It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day….a Giveaway too!


If you are new to the blog, welcome.  We typically put up new blog post twice daily so there is always something new and fresh here.  We host lots of giveaways too.  Click HERE and see what’s new today…

It’s such a fun day here…I have a quilt featured on  Moda Bake Shop and The Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring a giveaway here….two fun things in one day.

If it’s your first time here, WELCOME…I hope you enjoy your visit.  I’m Jo a true quilter at heart.  Lately blueberries, a couple days away,  my garden and my kiddos have been eating up my spare time so not lots of sewing has been going on here since I finished up this quilt…I am hoping to change that soon.

Before the giveaway,  I’ll tell you about the quilt that I am calling Jewels in the Curio.    The quilt block that is featured in the quilt is called Jewel Box and the Moda fabric line is called Curio.


The fabric is wonderful…the colors almost remind me of a soft southwest palette.  The terracotta and turquoise colors mixed with light green and yellows is a beautiful calming mix.  I think this fabric line is perfect for gift giving.  The colors aren’t bright.  They aren’t pastel and they aren’t dark.  Most anyone could find a place to put a quilt with these warm pleasing colors.

The quilt is made with one jelly roll and two charm packs along with a cream Moda Marble fabric.

The jelly roll strips that are left after piecing the blocks are then pieced together to make a fun scrappy border.


The quilt is about 79″ x 79″…not real big…not real small.  If you would like a larger quilt, another border could easily be added.

I didn’t do fancy machine quilting….


it’s just some free motion swirls.  You can see that the block is made from two larger half square triangles and two four patches…  If you are a beginning quilter, this pattern is something you can do.


The quilt is laid out in a barn raising pattern which is a favorite of mine.

If you are looking for the complete instructions on how to make the quilt head on over to Moda Bake Shop.  Leave a comment there and tell me what you think.  If you’re looking for fabric to get your project started, The Fat Quarter Shop is the place to go.

Quilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop

Speaking of The Fat Quarter Shop, Kimberly is offering a Curio Jelly Roll to one of my lucky readers!  Isn’t that neat?  A free Curio Jelly Roll!

We don’t want to make you jump through a bunch of hoops to be entered.  We both value your time.  You don’t have to like Jo’s Country Junction or Fat Quarter Shop on Facebook.  You don’t have to subscribe to Jo’s Country Junction or to the “Jolly Jabber” (Fat Quarter Shop’s blog)….but you sure can, we both would love to have more company.

Just leave a comment here…tell us if you have made a quilt with a jelly roll before or if this would be your first….and if you haven’t tried them yet, what’s stopping you?!?!  I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday.

A Winner has already been selected!

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386 thoughts on “It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day….a Giveaway too!”

  1. Very attractive quilt and an interesting looking selection of fabrics in Curio. Love your quilt sitter too!

  2. I’ve never used a jelly roll. I’d love to have a chance to try one. I’ve used charm packs before and I love the convenience of having so many different prints without having to buy a lot of yardage. I put the Jewel Box quilt on my list of quilts to make. Thanks for the idea, I love the layout of the blocks.

  3. I’m currently using my first ever jelly roll in a quilt. It’s not too bad but I had to figure out where the quarter inch seam was with the notches that were frayed. Nothing that a little seam reaper can’t fix :).

  4. Love this quilt! I have made a wallhanging with a jelly roll and a table runner with charms. Never have tried a big quilt with jelly rolls.

  5. Love jelly rolls! Just found your blog and love what you have done. I’m looking for a queen sized quilt for my bed and this just might be the one. Thanks for the inspiration today!

  6. I love this quilt and I love using jelly rolls! I think I’ve used at least 4 or 5 jelly rolls and they’re great for everything! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I’ve *started* quilts (two) made with jelly rolls before, but I haven’t finished either of them. (One is completely cut out, but hasn’t had the first stitch taken. The other is half self, but also only half cut out.)

    Anyway, I said it there (in different words) but I’ll say it here too: this quilt is really lovely. It’s a great use of the Curio line and a classic block.

  8. I have purchased two jelly rolls before and only used one. I learned they are a lot of fun and make things so much easier. The Moda fabric line is beautiful. I purchased Moda many times, but never the jelly rolls. Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  9. I have never made a quilt from a Jelly Roll…YET!! I have used a Honey Bun and it was easy and fast! I LOVE your Moda Quilt and this fabric line is wonderful!! PERFECT for this quilt!~!

