Ironing Board Challenge

Hello…welcome to the ironing board cover challenge.  In the middle of all that is happening I did manage to bet my ironing board covered.  Mine went from this…..


to this.  MUCH better..right??  I ended up using leftover pieces and fabric from one of the quilts in our upcoming book.  It’s actually one of my favorite quilts in the book!


If you’re just reading for the first time I challenged my blog readers to sew along with me and put a new cover on their ironing boards.  One of people who participate will get a chance to win this….”Surrounded by Love” Moda Layer Cake.

Here are ironing board covers from my readers.

From Leah:  She covered TWO.  She even took photos and showed how to do it.   If you have always wanted confidence to cover your own ironing board, read Leah’s blog post and you’ll see how.  Here’s a link.

From Raine:  Isn’t this cute?  She used quilt leftovers.

From Lisa Marie:  She used some quilt blocks to decorate her’s too….

I have gotten a few other pictures from blog readers showing off their new covers but I think  they are linking up via the linky party below.

We’ll pick a winner of the layer cake on on Thursday and leave the linky open until then.  I am so happy to have a new cover and can’t wait to get some sewing time so I can use it!!  Watch for more challenges to come.  I know I want new pot holders for the new house and have been contemplating a challenge for that too.  Is anyone with me?

8 thoughts on “Ironing Board Challenge”

  1. Great Challenge Jo! I would like to redo my ironing board cover but I wonder about what to put under the fabric. What do you use? Just batting or something else?

  2. I love challenges — they motivate me to get things done. And making potholders is always fun so, yes, I’m with you!

  3. Well, I have only gotten as far as getting the fabric I need to recover my ironing board! I took my 50% off coupons to JoAnn’s , so you motivated me to get that far! If I can get one covered before Thursday, I will add a picture.

  4. I’m in if you do a potholder challenge! I’ve wanted to make some for a long time and even bought thinsolate (sp) but haven’t attempted any yet. I enjoy your Blog and love that your kids also post.

  5. Too cool! Something I would have never thought of! Duh…why not? I don’t know. I will do something like this next time I need an ironing board cover…endless possibilities…no 2 a like!

  6. Dear Jo (?)
    This is the first time I have ever done something like this so bear with me. In 1960, my husband and I lived in Lancaster, California. We traded and loved weekly visits to Sid O’Sheim’s Hardware store. I needed an ironing board and since I did tailoring and a lot of creative sewing I wanted a sturdy, well balanced heavy duty ironing board. While there I noticed they had something I had never seen before which was a Rid Jid ironing board with “wings” for people who did a lot of work with tailoring and creative sewing. When we moved from California to Texas, my ironing board which was by then cherished by me, went with us. When we moved from Texas to Georgia in 1999 that ironing board went with us. However, it appears that the movers with Mayflower Movers wanted it more and thus I had to find another ironing board. My “new” ironing board was nothing like my Rid Jid. Now, the “new” one bit the dust when someone (not me) tried to fold it down and when it went down it wouldn’t go up. When one finally got it up, it wouldn’t stay up. I have called and looked and put into the Safari Search Engine and the Google Chrome for possibly finding a “Rid Jid”. I wouldn’t and probably couldn’t beg, borrow, or steal your prized ironing board from you. However, how can I find one that is a Knee Room Rid Jid? I have scanned the internet almost all day. Since I cannot walk well, shopping is out of the question so the Internet has been the next best thing.
    Regarding the ironing board cover: My cover was the exact shape of the top with the wings out. When you didn’t have the wings out, the wing area folded underneath and tied. When you wanted the wings out, untie the tie and the wings fabric covers the top all over. I doubt that you will find the cover but if you are creative enough, quite possibly you can take my suggestion and make one with the padding etc. My wishes for good luck on that and may you have many years of happy ironing. I like to iron and this was indeed the best ironing board I have ever had. Enjoy.
    I would appreciate an answer from you if you can find the time.

    Thank you.

    Janeen Paulsen
    2445 Red Fox Run NW
    Acworth, Georgia 30101

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