It Just Might Happen…

The guys here just might get in the field today….


Out my bay window I see what looks like progress…sprayers and water wagons being filled with water.  We did get rain over the weekend but we lucked out and only got a few tenths each time.  The ground isn’t prime but it’s the best it’s been in the last several days.

Looking at the forecast, this is the best opportunity we have had in WEEKS..actually two months!!  Hopefully we can dodge the small chances of rain.


Now if I see the tractor and planter go past the window, I will be really happy.  The corn planting window of opportunity has past…but they are still hoping to plant quite a few acres of beans.  It’s late, but it’s worth a try.

Next up we’ll we worried about how early of a frost we get…an early frost could make all this work null.  Time will tell and in the mean time, we’ll just keep praying.

Update:  The guys did get some planting done…they also got stuck twice!!

4 thoughts on “It Just Might Happen…”

  1. We were finally able to do some planting this afternoon and looks like dry weather for the next few days! We might even get finished!!

  2. It’s only a wee bit drier here in Belton MO, so the planting is ongoing. Just think – last year everything died due to lack of water! We should all turn to prayer, and realize who really IS in charge of things! In the meantime, I will get to sewing and do my part indoors!

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