It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day….a Giveaway too!


If you are new to the blog, welcome.  We typically put up new blog post twice daily so there is always something new and fresh here.  We host lots of giveaways too.  Click HERE and see what’s new today…

It’s such a fun day here…I have a quilt featured on  Moda Bake Shop and The Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring a giveaway here….two fun things in one day.

If it’s your first time here, WELCOME…I hope you enjoy your visit.  I’m Jo a true quilter at heart.  Lately blueberries, a couple days away,  my garden and my kiddos have been eating up my spare time so not lots of sewing has been going on here since I finished up this quilt…I am hoping to change that soon.

Before the giveaway,  I’ll tell you about the quilt that I am calling Jewels in the Curio.    The quilt block that is featured in the quilt is called Jewel Box and the Moda fabric line is called Curio.


The fabric is wonderful…the colors almost remind me of a soft southwest palette.  The terracotta and turquoise colors mixed with light green and yellows is a beautiful calming mix.  I think this fabric line is perfect for gift giving.  The colors aren’t bright.  They aren’t pastel and they aren’t dark.  Most anyone could find a place to put a quilt with these warm pleasing colors.

The quilt is made with one jelly roll and two charm packs along with a cream Moda Marble fabric.

The jelly roll strips that are left after piecing the blocks are then pieced together to make a fun scrappy border.


The quilt is about 79″ x 79″…not real big…not real small.  If you would like a larger quilt, another border could easily be added.

I didn’t do fancy machine quilting….


it’s just some free motion swirls.  You can see that the block is made from two larger half square triangles and two four patches…  If you are a beginning quilter, this pattern is something you can do.


The quilt is laid out in a barn raising pattern which is a favorite of mine.

If you are looking for the complete instructions on how to make the quilt head on over to Moda Bake Shop.  Leave a comment there and tell me what you think.  If you’re looking for fabric to get your project started, The Fat Quarter Shop is the place to go.

Quilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop

Speaking of The Fat Quarter Shop, Kimberly is offering a Curio Jelly Roll to one of my lucky readers!  Isn’t that neat?  A free Curio Jelly Roll!

We don’t want to make you jump through a bunch of hoops to be entered.  We both value your time.  You don’t have to like Jo’s Country Junction or Fat Quarter Shop on Facebook.  You don’t have to subscribe to Jo’s Country Junction or to the “Jolly Jabber” (Fat Quarter Shop’s blog)….but you sure can, we both would love to have more company.

Just leave a comment here…tell us if you have made a quilt with a jelly roll before or if this would be your first….and if you haven’t tried them yet, what’s stopping you?!?!  I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday.

A Winner has already been selected!

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386 thoughts on “It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day….a Giveaway too!”

  1. I haven’t ever used a jelly roll before….so if I win I’ll have to make my first quilt using one, and I think I’ll use the same pattern you did. I like that quilt.

  2. I’ve used jelly rolls for a couple of quilts and have some jelly rolls set aside just waiting for a pattern. Looks like I can stop looking now!

  3. I have made several quilts before, but never using a jelly roll or any other set of pre-cut fabrics. I have seen lots of photos of them, and I would love to try one. Thanks!

  4. I am familiar with jelly rolls because my mom loves them, but I have never tried using them myself…I actually enjoy cutting the strips myself, although I ‘d take anything I could win! ;)

    That quilt is beautiful–colors and pattern.

  5. I made a quilt for my daughter using a Lollypop jelly roll from Moda. It’s great to work with jelly rolls so winning this one would be great. Thanks for the chance.

  6. I love jelly rolls and all pre-cuts. I’ve made several quilts with jelly rolls. I reallly like your Jewel Box quilt and I think it is perfect for one of my new ones. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  7. Love your quilt. I’ve used jelly rolls in 2 quilts. They are so nice-not that much cutting and you’re on to sewing and a completed quilt before you know it!

  8. I am new to quilting. Just have the top almost finised for a baby quilt made of charm packs. This patterns seems to something I could do. So, would love to try it out in the moda “Oops-A-Daisy” line. I love those colors.

