Iowa Women’s Basketball

Iowans have been coming out big to watch the Iowa Hawkeye Women play basketball. I have even been watching.

As a kid, I watched a lot of sports with my dad and older brothers. My dad was a huge baseball fan. He also loved watching the high school boys and girls basketball teams play when it was televised once the competition moved to the state level. I watched it too. It was something I loved doing with Dad.

I knew all of the Minnesota Twins players in the early ’70s. Dad watched so much baseball.

In high school, I took stats for the football team. I loved doing that. My friend Janice did it too. We had so much fun!

Once I met my husband and had kids, my sports watching dwindled. He wasn’t much of a sports fan and my love for it wasn’t so big that I watched alone. Plus being the mom and chasing kids didn’t allow a lot of free time for that.

I’ve jumped back into being a sports fan periodically when my great niece’s basketball team went to state and another time when my old high school girls basketball team went to state. Other than that, I’ve not watched much.

Lately, the Iowa Hawkeyes Women have had me back to watching sports. In fact, a few games ago I decided I would bite the bullet and get the necessary channels to watch the game at home. After two hours of fighting the television and signing in, I gave up. When I was at the cross stitch retreat we all asked Liz if there was a way to watch. Happily, it got figured out.

It was so fun to watch with a more people all cheering on the same team. It’s really been years since I’ve done that.

Then Sunday Kalissa invited me to go with her family to the bar in Protivin to watch…again, so fun. But sadly we lost.

These two entertained us during commercials and halftime. Gannon asked me for a ship and treasure chest so he could put the coins I gave him into it and he had the swords from my bloody mary. He wanted to play pirates.

Carver was the only one with Hawkeye apparel. When I was thrifting while at the cross stitch retreat, they had a decent Iowa Hawkeye hoodie bu the pocket had come unstitched. It was only 25 cents. Yep. This Grandma can fix that. So when I got home from the retreat I quickly mended it so he could wear it. HA!!

I’m sad our girl lost. They kind of just fell apart in the fourth quarter. Sad for Iowa for sure.

I’m thinking I just might start watching more sports again. It was fun to be cheering along with everyone…and I enjoy watching. Sadly, I kind of figured that out too late in the season. I’m hoping I remember it next year. HA!

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  1. I know the Iowa women lost the final. They are still SECOND in the USA!!!!!! That is an accomplishment of which to be proud.

  2. Those gals had a very good year, yes second in nation. I didn’t watch it much, but saw highlights of Caitlin scoring and accepting an award she won. It is always so fun to watch with others and glad you were able to do it.

  3. I (together with most of the nation) also fell in love with the Iowa women’s basketball team and watched many games during the season. What a great group of outstanding role models for younger boys and girls.

  4. smiling with those two young fellows. Gannon looks like he is holding you up with his upturned hand. Such happy looking and handsome too.
    I remember my father playing on a softball team for his employer and suddenly he was farming and working and all that went away. Makes me sad wondering how much he must have missed it.

  5. I have always watched Clemson football (lots of grads in my family, starting with my dad when it was Clemson (Agriculture) College). I started watching some NFL games to keep up with the Clemson alumni as they started playing pro football. I started watching occasional Iowa basketball to see what everyone was talking about! Caitlin Clark has been phenomenal in her ability to draw people to the game and grow the attention for girl’s basketball! Have to admit, I was pulling for Carolina in the final game because I am from South Carolina and we are proud of that underrated team! It was an exciting game to watch!

  6. We live in Ohio and were rooting for Iowa. Such a nice non flashy girls. They were there to play basketball not put on a flashy show. Well rounded bunch of girls. They won in our book.

  7. I watched the semi finals via my daughter’s ESPN account and the final on network TV. Being from the midwest I was rooting for Iowa, of course. Their defense looked surprisingly weak and offense alone doesn’t win games. They still made history and that loss doesn’t detract from a phenomenal season and team. Watching Iowa’s wholesome team reminded me of watching high school basketball many years ago. Caitlin Clark, in my opinion, was the driving force behind the excitement for this championship. WNBA draft is soon and it will be interesting too see where she lands.

  8. We too fell in love with the Iowa team ! They were second in the nation ! They need to remember that ! All of America is so proud of them !!

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