The lighting was better…but look.  There’s my hand.  UGH.


Now Gracie is bothered that she isn’t in the photo so she joined.


Neither of the dogs would look at Kelli because just behind Kelli was a baby kitten.


Oh…I’ve heard it said that actors should never work with children..I don’t think quilt photographers should work with pets!!

I finally shoo-ed the dogs away and snapped this photo.  If you’re wondering…this fabric is Chez Moi’s line Sophie for Moda.  I am so in love with the blue floral setting squares.   I love the pink fabric in the blocks too.  When laying this quilt out, make sure that the pink squares make vertical lines across your quilt.


When I first designed the quilt and sent it in for possible submission, I didn’t realize that the floral bouquets in the blue were so large.  When the fabric came I contemplated fussy cutting the fabric so each each square would have a floral bouquet in the middle of it, but then wasn’t sure I’d have enough fabric.  I decided to just cut them and not worry about it.  I think it turned out fine.  If you would want to fussy cut the squares, you’d need to add more yardage.


Chez Moi is my favorite bright colored fabric designer.  Most of the collections are a softer bright rather than the neon bright.  I loved the Charisma line…I made this disappearing nine patch with it and this quilt.  Kelli made this quilt with the line to.  I made another quilt with it too but I don’t have pictures of that quilt.  I have loved the Hunky Dory line too.   I have a couple charm packs of that waiting to be sewn into a Schnibble.  Here’s a quilt from the Swanky line too.  Here’s a quilt from the Boutique line. Are you convinced I love Chez Moi??  Sohpie is my favorite Chez Moi line yet!  I am totally in love with the blue…or should I say turquoise fabric.

I machine quilted it with a free hand loopy flower.  This is one of those quilts that it was really hard to pick a thread color to do the machine quilting.  I opted with a light tan that you might describe as camel.

Originally I thought about adding borders onto the quilt too…I ended up with just the blocks and setting triangles.   If you want it larger, borders could easily be added.

Here’s a little tip that helped me when making the quilt.  I finished one complete block.  I positioned that block next to my sewing machine to use a reference so I didn’t get the half square triangle pieces turned or twisted.


I bet you’re probably reading along wondering…I thought she said something about a giveaway….I did.  I’m just trying to build the anticipation.

Quilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop

Kimberly over at the Fat Quarter Shop offered to sponsor giveaway here.  She has a Sophie Jelly Roll up for grabs.  The Fat Quarter Shop is fully stocked with all the fabric from the line and you can find it here.

Here’s a little heads up…if you are thinking about making this quilt…order the blue setting fabric, pronto.  Earlier this year, my quilt, Chain of Faith, was featured on Moda Bake Shop.  I am still getting email from people wondering if I know where they could find the red border fabric.  I have helped people search on line for it….it can’t be found.   Being this quilt needs 4 3/4 yards of the blue floral it is sure to sell out quickly.

Back to the giveaway….We don’t want to make you jump through a bunch of hoops to be entered.  We both value your time.  You don’t have to like Jo’s Country Junction or Fat Quarter Shop on Facebook.  You don’t have to subscribe to Jo’s Country Junction or to the “Jolly Jabber” (Fat Quarter Shop’s blog)….but you sure can, we both would love to have more company.  I’d love for you to pop over to Moda Bakeshop and let me know what you think about the quilt.

Just leave a comment here…tell us if your prefer online fabric shopping or store front quilt shopping and why.  I’ll pick a winner on Monday.

Oh…one more thing before you go, if you haven’t heard I am hosting a “Crumb Along with Me” quilt along.  We are making a “crumb” quilt….Check out my post from Monday and you can see if you’d like to join…it’s not too late!


Today I am hooking up with Confession of a Fabric Addict…can I get a Whoop-Whoop?

216 thoughts on “It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day!! Giveaway too!!”

  1. I’d be lost without online shopping, not having a local quilt shop and no transport, although I do love looking round a shop when the opportunity arises
    Looks like you had great fun with the photos

  2. I do a mix of both kinds of shopping. I like store front shopping because I love to feel the fabric and be sure of the actual colors. I on-line shop because sometimes I can’t find what I’m looking for in the store front.