  10. i love your quilt! love the colors! love Gracie! i am a new sewer but i have made two quilts with jelly rolls. one was for my daughter in central park because she loves elephants! i just sewed all the jelly rolls together and then pieced some together to make a border. i really like the way it turned out and moda fabric is by far my favorite to sew with. the feel of it makes me smile :) thanks for sharing and thanks for the giveaway! have a great day!

  11. Very pretty quilt. Tell Gracie she looks very pretty posing on it too. I’ve made plenty of quilts using 2 1/2″ strips but have never actually bought a jelly roll so what should my answer be?? Sort of?? No??

  12. I haven’t used a jelly roll yet, but plan on trying it soon. Your quilt is beautiful and one I want to try. Thanks for the one time sign up. Also I really enjoy your blog and check it every day.

  13. Your quilt is great! I love the layout. I agree with you, the colors definitely have a southwest feel to them – love it! I really like using Jelly Rolls, so much you can do with them. I’ve used them for three quilts now, definitely a time saver if you plan to get quilts done before the holidays roll around!

  14. Your quilt is great and I like your setting choice. I have never worked with a jelly roll but would love to on this quilt. This is my first time viewing your blog and I will be back again.

  15. I made my first jelly roll and first charm pack (a Schnibble) quilts last fall. I also bought a batik jelly roll earlier this summer to make your MBS chair pad pattern for my terrace patio chairs. Maybe they’ll get done before Fall?

    Love the colors in this jelly roll!

  16. I have made a quilt using jelly rolls before – and actually have a few more lined up to do. Would love to add one more to that!!! Never too many projects to do!!!!!!!!! Would love to win.

  17. I don’t stand a chance of winning, I never do, however, I couldn’t pass up the chance to tell you how much I enjoy the pattern and your tutorial was excellent. Thanks so much,

  18. I have never used a jelly roll before. I love looking at them in my local shop but I always leave them as I don’t really know what to do with them.

  19. Hi! Yes, I have used a jelly roll before – I have my first being used right now in a quilt top. Thanks for the giveaway! I love jelly rolls!

  20. I haven’t bought a real jelly roll yet because I know I wouldn’t be able to make myself cut into it. Even my wanna-be jelly rolls just sit there and look pretty.

  21. I love your quilt! I haven’t used a jelly roll yet but this would be the perfect pattern if I was lucky enough to win!!

  22. I have purchased a couple of jelly rolls in anticipation of making something fabulous, but they are in that big organized pile of “I will get to you soon!” I love the idea of the ease that comes with the jelly roll. This inspires me to go pull one of mine out and get started!

  23. I have made one quilt so far from a jelly roll. I bought some fabric and a pattern while on vacation and made the quilt when I got home as my “souvenir”. I would love to make this pattern with the same Curio fabric for my soon to be “newly decorated” bedroom. I am hooked on precuts, especially jelly rolls! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with all of us quilters! :)

  24. I once bought a black Jelly roll and have found it a very handy addition to many of my quilts, just the right accent. And I once won a jelly roll by Sandy Gervais and made a quilt with it that needs to be quilted soon!

  25. Moda Bake Shop is one of my daily blog stops, and Jewels in the Curio made me click twice! I’ve made quilts out of jelly rolls before, but mine aren’t as lovely as this one.

  26. I have recently retired and one of my first plans is to make a quilt. The jelly rolls and other precuts intrigue me, because they offer so many new ways to assemble patterns together. It adds an element of puzzle solving to come up with a new way to cut and sew and achieve our grandmothers patterns!

  27. Beautiful quilt! I’ve used pre-cuts before..saves time and it’s great to have all the fabrics play nicely together! Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. I have made a couple of the jelly roll race quilts. I really like your pattern and if I won, would use that in your pattern. If I don’t win, I’ll just search my stash for fabric. Thanks for the offer.

