It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day and TWO Giveaways


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I’m so excited to let you know that I have a quilt featured on Moda Bake Shop today.  Here it is….


The design is just a traditional pattern set in a barn raising design but it’s made with some really great fabric, Moda’s Morris and Company designed by Barbara Brackman.  When I initially saw the fabric I wasn’t sure if I liked it.  Many of the colors blend so closely.

Then I decided to give it a try.  Oh, I really love it.  The blending is beautiful.  Stop back on the 30th when I am revealing the February Quilt Square Quilt Along block that I made with the leftover fabric.  It’s gorgeous!

This time I tried a new to me quilt batting.  Ramona, over at My Fabric Nook, asked me if I would like to give it a try.  It’s Quilter’s Dream Cotton Select.  It’s super thin yet cozy.  It worked great in my quilt machine…I only have good things to say about it.


I’ve been over to Country Threads and have loved the feel of their quilts.  They have said that they use the same batting in many of their quilts.  Ramona has generously offered to give one of my readers a KING sized batting of their choice so you can try it too.  Head on over there to her site…she’s offering a 5% discount on all products along with a $2 discount code coupon (Quilt2012).  Ramona ships flat rate shipping so she’s willing to stuff your box full of batting so you can get the most bang for your shipping buck.  Shipping rates will be adjusted to meet your order.

Ramona at My Fabric Nook is also offering to send everyone who signs up for a newsletter a free sample card like this if you sign up for her newsletter.


The card is great…Ramona sent one to me.  I like to feel things before I purchase them, so this is great.  Recommendations for use of the batting is included on each card.  Hop on over, sign up for the newsletter, and Ramona will drop one of these in the mail to you.


When I making a quilt for Moda Bake Shop, I send a fabric request to them and they send me the fabric.  Well this time around, I did a little miscalculation on the amount of fabric I would need.  I was short binding fabric…UGH!

Well the gals at Cabbage Rose Quilting came to rescue.

I discovered that I was short of fabric on December 26th.  My usual online fabric stores didn’t have the Morris and Company line so went on line hoping to find someone who did.  I found Cabbage Rose Quilting.  I’m always leery ordering from new to me places plus you know it’s totally hectic at that time of year to get anything shipped in a timely manner….NOT so with the gals at Cabbage Rose Quilting.  I received my package from them very timely and was very impressed.  I will definitely shop there again.  I dropped Karen a note to thank her and she offered to supply one of my readers a head start of goodies to make this quilt.  She is giving away a Jelly Roll of Morris and Company along with a $30 gift certificate!!  Isn’t that awesome?

They say to shop local all the time…and I do when I can but sometimes, you can find down home friendly service and good prices on the internet too.  I’ve been working with Karen and Ramona and can say….”down home and friendly” describes them both well.

If you’re looking for the pattern to make the quilt remember to head on over to Moda Bake Shop….

If you’re wondering how you can win either the King Sized Quilters Dream Cotton Batting from My Fabric Nook or the Morris and Company Jelly Roll and $30 gift certificate Cabbage Rose Quilting, keep reading.  Stop over at both sites, My Fabric Nook and Cabbage Rose Quilting,  look around.  Come back here and leave a comment telling us what type of batting you would like if you won…and what you’d purchase with the gift certificate if you won that.  While you’re there, tell the ladies thanks for the great giveaways.

I’ll pick a winner on February 1st.  The first name I draw will get the prize of their choice.  The second name drawn will receive the remaining prize.

Don’t forget to hop over to Moda Bake Shop and tell me what you think of the quilt….I love your feedback!!  Today I am hooking up with Crazy Mom Quilts, and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

129 thoughts on “It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day and TWO Giveaways”

  1. So much to look and see on their websites! I’d like to try the Quilters Dream Cotton batting. The fact that it’s nice and light sounds good, especially if making a bed-sized quilt.

    When it comes to fabric, Lush is what’s really catching my eye. Yummy stuff, that. :)

    Thank you for the giveaways!

