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Hello…and if you’re new, welcome.   I love Moda Bake Shop days because I always get to meet new people.  Feel free to visit and look around but make sure to keep reading to learn more about the ruler giveaway by Soft Expressions.

I’m Jo:  the wife, mom, quilter, gardener, manager, website owner and blogger here at Jo’s Country Junction.  Here on the blog, I tell about quilting, family and farm news plus I host lots of giveaways (including one today).  It’s a big hat to wear but it’s a hat I love to wear.  In between feeding my farmer husband, feeding chickens, gardening, hosting a trunk show, sewing charity quilts, and like, I managed to get a quilt sewn.  Here it is, Peaks and Valleys…

If you are looking for the free pattern to make the quilt, head over to Moda Bake Shop and if you’re looking for the giveaway, read on.

The quilt all started while I was sitting at a boring meeting one evening and started doodling.  I am a known doodler.  I had just gotten a tri-recs ruler (keep reading I’ll tell you about the giveaway so you can win one soon) and was playing with the notion of triangles in a squares.  After a few minutes of doodling I figured out that I could make a deep zig zag pattern.  After looking at the quilt I decided it might be an organization nightmare for me as I am notorious for turning blocks the wrong way.  There was no way I could manage a quilt that wasn’t made from blocks!  After looking a bit closer, I figure out that the quilt could actually be made from blocks.

That got me excited about wanting to give the quilt a try.  After doing a little math, I figured out that a fat quarter bundle would be perfect for making the quilt.

I hadn’t used a tri-recs ruler before so at first it took a bit of twisting and twirling to figure out what directions to put the ruler before cutting but within a couple minutes, it was not problem.   (yes, the Tri-recs giveaway from Soft Expressions is coming soon..keep reading)

Once the quilt top was finished, my project was at a stand still.  I knew my decision on how to machine quilt this project just might make or break the quilt.  I have my own mid arm machine and do my quilting myself, but stippling is more my style.  I contacted Dawn, The Pajama Quilter, to ask for some advice.  Dawn sent me her DVD and told me to check out the flowers and ribbons section.  I watched it and my confidence grew…yep, I thought I could do it.  I loaded the quilt into the machine.  The first couple sections were just ok…then as I got going, my quilting improved.  Before long, I was liking it.

It’s not perfect but for my first try out on free handing the design, I am happy with it.  I will definitely be trying again.

Since this quilt, I decided to try another one of the quilt designs on the Pajama Quilters DVD, Wonky Feathers.  I loved that too.  I never thought I would be able to free hand any of these designs, but I did it!!  Both of the designs are on her Reloaded DVD.  I had a couple people ask if I used the workbook too…YES I did.  I watched the DVD then took the workbook to me quilting room to remind me of the design.  I am very visual so it helped a lot.

So are you wanting to make the quilt but don’t have the Tri-Recs ruler?  Soft Expressions is the perfect on-line place to shop.  Here is their link to the Tri-Recs ruler.   I bought some goodies from them a couple months ago and found their service to be fast and offered reasonable shipping.

Lucky you…they have offered to give away a ruler to TWO of my blog readers.  Just leave a comment here telling what ruler is your favorite.  After you’ve done that, you can hop over to “Make is Sew Modern” quilt book giveaway here.

Thanks for stopping by!!

114 thoughts on “It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day!! Giveaway too…”

  1. What a great quilt to use FQ’s. I haven’t used a TriRecs ruler but sure would like one. It can be on my gottaget list.

  2. I am going to head over to Moda and check out the pattern! I am visualizing one in red, white and blue! I love whatever ruler I need to finish the project that I am currently working on. thanks for all your tips, hints, and bits of this and that.

  3. i would love the Tri recs ruler, to make this quilt out of my scraps!! I’m adding this to my bucket list.

  4. My favorite ruler is no special shape ruler – just a plain out straight edge that is about 26 inches long. Wouldn’t mind winning one though. Love this quilt – I made one similar but larger pieces and slightly different.

  5. Melanie Winters

    Love your quilt and the quilting is terrific for your first time free hand ! I really enjoyed using my 60 degree ruler to make baby quilts for my niece and nephew.

  6. Lynne in Hawaii

    I’d love the opportunity to win a tri rec ruller. Most of my rullers are basic straight. Anything to make things easier is appreciated. Love your quilt design. Look at how that could really go as a scrappy quilt.