  29. Judy from Ontario

    Love your blog! I have never sewn with a jelly roll although I have bought a pattern book. I was attracted to an apron pattern yesterday using a jelly roll. Thanks … Judy

  30. Hi Jo. This is a great quilt and is on my bucket list. I’m going to have to get the Curio fabric as, like you say, it is a calm colorway and would look good anywhere. I’ve cut most of my strips but have a couple of jelly rolls and they may work perfect for this.
    A big thanks for sharing these patterns and keep up the good work!

  31. I have only made one quilt with a jelly roll, and it turned out cute. I can’t wait to try this pattern, the Curio fabric is beautiful in it.

  32. I haven’t used a jelly roll yet. I’m trying not to buy new fabric but use my stash from the last 25+ years. But, I’d definitely use one if I won it!!

  33. Love this quilt! and love the Curio collection….I have it on my list of wants. Have not tried a jelly roll but would like to. Thanks for sharing the eye candy.

  34. I usually wouldn’t like a palette of such subdued colors, but Curio is SO pretty! :) Nice job on the quilt-the barn raising setting makes it look so complicated.
    I’ve used jelly rolls before, but usually in border type blocks. I love having strips perfectly cut! I iron, carefully fold, carefully cut…still end up with wonky strips about 30% of the time :(

  35. What an awesome quilt, Jo!!!!!!!! I have only just started viewing blogs what a bunch of inspiration you get from quilt blogs. Your blogs are great!!! Have not tried a jelly roll but currently working on a charm quilt. Thanks for sharing all of you great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Lovely quilt. I’ve never made a quilt from a jelly roll but I would like to sometime.
    Thanks for the chance to win and for the pattern!

  37. Love the quilt, as usual its beautiful and you did a great job. I have used jelly rolls a few times and love them. They are super easy to work with and there are tons of possibilities. Thanks for showing us the quilt and for the giveaway.

  38. I have used jelly rolls for small quilts before, but not a larger one. Your talents and time management just amaze me – how do you do it all? I wish you many years of continued success in everything – I’ll be watching your blog everyday!

  39. I’ve been admiring the curio fabric alot and wishing I could purchase some…………..would love to try out your pattern with it……..Beautiful quilt ………..simple quilting is what I love best.
    Thank you and Kimberly for sharing.

  40. I just finished a quilt that we did at my locoal quilt shop using a one Jelly Roll. It was called the Jelly Roll Othon. It was a race to see who could make it first.
    It was a blast.

  41. I have made a quilt with a jelly roll – a Jacob’s Ladder, which is a lot like your quilt. Jelly rolls make it very easy. Kathie L in Allentown

  42. I haven’t made a jelly roll quilt yet but have several books that contain jelly roll patterns so I think it’s about time for me.

  43. No, I haven’t made a quilt with a jelly roll yet – I’ve made a few where I’ve cut my own 2.5″ strips out of my huge stash, though.

  44. I just made my first jelly roll only quilt called the Lasagna Quilt and boy it is addictive. I’m looking for jelly rolls to make more, but I have also made several Jewel Box quilts it is one of my favorite quilts.

  45. I have nev er made a quilt from an actual Jelly Roll because I have never purchased one. I have bought a layer cake and charm packs but never Jelly Rolls. I made my own with my stash and made a quilt with a jelly roll pattern, but have always wanted to buy one.

  46. My first quilt was made with a jelly roll…Pampered Pooch…I love the retro prints. I had to rotary cut the moda mates I paired with it because pre-cuts were not available in solids yet. I love your quilt and I agree about the colors going with just about anyone’s home. Thanks for sharing :)

  47. I do follow and like all of the things you said we don’t have to do. I’ve made lots of quilts from jelly rolls. For a while I was so in love with them, then decided I really needed to try other things. They are a thing of beauty and laziness for me.

  48. Oh, I just maxed my first jelly roll quilt with a Modern Workshop jelly roll and I am almost halfway done appliquéing a border for itnusing a charm pack of the same. I LOVE the quilt and get SO many compliments on the fabric from people who see me not and about appliquéing in my spare moments. I would love another jnelly roll opportunity, but the price usually puts me off since I already have more fabric than you can shake a stick at! I can hardly justify buying MORE unless it is to finish up something I have already begun. Sigh!

    I love the Jewel Box block, although I am used to seeing in out together in a set of four I guess, like the one in the center. I you put a bunch of sets of four like that together you get a repeating pattern. It is an AEWSOME scap pattern and I have made George us charity quilts and used up a lot of stash with that pattern.

