It was the electricity…

Nope…a bomb did not go off on my dining table….


A bomb didn’t go off on the kitchen table either…..


The only thing that went off was the electricity.

Yesterday afternoon for no apparent reason we lost electricity.  So what’s a gal to do after the floors were swept…the laundry folded and the garden weeded?  My answer, cut out quilts.

The kitchen table was my station for cutting small tumbler pieces with my AccuQuilt GO!  The dining room was my station to cut out My Blue Heaven and a Pineapple quilt.  I just can’t seem to do one thing at a time so I worked on cutting out all three….WHAT  A MESS!

The power came back on…the quilts aren’t finished being cut out.  Thankfully hubby took me out to supper so I didn’t have to get the tables clean to eat!

5 thoughts on “It was the electricity…”

  1. Looks like My Blue Heaven will be red/tan? I made this one green/tan. Haven’t made the Pineapple design yet; it’s very popular. How many kits of Bonnie designs do you have? I’m working on Hawk’s Nest right now. Sandi

  2. Don’t you love that it doesn’t need electricity to work? I’ve read suggestions that Accuquilt come out with an electric Go! and I just can’t imagine why anyone who’s capable of using the regular machine would want one. Or maybe it’s just me, since there’s only one outlet in my sewing room…

  3. I never can work on one thing at a time either. I will work and work and get finished ( or finished for me, I’m a topper!) with several tops and look around for something to work on. I never can find just one thing I want to make, it’s always at least three.
    Are you cutting your tumblers from civil war fabrics? We got home last night from our last business trip so I hope to start working on the tumblers you cut. I’m itching to start, but have to wait until laundry is finished and floors are clean. If I don’t make rules the house will fall down around me and I will be happily sewing and not notice. :)

  4. Like you, I have many projects on the go at one time. Hope you had a nice dinner and to Diane: don’t worry about the housework, it doesn’t go anywhere – when I learned to quilt, I forgot how to cook and do housework! Keep on quilting!

  5. That’s good that you made such efficient of the time without electricity. A mess is a good sign of progress, don’t you think? And I just finished a little quilt with that Tumbler die. Made really fast work out of the quilt.

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