  2. Oooh, this is a fun giveaway! One that involves dreaming! :-) I love Quilter’s Dream, they sell it at my LQS (Mulqueens). I love the Cotton, but I’d like to try the Dream Blend. And for the fabric, I’d love to get my hands on some Urban Cowgirl yardage! Especially the lace prints and the cowboy shirt prints. They are so nice together, but I know they would be versitile enough to fit several projects I might like to try. Then there’s Bug-A-Boo, which is perfect for kid stuff, and I have four of them (kids) who love it when I make them things. So, yeah, I had a blast browsing their store earlier, pinning like mad on Pinterest all of the things that I would get if I could afford to buy things right now. :-) So I was well prepared for that question! This is a great giveaway, and I hope I have a shot at it! BTW – Sorry to hear about Gracie’s anxiety. I used to work as a vet tech up until recently, and the primary vet at our practice was a behaviorist for critters. She often had prescribed anti-anxiety meds (fluoxitine aka prozac) to over anxious dogs with seperation issues, and it worked miricles. Food for thought! Lots of luck to you! I know how difficult pet troubles can be! (Ok, I’m done, sorry for the novel!)

  3. What a lovely pattern you present us in the Moda Bake Shop! Thank you for the give-away, it really is a dream! I hopped over to the fabric Nook. I would choose the quilters dream wool batting; since I’ve always wondered about the feel of a wool batting.
    As for shopping with Cabage Rose Quilting, I saw a lovely BOM on sale: Amerlia’s Rose Garden by Verna Mosquera. I’d definitely go for that one! I’ll keep my fingers crossed till february 1st…

  4. Great post Jo :) Love Gracie on the quilt! Okay Cabbage Rose has so much I want, but I would have to go with Heirloom – some day I will have my hands on some of that, and she has the perfect colors I want!!! Thanks so much :)

  5. I have ordered from the Cabbage Rose before! Woo hoo!
    If I had my choice of batting it would be the Dream Cotton! I love the way it crinkles up just right when you pull the quilt out of the dryer the first time!
    I think with the gift card I would buy the yardage to match the jelly roll! LOL. I sure do like the Chedder & Blue! Its great and I have not done a large barn raising pattern before! It would look wonderful on my bed!

  6. Thanks for introducing me to My Fabric Nook. I would probably choose the 70/30 Dream batting. I’ve ordered from Cabbage Rose before. I would probably order a jelly roll with the gift certificate.

  7. Wow, two new websites where I can buy fabric and batting at a great prices!! Thanks, Jo! There are no quilt shops within MILES of where I live (and I work full time for the government so I can’t travel so much), so I can only see, and FEEL, fabric when I buy some charm packs. THEN, I decide what else I need and go looking. I have been in LOVE with the William Morris fabric line since forever, but what creates lust in my quilting heart is anything from Cabbages & Roses (like Athill Range). So soft, sweet and romantic.

  8. I must admit that I have never thought a lot about batting. I’ve always thought that just as long as it makes a comfy quilt, I’ll be happy. Seeing so many types has changed my mind. Right now, I’d go with the thin because, after all, this is FL – we like to be wrapped in our quilts but not too hot! ;-) With the gift certificate, well, that’s a hard choice! So much. I think I’d look into building up my stash with some pretty flowers – I have very little of those. I really love the Wildflowers!

  9. Thanks for the intro to My Fabric Nook. I would like to have some of the Dream Cotton batting. Looks yummy! With the gift certificate, I would probably purchase a jelly roll to make your pattern with. Love your quilt.

  10. The possibilities are so exciting ! When time allows I am going to check out both sites with a cup of coffee and do some shopping. I think the Quilters Dream Cotton batting ! Over at Cabbage Rose the Urban Cowgirl, by Urban Chicks would be my choice. Thanks for introducing new sites

  11. I am always wondered what it would be like to use the Quilters Dream Wool, whichis what Kaye England recommends. Fabric from Cabbage Rose, hummm – love what you did with Morris, so may have to buy additional but LOVE the Hot For Chocolate II. Loving your pattern!