  3. Jo – when I saw the first picture, I thought..OH NO WHERE IS GRACIE! :) I love your farm dog too. What a great post with antics of picture taking, and I love your quilt and that blue..yippee!! Thanks for the chance – oh and mostly online, my LQS charges 12+ for a yard of fabric!

  4. I do most of my shopping online for the convenience of it, but I do try to support my LQS — it’s a half-hour drive so I don’t get too often; I tend to stick real close to home.

  5. I shop for fabric where I think I am getting the best deal. I used to buy a lot of fabric at JoAnn Fabric and Craft and utilized the weekly paper 40-50% off coupons. If I am making something very special like a wedding quilt I prefer to get my fabric online. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

    Nice photos. Congrats on having a Moda Bake Shop quilt design. But the best part is that because you showed the “real” photos with your hand, hair and all, it just makes it that much better. I LOVE the real stuff! Thank you for sharing those!

  6. I do my shopping at my LQS and online for quilting supplies. I love to shop online and see all the full range of items and fabrics that is out there to buy that my local shop don’t carry. The quilt is beautiful and your furbabies are having so much fun. Thanks for the chance in the drawing and Fat Quarter Shop.


  7. Fewer shops nearby with 3 closing in the last few years so buy online or make a long trek to a quilt shop. Prefer feeling the fabric to shopping online.
    Love the ‘real’ photos and your beautiful quilt.

  8. I shop both on-line and in quilt shops.
    I live in the UK and my nearest shop is about 30 mins away with no parking nearby. The next two nearest are well over an hour away and it is very dis-spiriting to arrive and find they don’t actually have what one needs.
    So I shop on-line mostly from the US (though this is going to get more expensive as HMRC is lowering the value of goods we can import by post to £15 ($23). More than that we have to pay import duty of 20% and a handling fee of £8 ($12).
    I visit a lot of quilt stores whenever I travel to the US. My husband has become adept at sighting signs advertising quilt shops and museums!

  9. First of all I love your new quilt – its beautiful! I like online shopping as I am addicted to receiving nice parcels in the mail!

  10. Umm, both. I do buy online, but I also love going to quilt shops too. Congratulations on another wonderful Moda Bake Shop project. Helen

  11. I much prefer to handle my fabric before purchasing it and seldom shop online. This quilt it just gorgeous! A great Moda Bake Shop project and it’s evident you put a lot of hard work into it!

  12. Those photos of you trying to get the dogs to sit on the quilt had me chuckling this morning. What fun, though I did worry that you were getting that beautiful quilt all dirty. I love to shop online because I am always looking for a deal and feel like it is more fun if I’m in my jammies at home.

  13. I love the story about taking pictures of the quilt. What a hoot. To answer your question, I really prefer shopping for fabric in person. I love to feel the fabric that I buy. Unfortunately, I do not live close to a quilt shop, so as a substitute, I often order fabric online. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Great quilt, and love the story behind the photos! I’m an online gal–except for groceries, I do almost all my shopping online–I just find it more convenient, especially when the kids were little. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Love your quilt! Most of the time I support my local quilt shop – The Fabric Cupboard! They have a Hugh collection to choose from.

  16. Love the quilt colors – they are SO soothing…….I haven’t shopped online yet. I either use my stash or look for something on sale – really like to touch and feel the fabric first.

  17. I shop both online and in the two chain stores near me that sell fabric and enjoy buying fabric either way. I love it though when the box is delivered from an online purchase-like getting a present.

  18. I’m in graduate school right now pretty much in the middle of no where, so there’s really only one quilt shop that is close enough for me to frequent.

    Budget is a big deal so I do most of my “stash building” fabric purchasing online. When I am looking for specific colors or coordinates, I typically go to the quilt shop.

    Love the colors of this quilt, would also love to see it in Christmas colors!

  19. I do a little of both. Love the feel of fabric and the “shopping” experience in a brick and stone store! but… love the convenience and ease of on line shopping!