  7. Right now my favorite ruler is my 6″square. How boring is that? I have a couple new rulers that I have yet to put to the test and I desperately want a triangle (isoclese? ruler. Thanks so much for he giveaway.

  8. I am quite new to quilting so all I have so far is the long straight edge ruler… though it has been a life saver in my new love! I would love to try my hand at this lovely design and that tri rec ruler looks like an essential ingredient! I’m visiting from The Bake Shop, thanks for sharing your awesome design!!

  9. The ruler I could not do without would be the 6X12″. I love your quilt. A friend of mine has used the TreRecs but I have not. Would love to win.

  10. It’s a great quilt, Jo, and I love that you tried something different with the quilting. It’s fun! I have so many favorite rulers. The tri-recs is very useful, too.

  11. I love that zigzag pattern, and your quilting looks very good, especially for your first try! My favorite ruler is my little Easy Angle ruler for making half square triangles.

  12. I love the quilt and would love to try it and the rulers. Thanks to you and Tri-Recs for the give aways. My favorite rulers are either the easy angle rulers or the quilt in a day flying geese ruler.

  13. All of my rulers are straight line rulers which is why I would like to win the Tri-Recs. Of my current rulers, the one I use most often is the 8.5 x 12 which is very handy for scrap quilting.


  14. Pauline Kennelly

    My favorite ruler is not quite a ruler but acts like one! The Angler 2 by Pam Bono. With it I can sew perfect flying geese with no pins, markings and no ¼ inch foot! Of course cutting the material correctly with my angle ruler also helped. Weee! My geese are flying out from my machine!

  15. Awesome quilting Jo – and very cool quilt. My mosted used ruler is my 12 x 6.5″ Creative Grids ruler. I also like the easy angle, but seem to have lost mine.

  16. What a great quilt. I follow your blog regularly, such a great read and so many ideas. My favorite ruler is my 8.5 x 24 inch one. Heading over to Moda Bake Shop now.

  17. Favorite ruler? Flying Geese rulers from Qult in a Day (all of the sizes!) Hands down–next favs are the ‘triangle square–up rulers or maybe the fussy cut rulers.

  18. Stefanie Browning

    I love your quilt! Especially the combination of the quilting with the bright colors gives it a very summery and happy feel. So far I don’t have a favorite ruler. Just started quilting and have to try out a lot of rulers and shapes.

  19. Daisy Christopherson

    I just love the E-Z Angle and the Companion Angle rules as I am a big fan of Bonnie’s. The tri-rec rulers would be a nice addition to my other rulers. Thanks for the chance to enter. Daiys

  20. I think I use my 6″ x 24″ ruler the very most, but also the 6″ x 12″ and the 6″ square. What did we ever do before rotary cutting? LOL

  21. It’s a great looking quilt pattern Jo! I hope to try it out…I’m thinking about cutting it scrappy and make it a kit for me to take to retreat in the winter. I am loving the Companion Angle ruler at the moment!

  22. My indispensable ruler is 6″ x 24, since I’m always cutting long strips … but I find a small square one handy sometimes. Actually, I forget that rulers come in other shapes (triangle?!), so sometime, I’ll definitely have to try one …

  23. My favorite ruler is my 8.5 x 24. I always seem to use it at some point in every quilt or wall hanging I make. I love your quilt and have been thinking about how it would look with all my left over scrapes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. I love that quilt! It must’ve taken awhile to complete. A lot of work, but it looks great! I would love to make it. I like the strip tubing triangle. So handy to make blocks fast. I would love to win the tri-recs ruler. Thanks for the chance.

  25. I pretty much use the same rulers over and over. I really love using my 6″x12 and my 12.5 square. I’ve used my 12″ square so much the numbers are mostly gone :-)

  26. I love your latest quilt; the quilting is wonderful. I like my 8.5 square ruler. I would love a Tri-Recs ruler. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  27. Joyce Mitchell

    My Olfa 12-1/2″ square ruler is my favorite, with my 6×24″ Olfa ruler coming in a close second. Love your Peaks and Valleys quilt. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. I just made a zig zag quilt – but not with a ruler like yours just HST. I love the look yours gives and you did a great job freehand quilting! Thanks for a chance to win. My favorite rules are ones that have the 1/8″ markings like my 6 x 4 ruler. It helps with accuracy in cutting.

