Ironing Board Cover Challenge

How embarrassing is this???  Yep.  It’s my ironing board cover.  I really can’t believe that I have let it get this bad…but it is.

I am sure others of you have ironing boards that need a little sprucing up.  Want to make a challenge and get ourselves some ambition to get a cover made??  Well I have a couple things left over in my prize box that I am willing to share with you if you want to play along…..

Does this entice you??

It’s a layer cake all rolled up nice and neat.

How about I give you two weeks from today to spruce up that ironing board of yours.  It could be a small one like mine or a large one.

If you are a blogger, I’ll have linky party here for you to link up on the 18th.  If you are not a blogger and want to play along send me a picture to my email and I’ll include it here in the blog post that day.  If you are using that method please get them sent to me by the 16th so I have time to get the pictures formatted and into a blog post.

If we have over 10 people playing along I’ll add another prize…not sure what yet but something fun.

Making a cover is very easy.  You can just take your current cover off, iron it flat then lay it out on new fabric.  Trace around it leaving amply room to turn over an edge and make a casing.  Sew the case down and put a string or elastic through the casing and pull it up tight.

If you’re not a fly by the seat of your pants gal like me…no worries.  Fat Quarter shop has a cute pattern for an ironing board cover.

Patchwork Ironing Board Covers 2 Downloadable PDF Sewing Pattern Cotton Way
Here’s my email address….send me a picture of your refurbished ironing board!! .

13 thoughts on “Ironing Board Cover Challenge”

  1. Thanks Jo, I need this challenge!!! Hope I can get it done. I am doing Grandma time this week then heading home.

  2. I just washed my cover – I used very heavy duty canvas. It was looking seriously nasty!! I was amazed that the wash took all of that yuck out!!

    Very cool challenge – I will definitely be returning to see the link ups! :)

  3. LOL after about 35 yrs, I bought a new one! it’s wider than a normal ironing board! since really I only press fabric w it, I needed it wider! Trouble is finding a place to stash it when it is folded!

  4. I used to use my grandmother’s old ironing board. It’s got a lever thingy that opens wings to square off the pointy end, presumably for ironing sheets before permapress. I still have it, but I mostly use the ironing table DH and I made. The top just sits on top, so when one side gets nasty, I rotate to the other side. When both sides are gross, we recover it. It’s probably time to rotate the table, though.

  5. I have two ironing boards that look a lot like yours! I have been thinking about recovering them, so now just might be the time. I will try to get at least one done, time to shop for some good cover fabric!

  6. Jo, I am so appreciative to find your website and your tutorial on designing on the computer; I am anxiously awaiting the next “episode.” Because of you and your wonderful website, I have submitted my first 2 quilt patterns for publishing (online catalog company) and local quilt shops in my area are carrying them. Now I’m working on a 3rd. Wish I was joining the ironing board cover challenge, but I just replaced my old ratty one! Thanks, again. I am a subscriber to your email postings. Thanks a million!

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