  12. The wait is over, it’s Wednesday! Thanks for getting me out of bed today. The first thing I did was check out your project. I love it! The cheddar really adds a lot. I have not tried the Quilters Dream batting yet. Thanks for your thoughts on it.

  13. Hi Jo…What a wonderful give-away. I am a cotton batting girl. I just worked with a cotton/poly blend and really am unhappy with the heft of the quilt.
    Cabbage Rose was a real treat…loved how when you move the cursor she has a trail of roses! Wonderful! Really liked Nancy Gere’s Generals’ Wives.
    Have a wonderful day.

  14. KING size batting? What a generous offer! I’d like to try the cotton, or maybe the Dream Angel. From Cabbage Rose, A Walk in the Woods anything – can’t wait for that line to be released!

  15. I’d chose the Twirl quilt kit, from Cabbage Rose Quilting if I were lucky enough to win. Quilters Dream Angel Select, From The Fabric Nook, would be my choice if I won. Thanks for the fun giveaway! Give Gracie a hug, from me. P.S. I had the same problem with my Beagle and we had her from 1 mth. We also tried everything. The only thing that helped, was when I found a stay mutt that we kept. They were fast friends and kept each other company, while we worked. Sorry I don’t have a better solution. ;-> Toni Anne

  16. What an awesome giveaway, Cabbage Rose is kind of local for me (I have to drive 30 – 45 min. to get to any of them, so Cabbage Rose is about 45 minutes from me, I’ve been there before and would an excuse to go again. I would get the Sew Serendipity skirt formula book and some material, the batting I would choose is the cotton!

  17. I’d chose the Quilters Dream Cotton Batting, I love cotton batting the most. From Cabbage Rose Quilting I would get some “A walk in the woods” pre-cuts. Your quilt on modabakeshop is just wonderful. I have not yet attempted a quilt that large, but you have inspired me.

  18. WOW! Love your quilt! And what great sponsors you have. I have started looking at wool batting for two reasons – naturally warm fibers and it is lightweight when I’m quilting on my dsm. I didn’t know that Quilters Dream made wool as none of the shops in my area carry it.

  19. Quilters Dream is good stuff–I would love to have a chance to try out their wool. I only used wool once, but was really impressed with the lightness and warmth.

    Cabbage Rose has such a large selection of fabrics–maybe the Stars All Around Hope kit? I know someone who would just love it.

  20. I’ve been looking for new batting. I learned to quilt from watching my mom, who always used polyester batting (back when I learned from her, the only choices were cotton that you had to stitch DENSELY or polyester). So I have always used polyester batting. I’d love to switch to something more natural … I hand quilt and my quilting is usually about 2-2.5″ apart, so I need some kind of cotton that doesn’t require excessively dense quilting, so being able to check out the batting with samples (and instructions/recommendations for use) is awesome! As soon as I’m done here, I’m going to go sign up for a sample card. ;-)

    On that note, I am anxious to try out the Quilters Dream Cotton, ;-) And I think I’d like the 1862 Battle Hymn Fat Eighths bundle.

  21. Love the quilt. I would pick the Dream Cotton batting – have always wanted to try it. The fabric I would buy would be more of the Morris and Company fabric, to go with the jelly roll. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  22. You amaze me with all these huge quilts you whip up! Congrats on another one at Moda Bake Shop! I’d never known about Cabbage Rose until your post today so I’ve marked that in my favorites and have to tell you was pleased to see variety and civil war…Battle Hum wanted here! Hee!! Getting that jelly roll is a bonus too!! I’ve signed up for the newsletter at both sites…and would love a chance for some Quilter’s Dream….I see that have stuffing too! I marked that site as well!
    Oh…and while at your site I saw on the side that Kelly has a birthday today….woot, woot! Celebration time…looking forward to seeing what you bake!!

  23. Thanks for the giveaways! I’d pick the thinnest cotton batting for the first giveaway. For the second it would be fabric, but I’m not sure which off the top of my head. Have a great day!

