Ironing Board Cover

Way back in June of 2010 I told you purchasing my vintage ironing board and showed you this cute ad for them.

At the time, I was fretting over trying to find an ironing board cover for it.  You can see that post here.

Later I designed a cover for it.  You can read about that here.

Well recently I got an email from a gal who had located a place that sells covers for the ironing boards.  I have also gotten many emails for people wondering if I ever found a cover as they are looking for one too.  I decided to write a new blog post with a link to the place that sells the cover.  I hope that helps many of you who are looking for covers.


1 thought on “Ironing Board Cover

  1. Barbara

    I have that same ironing board. It was a wedding gift in Dec, 1952. Last year I was looking for a new cover and got inspired to make my own out of lightweight denim. I flipped the board upside down and marked all around it about 4 inches away: made a hem wide enough to thread elastic through and voila….a great new cover!!


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