It was a good ten years….

So long old friend…it’s been a good ten years but sadly, our time together is over…NOT YOU MY READERS…my dishwasher.

It was ten years ago for my birthday/Christmas when Hubby surprised me with a portable dishwasher.  I didn’t have a clue that he was getting that for me…not a clue.  It was an awesome I’ll not forget.  But…sadly it is shot.


Things aren’t getting clean anymore.  I’m tired of rewashing already washed dishes.  Hubby has fixed on it but it’s past fixing.

The sad news…The new house will have a built in dishwasher so I’m in limbo.  We have no place for a built in dishwasher here so I’m dishwasher-less for a while until we get to the house.

It’s a good thing I actually don’t mind doing dishes by hand.  It’s one house hold chore I actually don’t mind at all…I think standing and washing dishes gives me a chance to regroup and think while washing.

The only part of the whole deal that’s really hard on me is that I have a bunch of stuff including our old primitive drawer set that holds the silverware, the spice rack and the cookie jar that all used to sit on the dishwasher now need a home.   I guess I need to resurrect an old antique something for this all to sit on.  In the meantime it’s all on the kitchen table…I hope that doesn’t last long.

So my dear dishwasher…good-bye…good-bye.

7 thoughts on “It was a good ten years….”

  1. We were without a dishwasher during a period of time that the kids were still at home and
    I bought a large stack of paper plates. This gave me a break on the nights I needed one. I used the broken d/w for storage until the new one came.

  2. Check into this – We had a portable dishwasher when we moved into our current house. It is actually just a regular dishwasher in a metal cabinet. Can you get your new dishwasher now and put it in this old cabinet? We took ours out of the metal cabinet and installed it in the wall of cabinets. Might be worth checking into.

  3. Don’t know what to do with a dishwasher…I don’t have the space for one. I agree with what you said about doing dishes. It gives me a chance to decompress after a long day and it actually looks like I’ve accomplished something when they are done:)

  4. I have an old Kitchen Aid dishwasher, circa about 1970, and I love it. Even though I can’t put dishes in there with dried-on food, I don’t care. I can get a ton of dishes in there and I only have to use it once very 5 days. If I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t care, I went 28 years without a dishwasher and it seems there are so many things that can’t be put in there, that most of the time it’s just a bother. It just makes for more work when you have to put away so many all at one time, lol!

  5. 10 years? Really? I miss the Good Old Days when things were built to last and not to purposely fail before their time. *sigh*

  6. Tip we received from a dishwasher repairman: A lot of dishwasher problems are actually caused by hardwater buildup. Run your dishwasher through several loads (empty and with no soap) and with generous amounts of white vinegar added each time. He said that one lady had to run her dishwasher through 6 washes before her problem was resolved. If you have had your dishwasher for 10 years and have never used this method for cleaning before, I would be tempted to pour about a gallon of white vinegar into it, and let it set overnight without running the machine, then run it through some cycles adding more vinegar with each new wash. You have nothing to lose, and might get some more use out of the machine before moving, making more time for you to sew those quilts we so love to see on your site, Moda Bakeshop, and in the magazines! :-)

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