  29. Georgette Mitchell

    I have quite a few Creative Grids rulers. They are my favorite because of the nonslip feet on the back and the black markings. I have not tried a Tri-Recs ruler yet. Your blocks look like a fun to make using it.

  30. I have so many rulers it’s not even funny! I like my square ones for squaring up blocks and the 6 x 24 is good for cutting yardage. I have two of those! That quilt is beautiful btw. I love zig-zags :)

  31. Love the quilt and the quilting that you did on it. I would like to try out the tri-rec rulers. I have seen several quilts that used them.

  32. I love your zig zag quilt and the quilting is wonderful. I have just started to branch out with rulers. So far the Strip Tube Ruler is the most fun. Would love to win the Tri Rec one.

  33. I had to pin this right away to my to quilt list. I would love the ruler! I’m just finishing up a sampler series where each block finishes to 12″ and my 12.5″ square ruler has been wonderful for trimming them to size!

  34. I’ve used the tri recs ruler for many years — really appreciate its accuracy and the use for many different size blocks. I probably use the EZ angle ruler the most. I like the scrappiness of your quilt and will save the directions for a future project.

  35. Jo, Your quilt is beautiful!! I haven’t tried a tri recs ruler and would love to win it. I guess the ruler I use the most is my 6×24″ ruler. I did learn to use the companion ruler and the easy angle ruler from doing Bonnie’s Orca Bay mystery quilt and enjoyed using them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. I love your quilt I would like to make it in greens.I find the rulers I use a lot are my 6 1/2 and 12 1/2 square rulers to square up my blocks.
    Thanks for a chance to win another ruler.

  37. Gosh…It’s hard to say I have one favorite ruler. I love them all. Recently, I discovered the joys of a 12.5 inch square. I love being able to square up all of my blocks before piecing them together.

  38. Love your quilt! This is one I have to make! My favorite rulers are my 6 x 24 ruler and my June Taylor 6 x 12 Quarter Cut ruler that I just lay on top of the fabric and cut away in the slots. Thanks for the giveaway too.

  39. I love the quilting pattern! I’m pretty new to quilting and haven’t tried my hand at free-motion quilting yet. My 6″ x 24″ ruler is the one I go to most often, but I’d love a chance to try the tri-recs ruler. Thanks for the giveaway. :

  40. Connie Heffner

    Most of time I am just using a straight ruler for cutting fabric. Right now I’m using an 8.5 square on some 9 inch blocks to square everything up. Would love to win that tri recs ruler and use it to make you new quilt pattern. Love It.

  41. Love the quilt and can’t wait to make it!! My favorite is my 5×24 O’Lipfa , the edge on it makes straight lines every time and I never worry about slipping. Was so worried it might break someday, I have a back up stashed away ;)

  42. I havn’t tried very many rulers yet, but I would like to try the Tri-Recs ruler!

    Thanks for the pattern/tutorial! I love patterns that look complicated and hard to piece and then there’s some secret ‘shortcut’ that makes them doable.

  43. What a great, bright, fun quilt! You did an awesome job with the quilting – well and the design of course! LOL
    Would love to try the ruler. I am trying to get to the point where I can cut stuff out and making the quilt come together faster- hope that makes sense. Cool rulers would help with this! =)
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  44. I think you did a great job with the deep zig-zag quilt. Having the blocks in it makes it seem more approachable to me in terms of thing I might could make one. Just need the ruler! Hope I win it! Thanks.

  45. Cool quilt….maybe you could have called it “the doodle quilt”
    I have been wanting to try a TriRecs ruler, but haven’t found anywhere in NZ that sells them?
    I like my 5 1/2″ square ruler.

  46. Ok, so my favorite ruler is the Quick Curve Ruler by Sew Kind Of Wonderful. Have you seen it? It’s awesome, and makes curves a snap! Anyways, I adore your latest bakeshop recipe!

  47. Jo, I love this pattern and your quilting on it. I think if I had a tri recs ruler I would definately put this on my to do list. Have a blessed day.

  48. I love specialty rulers that work well. Since being introduced to the Easy Angle and Companion Angle rulers by Bonnie Hunter, I haven’t looked back. I know that Bonnie uses a Tri-recs ruler too, so I’d certainly love a chance to win this great prize. thanks so much, a good ruler makes all the difference.

  49. Wow, what a beautiful quilt. I would have to say that I use my 6×12 and 6×24 most often but I appreciate my 12″ square for squaring the blocks up at the end. Mine are never quite there. Would love to win the Tri-Recs ruler.

