Is it worth it? and Drying rack update.

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I just thought I would add a quick update to a post from last week.  I showed you the rack that my hubby put together to store garden produce over the winter.


It was made from a clothes drying rack.  I have had several people ask me where we purchased our drying rack and if I knew where they could get one…

We purchase ours at an Amish store near Oelwin, Iowa called Helsmuth’s.  I think we paid just over $50 for it (I don’t remember for sure).  The rack is SO sturdy and large.  It can easily hold two loads of laundry.  When we were going to make a rack to hold the vegetables.  Hubby thought he would build a drying rack rather than purchase another one.  Looking at the rack, a person thinks, oh it’s just some dowels and a little wood, how much can that cost?  WRONG.  He priced the wood.  For a few dollars…I think it was $5 more we could purchase the rack.  For us, it was totally worth it.

On a thrifty, economic note:  My husband works long hours.  He works every day, Sunday included.  It’s more economical for him to work at his wage rate than it is for him to quit work to build something.  I think that sometimes people are looking for ways to save money and don’t realize that sometimes it is more economical for us to work our jobs than it is for us to take time from our jobs to “save” money.  Building that rack would have taken my husband longer than one hour to build.  So in the end, it was more economical for us to just purchase the second rack for vegetable storage.

Hubby did tell me the drying rack does have a stamp on it that says…
Superior Woodcrafters
Millersburg, IN 46543

If you don’t have room for this large size, smaller sizes are available too.
Today I am hooking up with Dandelion House.

3 thoughts on “Is it worth it? and Drying rack update.”

  1. Just because we CAN make something a bit cheaper, I don’t think it means we should feel obligated to do it. I’d love to have as sturdy drying rack. Both of mine are old and rickety, but I only spend fifty cents for one and five bucks for the other, so I guess I can’t complain too much!

  2. Well said, Jo!! There are times when we are “penny wise but pound foolish”! As much as I love to save money, over the years with our 11 kids, we learned early on that it was much more economical to buy “heavy duty, industrial strength and quality” goods that we wanted to last! That’s why I still have my stone grinder Magic Mill grinding my wheat after 33 years and DH has never complained about the amount I spent for my sewing machines! Good quality tools and goods have saved us a fortune over the years! (Our 19 year old Toyota Camry is still running strong with 175,000 miles on it!!) ;)

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