  24. So many pieces in that quilt…Your first grade teacher surely should feel her foot in her mouth, productive you are!

    For the batting, I would pick what you used…that is what I have started to use more frequently and for sure on all impt/bucket list quilts.

    If I won the GC from Cabbage Rose I would order the Yoko Saito prints… I love the peaceful look of the Japanese Taupes but have never sewn with any before.

    Thanks for the chances!

  25. I like quilters dream, it’s quite nice to use.

    I’ve checked out Cabbage Rose, too. Lovely stuff there, as always! I’d probably stock up on some more pre-cuts.

  26. I would choose Quilter’s Dream 100 percent cotton batting in natural from My Fabric Nook. I would use the gift certificate from Cabbage Roses to buy a Late Bloomers jelly roll for the class I am taking next month.

  27. cynthia meredith

    Great quilt–and how I love that fabric line. What great websites–I’d love to try the Quilter’s Dream cotton and see how it works for hand quilting. At Cabbage Roses I’d get a Blueberry Crumb Cake assortment.

  28. I’d like to try Dream Cotton. I’d choose Kona White Cotton fabric or some Berenstain Bears fabric, or some charm packs. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Well…The Quilter’s Dream would be wonderful in any quilt for my family and friends. And I have been drooling over the Morris fabric line for some time now. My husband and I are wanting to build a Prairie School design home (only about a half hour away from you in N. Iowa!) and so I am thinking that fabric line is a perfect match for our bedroom and in the dining area. I love to read about your trips to Country Threads…maybe we will see each other one day. Thanks for sharing –

  30. Great quilt…I love blended quilts but haven’t made one myself yet. I’ve always wanted to try a wool batt….I hear it drapes beautifully, and I love/need the warmth of wool.
    As for the Cabbage Rose site, I think I might try to get alot of bang for my buck by looking for the 1/2 yd bundle of Isabella…YUM!

  31. I was quite smitten with the Hot for Chocolate line!! I’ve never tried Quilter’s Dream cotton but would love the opportunity. I think it would be perfect for us hand-quilters.

  32. I’m excited for YOU that you had your quilt presented at the Moda Bake Shop! I really like the quilt…it looks very cozy and welcoming. =)

    I went to the websites straightaway…
    –At the Fabric Nook, I would luv to have some of the Quilter’s Dream cotton batting…it would be fun to try with hand quilting as well as on the machine
    –At the Cabbage Rose…I think there are LOTS of things that would be fun to order. But, I kind of have my eye on the Good Fortune line. I might use the GC and add more $$ to get a fat quarter bundle =)

    thanks for this GREAT giveaway, JO =D


  33. What a great-looking quilt! I especially appreciate that construction tip of making the four quadrants first to do the barn-raising pattern. I would like a heavy all cotton batting that is fairly stiff and then wears into being soft. That is what I experience with Warm & Natural. As for the fabric, I would definitely choose some of that cheddar yardage.

  34. I would definitely like to try the Dream cotton batting…looks wonderful!! And for the gift certificate I would spend it on a Blueberry Crumb Cake Layer Cake…sounds yummy…and I am on a diet!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. I love give aways! Over at My Fabric Nook, I think the Quilter’s Dream Blend for Machines, since I’m a longarm quilter. From The Cabbage Rose, I fell in love with several of the Coming Soon fabrics. It would be tough to select just one.

  36. I absolutely *LOVE* your Bake Shop pattern! I’d probably choose the same batting you used, but really…Quilter’s Dream…would any of them be wrong? LOL And from the Cabbage Rose, I’d plunk the change down on Kate Spain’s Good Fortune. Thanks for the chance to win…and thanks for the really great pattern!

  37. I think I would love to try the Quilter’s Dream Poly or the Angel Select batts.
    1862 Battle Hymn Jelly Roll would be my gift cert selection.

