It Happened- She Sewed!!

If you’ve been a long time blog reader, you know we have five kids…two boys and three girls.  Of the kids…Kalissa is the one who doesn’t sew.  The boys do utility sewing like patching…not quilting but they do sew.

Kalissa can but has claimed she isn’t interested in sewing or quilting.  Well she wanted some pillows.  She was a the thrift store and found some pillow forms and this black and white plaid flannel.  She decided she was going to sew pillows.  She doesn’t have a sewing machine so she came over to use mine.

She asked me how to do it…I told her.  She put the things out on the table and cut the two pieces…put them right side together…pinned (LOTS) and then went up and sewed.  She came back down, turned it right side out and tested the size, to big.  She went back up, sewed again and it was perfect.

I think she shocked herself!

When s

he came down from sewing the seam and said, “I remember everything you ever told me…
Pull (hold) the tails (thread tails out)
And needle down
and to always backstitch at the beginning and then end

She did listen!!!

I then told her…that was good but you aren’t really done yet.  You need to hand stitch the opening closed.  I told her to pin the opening closed.  She put the pins in vertical rather than horizontal.  I pinned it and then she could see the right was to pin.  Then I showed her how to sew it shut so her stitches didn’t show.  She did pretty good.

Here she is hard at work…..I told her it would get easier the more she sewed or stitched.

I also told her this would be something good to do if Carver was needing her to be quiet so he could nap.

It took two hours but she got THREE pillows made.  I won’t label her as a crafter/sewer yet but…there is hope.

I do really appreciate that even though she doesn’t typically sew, she is still super supportive of any sewing or crafting the rest of us do.  She’s great like that!

I do admit that while I slightly had her attention, I showed her an upcoming fabric line that has this panel in it.

You can’t see it very well in the picture.  It has the US on it and all the names of the states are written in the state.  I think she would LOVE pillows made out of this…so, I planted a seed.  Maybe it will grow….maybe not.  Either way, sewer or non sewer, she’s my gal and I love her just the way she is.  I’m actually really impressed with her pillows.  When she showed me the stuff and said she was going to make them, I figured I’d end up making them.  She did good….still impressing her momma.

12 thoughts on “It Happened- She Sewed!!”

  1. Carolyn in Texas

    I am so proud of you Kalissa! You will never regret a small start as it does lead to greater projects. Enjoy it one step at a time!

  2. Colleen, the map fabric is called “Metropolis” by Basic Grey and will be in shops in August. Go to the Moda website to see it.

  3. Jill McCaughey

    I am a retired Home Ec teacher with three daughters, none of whom wanted to learn to sew or cook or do housey things while they were at home! Two years ago my eldest daughter, at 40, started to watch You Tube shows, and now is a great sewist. I am slowly trying to push her towards quilting—she is busy making all sorts of things that aren’t quilted—and I think one of these days she will fall hard for it. There’s always hope! She also has begun cooking, and is very adventuresome. Life does take funny turns!

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