  49. I have been hoarding 3 jelly rolls, waiting for just the right quilt to come along. I just took a second look at your “Avignon Picnic” which appeared on the Moda Bake Shop in April. I plan to start cutting after dinner tonight, if I don’t chicken out. Hopefully, I will lose my fear of jelly rolls.

  50. I have made one quilt top with Jelly Rolls (yet to be quilted). I have another “mystery quilt” started from a Jelly Roll. I didn’t like the background fabric so I’m taking it apart and starting over. (I bet that never happens to you!) Love your quilt. I do believe I could piece this one! Thanks for a great pattern. Hugs to Gracie!

  51. Love the quilt and the colours just beautiful would love to win!!! I’ve never used jelly rolls or charm paks or any other pre cuts.

  52. I have been admiring the Curio fabric, but this the first quilt I have seen using..LOVELY!!! I love the setting you have used too.
    I have only recently started using jelly rolls–and LOVE quilting with them.
    I check the Fat Quarters Shop on a regular basis (almost daily); they carry sumptious fabrics and they provide EXCELLENT service. Thank you for the giveaway.

  53. I’ve made one with a jelly roll, also a Moda Bakeshop pattern, called “Sweet Menagerie”. I used Deb Strain’s “Cherish Nature”. I enjoy using the precuts for certain patterns since a lot of the cutting is already done!

  54. I love jelly rolls because you get a sampling of the whole line of fabric. I also love the fact that they are already cut for you, a real time saver. I have made several quilts from jelly rolls and would love to make another.

  55. Elizabeth McDonald

    Love your new quilt – stunning! You are right; those colors are soothing together…I never would have thought of that combo. I have not made a jelly roll quilt yet, but I seem to keep making jelly rolls into quilt blocks, and more quilt blocks. I think I am making my way toward a really scrappy quilt, with a number of different block patterns.

  56. I really enjoyed the antique quilt show, that first log cabin – wonderful!
    O yeah, your Bake Shop quilt – great fabric line, and I like the barn raising setting. Would love to win!

  57. Love your quilt, thanks for sharing the tutorial with us. I also LOVE Curio!! I have used a Jelly Roll for a quilt before and love the simplicity of having the strips already cut and getting a piece of each print in a line. Thanks for not making us jump through hoops. :)

  58. I have used jellyrolls in more than one quilt and love working with them. I have some others planned and one in the works! This pattern looks like lots of fun! Thanks for your work in developing patterns for the world to use.

  59. I have used jellyrolls ~ so convenient to use! I love your quilt, Jewels in the Curio, and you’re right, the fabrics are so comforting that this is a perfect napping quilt. I am on the lookout for this fabric line now ~ thank you. ~~Lisa

  60. Really like this quilt pattern, I love the scrappy look but also wonder how it would look with the hst a constant color, I’ll bet that would be cool.
    I have used Jellyrolls before and would love to again so convenient!

  61. Oh I love this quilt, and the colours are just gorgeous, who wouldn’t want to win a jelly roll full of this gorgeousness :) I have used jelly rolls before, I just love the time saved by not having to cut all those strips :)

  62. I love that quilt layout! I’ve collected a few jelly rolls, but haven’t had the heart to break in to them yet – this quilt might be the one to make me do it. Thanks for the opportunity, Terri in BC

  63. I have been saving a jelly roll for just the right project. This is a great quilt. I also would love winning a jelly roll.
    thanks for the pattern.
    Sharon in Ky.

  64. I check the Moda Bake Shop daily….and Your quilt is gorgeous! I have never tried the Jellyrolls but would love the opportunity to win and use your pattern! Thanks for sharing such a great pattern for all the quilters out here!

  65. I love this quilt layout!!!
    As for jelly rools…hmmm. Well….I bought 1 jelly roll (Whimsy) last year April and thought I’d make a log cabin style quilt with it. I wasn’t so thrilled with it so put it to the side. With Autumn fast approaching I’ve been feeling like I need to pull it back out and finish it.

  66. I am new to quilting and haven’t made a “big” quilt yet, I have lots of fabric (including two Curio charm packs!) and can’t wait to try this pattern. I haven’t yet worked with a jelly roll but will be soon I can see.

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