  38. Wow, I would love to try the wool batting. I have never tried that one, but I use lots of Quilters Dream batts. They are by far my favorite..And for the gift certificate, it isn’t so much what I would buy is how would I stop picking!!! I would never have trouble picking out something wonderful! But I would have trouble stopping.It might would have to be the 1862 Battle Hymn Jelly Roll! Thanks for the giveaways, they are wonderful, and I go to the Cabbage Rose site all the time, and I am sure I have ordered from them. I love on Line!

  39. I haven’t tried Quilter’s Dream, maybe some day…. As for the Cabbage Rose site, it would be really hard to pick. I would have to get an idea in mind first of what I would make. Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. I’m in Fort Worth and I stop by Cabbage Rose whenever I can. They are helpful and their fabric is wonderful. I would use the gift certificate to buy more fabric – cowboy/girl prints – or maybe some of the “French” stuff – or maybe some pastels… o.k., I’m not sure what I would buy – but I would love it and use it. The batting I probably would go with is the Dream Cotton. Thanks for a change to win. Love the picture of your dog relaxing on your quilt.

  41. Oh, I’d love to try the Quilter’s Dream Green batting. I try to be eco friendly as much as possible.
    So many fabrics to choose from. I’ve actually been to the store in Fort Worth. Very nice ladies and such a selection. You can spend hours in there. I think if I won the gift card, I’d have to pick out a couple of charm packs so I could get pieces of all different patterns and colors.

  42. Congratulations on your quilt at the MBS!
    I’d try the wool batting as I’ve never used it before and I like ‘A stitch in color’ fabric!

  43. Wow what great giveaways. If I were to win Iwould choose the Dream Blend Batting for Machines. I have never seen this before and would love to give it a try. I guess I would be kinda dull in my choice if I won the gift certificate and just purchase more neutral (Moda Marbles) yardage to go with some fabrics I already have. Very nice quilt for MBS. Will you be keeping this one for yourself?

  44. I would try that dream cotton – it looks great! And if I won the $30 I think I would try Choo Choo Yoo – have a boy obsessed with trains right now!

  45. Great giveaways to celebrate your Bake Shop quilt – congrats!
    I would probably get some of the new Twirl line, and for sure I would get the Dream Cotton…I like ‘request’ the best… favorite hand quilting batting.

  46. Such giving friends you have! I have always wanted to try a wool batting, but just never have, so this would be my chance! Since Cabbage Rose is not too far away from me, I think I would go and browse and look at all they have – it is just too hard to make a choice. They have so much!
    Thanks for the fun!

  47. Beautiful quilt! If I won I would pick a layer cake of Domestic bliss or maybe some Urban Cowgirl there are so many to choose from :) for the batting I would like to try the Quilter’s dream cotton. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  48. Love your blog…oh – what a fun chance to win or at least drool and dream….. The Quilters Dream cotton looks really lovely – I would love to try some out – and loving the general’s wives collection they have…of course all of hte others – and blueberry crumb……….thanks for a chance to try and win!

  49. I love this quilt… I will be making it!
    I think the Quilters Dream Cotton would be the one for me.
    I really like Good Fortune by Kate Spain so bright and pretty!

  50. If i won the gift card, I would get some of the fabrics on sale to make it go further. I’m just getting started, and could use it!

  51. A great tutorial for a lovely quilt – I will start this one probably next week! Thanks for the give-aways, you are too kind. As for the type of batting, I would love to get the Quilters Dream Cotton Batting – Select Loft; and what would I get on the gift card? Why, I’m so crazy for 30s Playtime by Chloe – I just love it! Thanks again, for the tutorial, and the great give-aways! As for naughty puppy, I have read that if you don’t make a big deal of going or coming back, that also helps – good luck, she’s such a sweet dog!

  52. I love your quilt. If I won the gift certificate I’d be torn between a Fig Tree precut or a Blueberry Crumb Cake precut. As for the batting, the Dream cotton batting. Thanks for this chance to win.

  53. From Cabbage Rose — I love the black and white houndstooth fabric. Batting — Already a dedicated Quilters Dream batting user. I prefer the cotton. Thanks!