  20. There are only two quilt shops within a half-hour drive, and only one carries the type of fabrics I love. If I can’t find what I want at that one, I do shop online…and it happens pretty frequently. Plus, I love getting packages in the mail…especially if I had forgotten I had anything coming!

  21. Absolutely beautiful quilt!
    I used to like going to quilt shops better. But I always seem to fall in love with a fabric line that’s been out for a while and so I find myself using online shops more and more to find just what I need (want?!). And the variety online just keeps getting better and better!

  22. I leaned toward more online shopping as there aren’t alot near me. I do some shopping in quilt shops when I get to them. I too
    love to feel the fabric in my hands. I love this quilt you made. It is one I would like to make. Fatquartershop is a great place to shop too being quick and the fabric arrives packaged so nice. Love your blog and loved the pictures of taking pictures of the quilts with the dogs. Thanks for the chance to win this great fabric.

  23. I shop for all my fabric in quilt shops. We have several around here (we are sooooo lucky) and I get inspired when I go to a shop. That is always good for the owner as well——you know how it is when you are inspired—–out comes the checkbook/credit card and off you go with a whole new project! I read your blog daily so keep up the good work taking pics with the dogs!

  24. I love your latest quilt, just gorgeous!! I prefer both – I like seeing and feeling the fabric up close and personal, but I also love getting parcels in the mail and ripping them open!! :)

  25. I just love your quilt!! It´s wonderful , with wonderful colors – and so are the photos! Makes me happy to look at!
    I love getting packages in the mail – but sometimes I just have to feel the fabric and then I visit my quiltshop.

  26. It seems like many of the quilt shops in my area have closed. I do love seeing fabrics “in person” so I can touch and see them. I also love buying online because I can almost always find what I need by doing a search and can sometimes find better prices.

  27. I buy fabric both ways. I LOVE to feel the fabric, but I order fabric online if I know the manufacturer (Moda for example) because I don’t worry about the quality.

  28. hello, I’m new here, what beautiful quilt you have made.
    how nice tot see that dogs love quilts too, my cat comes always lay with me while I’m quilting. I buy my fabric in stores but also online, specially if it is a serie of one fabric.

  29. Pat C in Washingon

    Hmmm…..I like to shop both ways. I like store-front shopping for the personal attention and being able to dash in with a bit of fabric that I’m trying to find something to go with it. I LOVE on-line shopping for the ease and comfort of shopping in my PJs and viewing zillions of fabric lines and color combinations!

  30. I’m sorry, I was totally distracted by a BABY KITTY! FUZZY!
    Er, um. I prefer store shopping because I like instant gratification. However, the closest quilt shop doesn’t tend to carry fabrics that I love, so I end up doing a lot of online shopping anyway.

  31. I love, love, love, my local quilt shop! I cannot ask my LQS to stock everything I desire, so I do shop online also. Currently my shopping has slowed down considerably because at an “advanced maternal age” I now have 8 month old twins to take shopping. They both LOVE the shop also! LOL

  32. Love the quilt and your ‘models’. I stock up on misc. fat quarters at my local quilt store, and browse their fabrics because it is so nice to see the colors in person. I usually buy online because I can find better prices and a bigger selection.

  33. I mostly order online because I live in a rural part of the UK – I find a much better choice online and so far the service has been brilliant!

  34. GREAT QUILT! I prefer going to shops BUT I live far from any. When I go to a shop, I get what I need (yep need) and check out the fabrics I may need. I do some online fabric shopping only if I have seen the fabric face to face.

  35. Beautiful quilt Jo! I’m always amazed at how much quilting you get done! I’m a mix with my fabric shopping. I think it’s about half and half……half at local quilt shops and half online.

  36. Love the post with your quilt antics and the kitten is the cutest ever. I am lucky enough to have 4 quilt shops in close proximity (within 40 miles) even though I live pretty rural and there are two large chain stores near as well but I don’t do them for quilt fabrics. It is interesting that each quilt shop carries different fabrics and seem to have their own special flair, I like that. So, I have shopped on line as well as at the shops, I am into the touchy-feely thing, but for one king sized quilt, shams, cases, etc., I bought the whole lot at Fat Quarter Shop as no one carried it locally. Love your blog, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of us who are far more challenged artistically.