  9. Love your quilt! I really like the Curio fabric – well, all of BG’s fabrics actually:) I haven’t used a jelly roll yet but they look like a great way to get a variety of fabric.

  10. I’ve made hexagons and hexie flowers with jelly rolls, they are just the right size for 1″ hexies. I love your new quilt and would love to win a Curio Jelly Roll. It’s a gorgeous range of fabric.

  11. I have made a few quilts with a jelly roll ; saves a LOT of time !! I have not tried one that is so detailed as your MBS pattern one ; LOVE IT ! thanks for the chance to win! BTW ; I follow you& Jolly Jabber’s blog & facebook pages ! :=)

  12. I love jelly rolls! I have made several quilts using them, and I would love to try to make this quilt. Thank-you!

  13. Hi Jo, I have used jelly rolls before and love then for fast piecing. I did one Jelly Race quilt top, but I don’t love it so I am thinking of cutting it into giant squares and adding some wide sashings on it.

    I love your quilt in the Curio line. I would love to see what I come up with using Curio. I hope I win.

  14. I have traded jelly roll size strips on forums and made quilts with those strips, but I have not had a packaged jelly roll before…would love one though.~


  15. Katy (LethargicLass)

    I am in the midst of making my first quilt period lol… but it happens to be a jellyroll quilt pattern :)

  16. I’ve “sort of” made one jelly roll quilt. I made all the blocks from the Jelly Roll Quilt-a-long over at Moose on the Porch a few years ago but haven’t put them together yet. Would love to win a Curio JRoll to try another. Thanks for the chance. BTW your Bake Shop JRoll quilt is really beautiful.

  17. I’ve never used a Jelly Roll before, but would love to try! And what an awesome quilt you’ve made, it’s beautiful! Thanks for the chance, Lisa

  18. I have never made a quilt from Jelly Rolls but would LOVE to. After an almost 8 years absence from quilting I am just now getting back into it.
    Thanks for all the inspiration you share with us!

  19. I thought I was the only one in the world who hadn’t used a jelly roll. Thankfully, after reading your comments, I am NOT the only one. However, there are so many pretty collections that have jelly rolls and I am ready to try some! Please choose me! :)

  20. Two so far. A Moda C’mas one that was a gift and I’m working on a Kaffe one now cut into 2.5″ squares and sashed. Going to take forever but I love it. And I have another pattern that I want to do so this would be grand! Thanks.

  21. I have bought a jelly roll but can not make myself cut into it. It is so pretty all rolled and sitting on a table by my sewing machine. I do love this quilt pattern. Thanks for the great giveaway and hopefully I can get the courage to cut into my jelly roll.

  22. I’ve never tried a jelly roll. Charm squares, layer cakes, but no jelly rolls. I’d definitely give it a try if I won!

  23. First of all, your quilt is beautiful! And yes, I’ve made quilts with jelly rolls – they are really convenient when you need to make something thin a hurry.

  24. Well, we may not “have” to follow you or the Jolly Jabber, but I sure am glad that I do! :-) I haven’t worked with a jelly roll yet, so this would be my first. I have to agree with you that the colors in Curio are fabulous and would go anywhere. Love your quilt too!. thanks for the chance!

  25. Have made two jellyroll quilts. Loved the convenience of using precut fabric. My niece got married at Christmas and her teal and brown herringbone jellyroll quilt fit the bill perfectly! Would love to try this new pattern!

  26. I’ve not made a quilt with a jelly roll before. I always fondle them in the fabric store, but whenever I do the math, they seem to come out more expensive than just buying yardage–so that’s what I stick to, since I like to stretch my fabric-buying dollars as far as they will go!

  27. I have a jelly roll set aside for a quilt project, but I haven’t started that one yet. I like your Jewels in the Curio quilt. It’s a great pattern!

  28. I’ve never made a quilt with a jelly roll before because I’m just learning to quilt and have mostly been using scraps.

  29. I have made a quilt with a jelly roll, and I loved it!

    Thanks to you and Kimberly for the lovely giveaway! Congrats to you on the Moda Bake Shop project! It’s beautiful!