  50. Such a beautiful quilt, it is on my must do list now! I probably use my 6″ x 24″ ruler the most, but I LOVED my pineapple ruler while I was making my pineapple quilt…couldn’t have made it without that special ruler! Thanks for the chance to win.

  51. Hello from Mason City! Right now I am enjoying the Jelly Roll Trapezoid ruler. Thanks for sharing your new pattern and the chance to win a great tool!

  52. Stephanie Cauley

    I love scrappy quilts and this one is great! I have not yet used a triangle ruler, still getting comfortable with the square ones, but this pattern is the excuse I needed to get one and use it. Heading over to Moda to download the pattern!

  53. I love your quilt. I don’t really have a favorite fun ruler. I mostly use my 6 by 24. Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. I saw your lovely quilt over at the Moda Bake Shop and I love it! I would love to win the tri-rec ruler so I can take a stab at making the quilt. I don’t really have a favorite ruler, but I do use my 8″ square one a lot, so I guess maybe that one is it!

  55. Is this ever a neat quilt – love it!! My most favorite ruler is my 6 1/2″ x 24″ ruler – I would be lost without it!! Thanks for the chance!

  56. My favorite ruler is my 8″ x 24″. In addition to cutting with it, I use it to fold the fabric for storage. I wrap it around the ruler, slide the ruler out, and fold the fabric in half. I have neat stacks on my shelves. I would love to try the Tri-Recs ruler. I have just the fat quarter stack for this quilt.

    I also bought the DVD and Workbook from Dawn. I looked through the workbook, but have yet to watch the DVD. I also bought a dry erase board to practice.

  57. I love their Fat Cats ruler and would love to love the tri-recs ruler. Could not find it on their site so I hope I win it here!
    Your quilt is lovely and your tut/recipe has convinced me to give this pattern a try. Thank you!

  58. Love the quilt yu made. Would love a chance at the tri-recs ruler. I guess the ruler I use the most is my 6 x 18″ Omnigrid.

  59. Laurel from NW Iowa

    I still like my original O’Lipfa ruler. I love that it has a lip at the top to keep me honest while I’m cutting. Beautiful Peaks & Valleys quilt, btw!

  60. maureen prendergast

    I’ve never tried anything but my 5″x24″ and my 4″ square rulers. I know, I know….. This would be the nudge I am needing to branch out and try something different. If I win the tri-recs ruler, I PROMISE to use them!!

  61. I like the Omnigrip rulers. Nonslip and bright green…what’s not to like? The TriRecs are on my wish list because Bonnie Hunter seems to use them in many, if not most, of her newest designs and I just love Quiltville. As a matter of fact, Quiltville led me to Jo’s Country Junction!

  62. Your quilt is adorable, Jo. And I love the quilting on it, also. Nice job! I’m going to put this one on my to do list. Thanks for the ruler offer. One can always use more rulers. Have a great, quilty day!

  63. I love the new quilt design. I guess my favorite ruler is my 6×12. Definitely love to use it when cutting shorter items that the 6×24 is too long for. Thanks for the giveaway.

  64. My favorite rulers are Creative Grids, especially the 6 x 12. Would love to try the TriRecs – first time I’ve heard of them. Love your quilt!

  65. THANKS for sharing your quilting process and progress! I’m one who rarely ventures away from my pantographs; definitely a comfort zone there! I am very impressed with your FMQ! I also have a Pajama quilter CD; you’ve inspired me to try branching out.

    No need to include me in the giveaway; I have a set :) Additionally, I have a Companion; EZ Angle; a 8.5″ square, 12.5″ square, 3.5″ square, 6.5″ square (DO I REALLY need all those squares??!?!?). I use my 6.5″x24″ ruler daily to cut just about everything!, but the EZ Angle and Companion rulers are tied for my favorite!

  66. My favorite ruler is 6.5 x 24 inches and has nonskid grips on the fabric side. We’ve used it so much that the name is worn off as it is the first rotary cutter ruler that my mother ever bought back when they first came to market. That said, the TriRecs ruler would be wonderful for the quilt in your post. It’s gorgeous! Thanks for the chance.

  67. Love your quilt. I made a zigzag quilt using just the same color in each row and love it….but would like to try your style using my scraps! Great idea. Love the flying geese rulers by Quilt in a Day …my latest new buy!

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