  37. I enjoy both. A girl can never have too much fabric. Shopping on line seems to sometimes have better prices, but fondling and color matching is much eaier and funner at the stores. I really love your quilts and the fact that you allow your dogs on them. Nice to see I am not the only quilter who does that. Thanks for sharing.

  38. The quilt is wonderful! I mostly shop in my LQS’s because I like to feel the fabric. But I will order online if I’m looking for something specific that isn’t available locally. I stick to known manufacturers, though, when ordering online. For example, Moda, Benartex, etc.

  39. Adorable quilt…and the others from the Chez Moi lines are lovely as well! Fabric shopping, hmmm…where wouldn’t I shop for fabric?? We are a military family and tend to move around quite a bit, so I do have a list of several bookmarked favorites online. But everywhere we go, I am so excited when I find the LQSs…there’s something to be said for the ability to feel the fabric and experience the actual color when trying to find that perfect fit.

  40. What a fun post to read! I better say I like online fabric shopping since my mom runs an online shop :) Although I get to see all the fabrics in person when we go to visit them…

  41. I know you said it wasn’t necessary, but I do have both blogs in my Google Reader and read them nearly everyday. This has been a crazy week and I haven’t touched my crumbs or much other sewing, but I still plan to get some pictures of what I have done.
    I like to shop in person because I can know the colors are true. I’m not dependent on their photos or my monitor settings or any of that. However, I live in a small town with a Wal-mart that still has fabric and a small fabric shop that sells mostly decorator & clothing fabrics with a small section of cottons suitable for quilting. The nearest quilt shop is more than an hour away, so most of my shopping for something specific is done on-line out of necessity rather than preference.

  42. I love both types of shopping. I don’t have a shop that is close so sometimes I shop on line just to get the fabric faster.
    I love walking into a quilt shop and seeing all the demo quilts hanging and getting ideas from them.

    I love your dog and quilt photos. What a fun time you all had.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this jelly roll

    pam roever at yahoo dot com

  43. Really enjoyed the photos and seeing your special family members so I think it was worth all your effort, funny too! I would rather shop at a real store, but in our rural area they are few and far between so window shop online and then go the miles for the real thing. When we are traveling my car automatically turns, doesn’t yours?

  44. Hi there Jo. It seems that we share the same name! All my family calls me Jo. Anyway, this is a hard question for me to answer because I have always believed in supporting the local economy by supporting my local quilt shop, but now they have closed so I am have to order fabric online. Anyway, online shopping can be really great because you have more things available. Thanks for the great pattern, I really love it!

  45. Judy D in upstate NY

    I much prefer to shop at my local quilt shops. I like the idea of supporting local business and I want to see and feel the fabric .I like being able to talk to the folks who run and work in the shops and frequently get some great ideas. I only shop on line if none of the LQS’s have the fabric I need. I don’t think the color is always true on line. If it is off, that often makes a big difference to me.

  46. Your quilt is gorgeous – love the colors. What a fun time you had doing the photo shoot. We only have 1 quilt shop within driving distance so I do most of my shopping online. Thanks for the chance to win some Sophie – one of my favorites.

  47. I buy most of my fabric in person. I love the feel, and the inspiration of a shop. But more and more I am drawn to the internet, which has some really great pictures these days! Love your crumb quilt, and am making blocks like crazy!

  48. I’m an online fabric shopper. My LQS isn’t very good with all the new fabric lines, and my local sewing store is well…more like a craft store. I love the Sophie fabric–and thanks for the tutorial and the giveaway.

  49. Love your quilt…it’s so happy and vibrant! I prefer real life quilt store shopping cause I love to talk about quilting and my favorite on line stores don’t say much when I’m ordering from them! LOL Congrats on having another pattern published!