  30. Hi Jo! This is my first visit to your blog…I’m here because I LOVE LOVE LOVE your “Jewels in the Curio”! I have never made a quilt with a jelly roll…have just started my first “charm pack” quilt (with “Awesome”)…yes I am trying to catch up with the rest of the quilting world! Slow going :) Thank you and Kimberly for the giveaway!

  31. I am wanting to make a quilt with a jelly roll. I looked at a couple yesterday but can’t make up my mind…I love to look at your creations; they are so inspiring. Thank you!!!

  32. I usually make (well, plan) scrap quilts or ones with only a few fabrics–I’ve never used a jelly roll before but would love to try it!

  33. I’ve make a Postage Stamp quilt with a jelly roll of Sunkissed by Sweetwater. Now I just need to get my bum in gear and piece the back to finish it. Lol

  34. I am currently making my first quilt from a jelly roll doing the “Garden Trellis” pattern. Love your Jessie and James quilt!!

  35. I made a quilt from a Kaffe Fassett jelly roll made up by a quilt shop from their extensive selection of his fabrics. I was great fun and turned of gorgeous!
    Thanks for the chance to win. I love this line! And your quilt!

  36. Well, even with 361 previous comments, I couldn’t keep from trying for the jelly roll. I did make a 1600 quilt using a jelly roll and have a B/W quilt planned for two jelly rolls that are waiting in the studio. Thanks for the chance.

  37. I have 2 jelly rolls that were gifts but I have not yet used one. I love your new Curio quilt (and the pineapple one too).

  38. I have a jelly roll that I finally unrolled and sorted and resorted and resorted, just not sure which idea I like better. I love all the inspiration of seeing what others have done. I suppose I’ll settle on something soon, it’s sooooo pretty.

  39. I have not yet made a quilt with a jelly roll but have one out to start tomorrow, along with my first layer cake and 2 charm packs. Can’t wait.

  40. I’ve never used a jelly roll before although I have a couple sitting in my stash. :) They are so pretty I hate to cut into them. Thanks for the drawing.

  41. I’ve made several quilts and table toppers using Moda Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs. I just finished a baby quilt using Moda “Bliss” charm packs. It turned out so cute! Thanks for the opportunity to win the jelly roll.

  42. Never used a jelly roll before, but they always look so tempting. I love the quilt, it looks more complicated than it really is, it would be fun to make, a no stress quilt.

  43. I have a couple jelly rolls in my “collection” of fabric, but haven’t gotten to using them yet. I agree….they’re so much fun to look at, I almost hate to cut into them! But, they’re so convenient! Thanks so much for the giveaway…

  44. I have used a jelly roll, only once. It was great fun. Made myself a patriotic quilt top that has yet to be quilted! Jelly rolls are a great way to get a whole fabric line with enough to make a decent size quilt…one jelly roll goes a long way!

  45. I’ve yet to use a jelly roll but would certainly welcome the opportunity to do so! Thank you for entering me into the drawing.

  46. Celine Kingsland

    I haven’t used jelly roll’s yet, but I do have a few. I guess I haven’t found the right fabric/pattern combination yet.
    Your “Jewels in the Curio” is a great pattern and looks wonderful!

  47. I have made a baby quilt using the “tube” method!! Great fun and great quilt which was appreciated by the new mum to be. Thanks for the chance.

  48. I have used jelly rolls for quilts. I used them when I took a couple of strip mystery classes at my local quilt shop. The classes were fun and using the jelly rolls was so much better than taking the time to cut the strips myself. Thanks for the opportunity to win a jelly roll.

  49. I never have but only because I haven’t been able to afford to buy one. I would love to have a real Jelly Roll and actually make a pattern that calls for one.

  50. I haven’t made a jelly roll quilt, I tend to just gaze at and stroke them…but this is a quilt I could get done! Lovely!

  51. I haven’t used any recuts for quilts but would love to have a chance to use one. I’d love to have a chance to use a Jelly Roll and to try out your pattern!

  52. I would love to make my first quilt using my first jelly roll. I would like to do a quilt for my father that would be the cutest thing in his new room.

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