  54. Wow, you always have such great give aways! I’d love the 1862 Battle Hymn fabrics from Cabbage Rose and I have that handy packet of the different batting (they gave us bunches to give out at our quilt show in April) and plan to use the wool one for next year’s graduation quilt for my niece. It will be my first time using that type of batting.

  55. Wow…what a drawing! Love your Bakeshop “recipe” too; I’ve never made that pattern…will have to give it a try!

    I would love to try the Dream Cotton batting…it looks so soft. And now you’re going to make me pick ONE thing from Cabbage Rose? Oh my…I’ll have to do what I do when I find many yummy things at a restaurant–just pick the first thing that makes my mouth water–so that would be the Fairy Tale Friends jelly roll!

    Love your blog…and your dog is SO cute…

  56. The Quilter’s Dream does sound like a dream, and it is more affordable than what I’ve been buying lately! Guess I need to shop around more. I would get some Good Fortune from Cabbage Rose (They’ve been featured in a magazine, Quilt Almanac, I believe. Makes me want to go to Texas!).


  58. thanx! spent some enjoyable time browsing both sites and decided i would like to try Dream Angel Select low loft and picked a charm pack and some yardage of Ooh La La by Pillow & Maxfield to spent my 30 dollar certificate should i win it.

  59. Thanks for another wonderful Bakeshop pattern! My choice of batting would be the Quilters Dream Wool batting. I was pleased to see the Cabbage Rose has the Moda line Blueberry Crumb Cake. I could use additional fabric for the log cabin quilt that I am planning. Have a wonderful evening! Thanks for two wonderful giveaways!

  60. Your quilt is lovely, the Moda fabrics are so lovely to work with! I am an all natural girl so I would choose either the Dream Cotton or maybe the wood batting…and thank you for introducing me to Cabbage Rose, they have some precuts that I have been looking for – Northern Cardinal is one I missed and is now hard to find!

  61. Thank you ladies of Fabric Nook and Cabbage Rose Quilting for your generosity! From Fabric Nook I would love to try Quilters Dream Cotton Batting and from Cabbage Rose Quilting some yardage of the Lush line by Patty Young which just emanates spring! Here in Ontario, Canada the winter has been uncharacteristicallly tame and I love it!

  62. what great sites you shared today. I would be interested in winning the Quilters Dream Request Natural. I hand quilt and it said on the site it is for hand quiling. ‘My Fabric Nook’ has a wonderful place to read about all the battings…that is very helpful.
    The Cabbage Rose Quilting has some of the most beautiful fabrics. I especially liked Old Glory Fabrics….but there was so much to look at and I am looking for different reds for a challenge project we are having at our quilt guild. Also really like your Moda quilt and that line of fabric…looks like a lot of greens in that line and that is my favorite but you can’t go wrong with Barbara Brackman’s fabrics. I am ready for the next ‘quilt along’….can’t wait!

  63. Sandy A in St. Louis

    Beautiful quilt! Love how everything blends so well.

    I would pick the quilter’s dream request in natural since I do hand quilting. I have used some of the quilter’s dream products before and love how they feel, too!

    I have been to the Cabbage Rose site before but haven’t ordered from them. Glad to hear they are so helpful and the service is great. Will keep that in mind when I am looking for something. I would use the gift certificate for some Bella solids, maybe charm packs. Too hard to pick, there are so many great things!

    Thanks for the chance tow in!
    Sandy A

  64. What a great giveaway from a new to me site. I liked the look of the Quilters Dream Cotton Select as you could use it for either machine or hand quilting. Thanks for the chance to win.

  65. Great quilt using the Morris fabrics! I would love to try the Dream Cotton Natural and anything to do with reproduction fabrics is right up my alley! Thanks for the great giveaways!


  66. I like your quilt with the Morris Fabric, not one I would have thought about getting from just looking but your quilt is making me look twice. I would pick a layer cake from Cabbage Rose Quilting, maybe Good Fortune or Oh La La…not sure. Thanks for the chance to dream about it.