  50. Thanks for the lovely quilt – I also adore Chez Moi! I like to support my local quilt shop & enjoy the personal interaction/advice – however I also love the on-line quilting community & enjoy online shopping because I can shop anytime & find many fabrics my local shop doesn’t carry. The Fat Quarter Shop is my favorite on-line shop!

  51. Your quilt is beautiful – and the kitten is adorable. I do both – I do love to touch the fabric whenever I can and luckily have 3 quilt shops and 3 fabric-type shops here and believe in trying to support them as much as possible but the selection on line is unbelievable and can’t get here. Thanks the the giveaway and sharing.

  52. I do both. I prefer to order online AFTER I’ve seen the fabric so that I can be sure of color and scale of print. I’ve ordered some fabrics only to get them and say, “is this what was in the picture?”

  53. I like seeing the fabric, feeling the fabric and holding it up to the other fabric I am trying to coordinate it with. It is harder for me to see it online. So I would say I prefer store shopping. Love the blue too!

  54. Your quilt is beautiful. I like to shop for fabric either way. If I shop online, I usually spend waaaaaay too much time doing it!! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

  55. My favorite photo is the one of you emerging from the quilt and laughing. I can just hear you say, “DON’T take that picture!!” Your quilt is very pretty; the turquoise is my favorite part, maybe because our kitchen appliances are aqua, original from the 1960s. I don’t like to shop for fabric online unless I’ve seen the fabric ‘in person’ at a quilt store. Even then, 95% of my fabric purchases are from a quilt shop. That is one gorgeous kitten, too!

  56. For the most part, I prefer to buy in a store since I get a better idea of the exact color, but I do buy some online when it’s a fabric I don’t see locally. I love the quilt you made — it’s just so pretty and sweet!

  57. i love the pink fabric in the blocks, especially the way it forms the diagonal lines….i mostly shop online….i prefer a lighter range of colors than my local fabric shop stocks

  58. Oh how gorgeous are your Furbabies! I’m in love! Can I steal them? ;o) I think I am an online shopping addict. I love doing my shopping online – I mean what more could you ask for (besides a bottomless Credit Card that you never had to pay back lol), browsing the internet aisles in your PJ’s & a cup of coffee (or whatever your preferred beverage is). Altho, having said that, I do love going to actual shops & feeling fabrics. There’s something therapeutic about it I think. But alas, I live in the middle of nowhere & don’t drive & public transport is an absolute nightmare out here. So I do most of my shopping online. So much fun waiting for the postie to deliver a parcel of goodies to add to my stash!
    PS: Love the quilt design & colours!

  59. I shop both in local shops and on line. My local shop is a bit limited and also doesn’t carry pre-cuts. Sometimes a girl just needs a charm pack…or two! Thanks for the giveaway, love the new fabric!

  60. Often, I will go to the LQS and fall in love with some fabrics. I’d often end up wanting the entire line. I will usually purchase 1/2 yard of what they (the LQS) have and then go a hunting online for the rest. So, it’s wonderful! And, I usually end up supporting both the LQS and store(s) online! LOL. :-)

  61. Beautiful quilt (and adorable pups!!!) I love to shop in the store first to feel the fabric, get ideas, etc., but sometimes cannot locate just the right fabric, so I turn on my laptop and start shopping. I have seen some of your other items on Moda Bake Shop and think you are an amazing quilt designer and have a wonderfuly eye for color…keep up the good work!

  62. I love your quilt and the beautiful bright colors in the Sophie fabric! Because of my work schedule, I tend to do most of my main shopping online during lunch breaks. I love to visit my local quilt shops when I’m off work, so I support both stores. :)

  63. Great quilt, Jo! I love both kinds of shopping – brick and mortar because there I can actually see the colors and feel the texture of the fabric, but on line because I can usually get a better price and selection (not living near Hancock’s of Paducah…..) So I’ll go scope out a fabric at my local fabric stores, then see if I can get it cheaper on line – if not, it’s back to the fabric store to pick some up!!

  64. Fun reading about the “behind the quilt” issues while photographing this quilt. It is a fun one. I do more on line fabric shopping.

