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Awhile back a company sent two of these to Kelli and I to review.  It’s an ironing board spray bottle holder.

Admittedly, I kind of forgot all about them…well truth be told it ended up under a partially completed charity quilt and there it stayed.  Then as I was getting ready for retreat I was rustling around and unearthed it.  (I’m sure some of you can relate!)

Last minute I decided to throw it in and let some of the ladies tell us what they thought of it.

When I got to the retreat I hooked it up and told everyone to try it.  I comes with the holder and an empty bottle that you can fill with anything.  I filled it with the cheap Wal-Mart spray starch.  I know a lot of people poo-poo cheap spray starch in favor of Best Press but I’m a cheapo, and I don’t think the extra money that Best Press costs is worth it…so I’m a good old Niagara Spray Starch girl.  (I know…I can hear some of you gasping.  It’s okay)   I’m being honest and that’s what I filled my bottle with.

You can use your own bottle of whatever you like in the holder.  You don’t need the spray bottle but I wanted to test the product properly….spray bottle included.  The bottle is a good spray bottle.  I’ve bought spray bottles before and they didn’t work properly.  This one does work but personally in my opinion, I would rather cut the expense of the product and not have the bottle included…but I digress.

The holder snaps onto the ironing board super easy.  It can easily adjust to any thickness of ironing board.  It’s light weight and easy to carry should you be transporting it.

Here’s what else we found….The hardest part about it was to get in the habit of using it.  Here’s Nell pressing some pieces for her quilt.  Notice the spray bottles on ironing board?   Notice what is in the holder?

Nell’s pop.

The majority of the time while at the retreat, I noticed that the spray bottle was on the ironing board.  I really do think it’s habit though.  I think if I am going to use one of these regularly, I would have to consciously dedicate myself to thinking about using it to hold the spray starch until it became a habit.  I’m so used to setting the spray on the ironing board.  Habits can be hard to break but I think I’m going to give it a try.

So what do I think…do I like it?  I like it.  I really think I would be more inclined to use it for my water bottle though.  I don’t know…maybe I need two.  One could be for my water bottle.  One could be for my water bottle.  On those days when I have a marathon of pieces to press, I sure would love having two.

You might remember I bought that GIANT bag of half square triangles.  This one.

I’m gonna need a drink in the holder on the day I tackle this bag of bonus triangles.

Good news for you is this:
If you’re interested the company has offered to give all of my readers a 20% discount if you order your own IronEZ Ironing Board Spray Bottle (or pop) Holder.  How cool is that???  You can find the company website here.  If you order make sure to the enter the code jk20off.  They are originally $24.99 but with the code they will be $19.99.

15 thoughts on “IronEz Review”

  1. “They” say it takes 30 days to “break a habit”, Personally, my spray bottle would always stay on the actual ironing board–filled with Best Press diluted down to less then 1/4 c to 1 c water. :-) I am cheap too

  2. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    How does it hook onto the ironing board? Could you hook it onto the side of your machine instead to hold a water bottle? I have so much best press. I dont use it that much and my guild gave away bottles of it as birthday gifts for several years. Won’t have to buy any for a while.

  3. I love Niagra too. But currently I’m using the last of large bottles of some other sewing spray starch that were extras from a retreat so I got them free. Best price!

  4. I just use plain old spray starch too – I think the quilt industry is “inventing” too many pricey things that new quilters (and some old) think they have to have and it is pricing quilting sky high for some people when a lot of us know you really just need a few items to make a quilt – some of the new things are nice to have – but totally unnecessary.

  5. I love my IronEZ. I have had it for about 5 months now and am considering a second one, The one I have holds diluted Best Press and I would like one for plain water. I sure hope there is a distributor in Canada soon as with exchange and shipping my IronEZ was very expensive. Now I have it, it was worth every penny. It really is true that it is a habit to begin using it but now my hand just reaches out for the spray bottle without fumbling around for where I left it on the board. I also don’t accidentally knock the spray bottle off the board if I am manhandling a quilt top or backing.

  6. I have an oversized ironing platform that was built for me so I have plenty of room for the bottles. I think it could be a good idea for my quilting guild. I will share this item on our FB page and see what others think about trying it. Thanks for the review and link along with the discount. Woohoo

  7. I think I will have to order one. I sometimes need all the ironing board space and the bottle is in the way. I have also knocked two bottles off the board and the nozzle has broken. Thanks for the review and for making the discount possible.

  8. I don’t know about the whole spray bottle/holder thing, but Nell needs a taller ironing board. :) She’s a tall girl. I know my neck & shoulders would be killing me to iron at that height. It’s a common thing that I see in pictures of quilt classes & retreats. Same with cutting tables. I always feel sorry for the tall gals. I know I would be taking along a set of bed risers or a set of those table leg extenders made from PVC pipe. And some sort of ironing pad to put on the lifted up table if all the ironing boards are short.

  9. You should try water and vodka as a spray starch it works really well. Vodka is made from potatoes so there is your starch!!

  10. I too use Niagra Spray Starch for the same reason as you. However, many of my friends make their own homemade Best Press. You can find recipes all over the Internet and for the price of one bottle of the real thing you can make gallons of the homemade stuff. You use essential oil, distilled water, and cheap vodka. This mixture works just as good as the store bought original. Try it sometime.

  11. Linda–you are so sweet to think of me needing a taller ironing board. . .mostly I went over there to press so I could visit with Jo. . .and her posse. Now to tell my family I am blog famous! HA!

  12. Niagra is what the USA military commissaries stock so that is what I always have on hand. It can build up but Best Press doesn’t. Best Press doesn’t give that nice crisp feel that Niagra does. I’m going to try the water/vodka idea if I ever remember to get the distilled water. I have a bottle of “Military Special” vodka that is too bad to drink but can’t be too bad to use as a pressing spray.

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