Ironing Board Covers for La Petite` and Giveaway Winners

I joined the La Petite` group….each month we are making small projects.  Our first assignment….new ironing board covers.

For me this was not easy task.  If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember when I found a “new to me” ironing board at  our local “used” store.  The ironing board is a Cadillac.  There is a lever at the end that turns the narrow tapered end into having a wide squared end.



At the time I originally told you about this on my blog, I asked if anyone knew where I could get a cover for it….Everyone said make one…UGH.  I set it aside until Sherri and Sinta announced the first project of La Petite would be covering our ironing boards…UGH.

I thought about ignoring the assignment.  I thought about just covering my little table top ironing board instead.  Then I caved to the pressure and decided to tackle “the Cadillac”.

Here it is…..

I ended up making an ironing board cover like most others.  I opened the end to the square option when I traced the pattern onto my fabric.   I put elastic in the casing rather than string.  It allows more give and take when I open or close the end.  It’s not perfect, but…I am perfectly happy with it.   I used Marsha McCloskey’s book Block Party for my block…  Although I dreaded this task, it turned out to be LOTS of fun.  Best yet, my ironing board almost looks decorative when it’s all folded up in my sewing room.

I was so happy with that ironing board that I even tackled my table top ironing board.

Here’s the before…..


and here’s the after.


The little red cross blocks were left overs from this project.  It was nice give the little orphan blocks a home.

You can read and see more ironing board stories over at  A Quilting Life and Pink Pinchusion.  The will be hosting a the great ironing board cover up today.

And now for the giveaway winners….
As part of the Fall into Fall Give Away I am giving away two trivet kits.  The winners are…..
#20 Kathy
#27  Sue

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