  67. Elizabeth McDonald

    I would love to try the Dream Cotton Natural batting, and as for Cabbage Rose, I would love to get some of their Kaffe Fassett fabrics — such a wonderful selection!

  68. I would like to try the Quilters Dream Wool batting, as I have never used wool batting yet. From Cabbage Rose, I would love to have a Good Fortune jelly roll…or some Wrenly fabric, or the Morris fabric. Lots of cool stuff at this site! Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. I have used mostly 80/20 batting but would love to try Dream 70/30. Love Cabbage Rose Quilts and would probably go for some Blueberry Crumb Cake. Thanks for hosting this great give-away. Love your Cheddar and Blue and all the rest of your designs you have shared with us.

  70. My first choice would be the gift certificate to use for 3 charm packs of the Morris and co fabric….or maybe Island Batiks Waterfall….arggggh!! But i also love the Natural Request Thinnest Batting. Arrrrgh, so hard to dream and choose!!

  71. I would like the Quilter’s Dream Cotton Request. I have used it in the past and love it.

    I had a package in the mail today from Cabbage Rose Quilting. It is a great shop. I would probably buy yardage to go with the jelly roll.

    Love, love, love your quilt in the Moda Bake Shop.

  72. Love your new Bake Shop quilt. If I won the batting, I think I’d like to try the wool, have never used that before.
    I would probably buy fabric to go with the jelly roll if I won the gift cert. Thanks for the great giveaway. Love you blog.

  73. Samantha Rudzinski

    I would choose the Select Quilters Dream Cotton Batting. I much prefer working with cotton and I hand quilt, so I would like it to have a little puff, but still be easy to work with.
    I think I would choose the Fairytale Friends jelly roll to buy with my gift certificate, though it was a tough decision with such a wonderful selection of fabrics.

  74. Your pattern is just my style. I’d like to try the Quilter’s Dream Cotton Request. As for Cabbage Rose, they are great. I live about two hours away but love going to their shop as much as possible. I’d love some of that Morris and Company fabrics. Thanks for the give away.

  75. Jo, your blog is my favorite to check every day. Enjoy your tutorials too. Checked out both websites. I’m already a big fan of Dream Cotton batting. Select is my favorite. I expecially like repro quilts and Select gives the “look” want. Cabbage Rose site was great too. Wish their shop was in my area. No quilt shop close by here. Anything from their shop would be great.
    Hope 2012 will be a great year for you and yours.
    Sew on Sister!
    from Barb in Alabama

  76. I’m loving the Cabbage Rose site! Had to add it to my favorites list because I found just what I have been looking for! Blueberry Crumb is just the colors I need! I would also love to try the batting from Fabric Nook!

  77. I’d probably pick a layer cake of Prairie Paisley II – I’m working on a block of the month with 6″ blocks and most fabrics have such large prints in them that they could look weird. As for batting, I’d love to try some bamboo – or really anything, since all I’ve used for years is Warm and Natural.

  78. I would probably choose the Dream Cotton batting and I would buy some Lush if I won that gift cert! Great giveaway and congrats for the Moda Bake shop quilt.

  79. I would love to have the Quilters Midnight Black Dream Poly in white select loft from My Fabric Nook. It looks like a great product. I would probably get some fabric from Moda’s Beautiful Blessings line with the gift cert. if I won. Both sites are great and will be added to my bookmarks, thank you for sharing these sites. I really like the Moda Bake Shop Quilt too, seeing your quilts gives me inspiration to start my next project.

  80. Hi. I love your new quilt, and doing the quadrant is a good idea too. It makes it easier to get large quilts together. I would love to try the Dream Cotton, but also want to try wool or silk. I use another brand of cotton, and have the sample card already. As for Cabbage Rose, it’s a great shop. I really really want the Wisteria strip pack and some background fabric to go with that. I love the variety of patterns and other strips, and they had good sale prices. $30 would only make a dent in my order, if I won. Thanks!

