It Says it All

I try really hard not to be sucked into fads.  Even if I like them I try not to get sucked in….especially decorating fads.

Right now there seem to be so many people decorating with sayings.  Kelli is a HUGE fan of saying and always has been so I can see that for her it’s a good fit.  For me, I have what I have in the house and really don’t want to spend any money on something that won’t be “in style” ten years down the road.  I like my decorating minimal and classic.

Recently when I was at LouAnn’s Quilt Garden and Retreat for our retreat I did find one of the best sayings I have ever read.

Need a tissue??  I did.

I needed my wallet too.  Yep.  I bought one.  Kelli did too.

For me this will be a classic.  It will always hang in my quilting room.

7 thoughts on “It Says it All”

  1. My Grandma had a poem kind of like this that was written about her…..Our family was so proud that it was printed with a photo of her in the Farmer magazine way back when–does that magazine even still exist???….She sewed in scraps like Bonnie and quilted when it wasn’t popular to be a quilter…how did I miss that sign in Lu Ann’s shop????

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