  65. When you truly love fabric, you like it anyway you can look at it, find it, or acquire both, is my honest answer, too! Your quilt is darling..but the animals in it, under it, on top of it or moving here, there and everywhere stole the show. Maybe that’s why quilts and pets and kids are always a hit..but let’s face it..the steal the show! Sounds like a hoot of a shoot!

  66. I think I became a quilter because I love fabrics–I love to see it in person and feel it. I have ordered online when necessary, but would rather buy from a local quilt shop. Unfortunately, I live 100 miles away from the nearest one!!

  67. I prefer shopping at a brick and mortar store, however, so many times the stores will only order a partial line of fabric. If I want something other than what is available at the store, I must go on-line. I shop more at brick and mortar, using online as my backup plan! Love the quilt!

  68. Fun quilt and story about the photo shoot. I do love my local quilt shop, but I have to say that sometimes it is just easier and quicker to order fabric online (especially when in a line like Moda). When I go to the store, one of the fabrics I want is usually missing, and the wait for cutting can take forever–after I’ve already taken FOREVER to shop.

  69. I prefer to see the fabric in person and as I write this I also prefer the convenience of the online shopping. I have done both and both have turned out well so far. I think I would rather shop online but I am not familiar enough with the lines and quality of the lines that are out there and therefore I like to touch the fabric and figure out quality. You can’t always tell that by the price.

    I don’t have a website as such but I do have a blog called Kukum’s Quilts as I am a brand new quilter.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  70. Gorgeous quilt and what a funny photo session! I saw your quilt over at Moda Bake Shop and thought Hey I know who that is! Anyway, I would love to be entered in the giveaway!

  71. I like both – I actually have to go into a quilt shop every once and a while just to be “with” the fabric!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. I like to do a mixture of both. I love seeing certain fabrics in person & especially to match other fabrics to it however I also love seeing more variety of fabrics patterns online that my local store may not carry. Thanks for the chance :)

  73. I like to store shop, because I can see the actual color and feel the fabric. I do shop on-line, too…but usually if it’s for fabric that I already know what it’s like, or for kits that I absolutley love and have to have.

  74. Pictures are worth how many words?! What a giggle with the dogs. I do some shopping online — particularly, when I can’t find a particular fabric. …but, I also want to support my LQS.
    I visit your blog regularly and thoroughly enjoy it.

  75. I love both kinds of shopping! Internet shopping because of the wide selection and store shopping because of the instant gratification and being able to take the fabric home with me! Thank you for this opportunity!

  76. oooh, love that quilt! i definitely prefer online fabric shopping best. more variety. you can find better deals. sales, etc. all the newest fabrics are always online first IMO. thanks for lettin’ me have this chance! :)

  77. Jo the pictures in the barn, are just hillarious! It sounds like you had a great time. The quilt is beautiful, I can see why you like the blue fabric. The black lab is awsome too!
    I’ve been doing more online fabric shopping lately. I would have to travel a good bit to find the fabric locally.

  78. I prefer real life shops because I like to see the fabric up close and personal. I admit to being a fabrqic fondler! That being said, if there is something specific I need and can’t find in person I will hit th eon line shops. Also, the shipping has to be figured into the cost. I will do which ever is less.

  79. Your quilt is beautiful!! I enjoy both forms of shopping. Online has such a better variety, and sometimes, even with shipping, better prices. But there is nothing like feeling the fabric, and the inspiration that comes from walking through the shop.

  80. Love the quilt, and the dogs! I live in a small town and that means my fabric options are pretty limited, unless I want to drive 80 miles, so I do a lot of my fabric shopping online.

  81. I definitely prefer shopping in a wood/brick store. I need to feel that fabric and see if I can see my hand through it. LOL Lovely quilt, and I loved your photo shoot with Pepper and Gracie.

  82. Glenda in Florida

    Lovely quilt, and cute dogs! I prefer to shop in the LQS–it helps keep them in business, and I like to see and touch the fabric. BUT…their fabric selection is limited, so if I see fabric on-line that I love, I order it. If I see a pattern, ruler, other tool or toy that I want, I let them special order it for me.

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