  81. I would probably pick the thin batting, as I’m thinking about a summer quilt I’d like to make. For Cabbage Rose – I’m 99% sure, I’d use the gift certificate towards the quilt kit Stars All Around Hope

  82. What a generous giveaway! I’d love to try either the Dream Cotton or Dream Blend. The gift certificate would be used for some Half Moon Modern. Great variety at both shops!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. Thanks for the give away. I think I would like to try the Quilters Dream batting. And second I would a layer cake or jelly roll of fabric (probably a Civil War reproductions). Again thanks.

  84. Thanks for the give aways. I enjoy your patterns and have used a couple for quilts that I’ve made. I’d love to win from the Cabbage Rose Quilting. I’m on my way there to their website to check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  85. Oh yea, I love Dream Cotton! It is suple and lovely feeling but it stays together and has good body. It is also… Well a dream to hand quilt through as well as machine quilting! As for the gift certificate… I would likely put it toward yardage of some of tha yummy Morris and Company fabric because it is FABULOUS! just my pallet!

  86. I used to live on the other side of our fair metroplex. I had a hard time finding a quilt shop with everything. Until I realize my new job was a stones throw from cabbage rose. The shop and keepers are very welcoming and helpful. I order online but prefer towalk in to see and touch all their wonderful fabrics. My poor sis in California cant get decent fabric. I would use the gift certificate to purchase her a jelly roll.

  87. Both sites are wonderful. I love to go to other stores especially Mom and Pop stores to shop. I love wool batting only because I live in Idaho and a quilt with wool batting is wonderfully warm. Thanks to all for the contest.

  88. What a cool set of giveaways, thanks for doing this! I would love to finally buy some Kate Spain fabrics if I won — her Good Fortune looks lovely! For batting, I would like to try Quilters Dream wool for the first time. Again, thanks!

  89. I would love to try the Quilters Dream Wool, never tried wool. Since Cabbage Rose is in my neighborhood, I’d love to bring home Moda’s French General material. thanks for the contest!!

  90. I think I would try the Quilters Dream wool batting, since I’ve never used a wool batting. So many choices at Cabbage Rose! Maybe a Good Fortune or Twirl layer cake or the Always and Forever bundle or some Kaffes! Thanks to both shops for the wonderful giveaways and a chance to win!

  91. I actually need some wool batting, so the Quilters Dream wool would be awesome. Love FabricNooks webpage. Thanks for sending me that way.
    At Cabbage Rose…so many fabrics to choose from! My favorites change from day to day, but I do love the Morris and Co. I may have to try it with my new Gift Certificate.
    Thanks, thanks, thanks to you, Fabric Nook and Cabbage Rose.

  92. I would love to try the thin cotton batting! In Texas, we can’t have the quilts too heavy or warm! A gift certificate from Cabbage Rose, my local store? The Morris Arts fabric of course! I have been collecting charms and jellies of it because I love William Morris prints! Barbara has done such a great job at being inspired by his work, as he was inspired by the mid-century embroideries at the V & A!

  93. I’d like to try the Dream Blend 70/30 batting and I’d buy some of the beautiful TWIRL line by Me and My Sister (love that name for designers). Thanks for sharing your lovely quilt and the giveaway!

  94. I would love to try the dream cotton batting and for fabric, would probably pick a jelly roll- maybe Good Fortune. There are so many beautiful choices!!

  95. I would love to try the wool batting. I’ve never used wool batting before but have been thinking about trying it for quite some time now. Michigan winters can be very cold! I would enjoy winning a gift certificate to Cabbage Rose and using it toward some beautiful fabric…like the Moda Twirl or Blueberry Crumb Cake. Love your quilt! Thanks!

  96. I would love to try the Quilter’s Dream Wool batting–I love the warmth of wool! From Cabbage Rose, I would spend my $ on some of the Lorax collection–love Dr. Seuss! Thanks for the chance to win, and love your quilt!

  97. I’d like to try the Cotton Request. It’s been a while since I’ve machine quilted and it sounds like it would be easy to use. I love anything William Morris, so I would go that way. Thanks for the giveaway.

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