Iowa Sugar Cookies

A long time ago I made a goal to slowly conquer some recipes.  You know how it goes..there is a taste or flavor you had one time and you want to find the recipe and replicate it.  You might try recipe after recipe until you find the “right” one and once you do, you don’t ever look for another recipe of that variety.  That has been so true for me.  I feel as though I have conquered the following cookie recipes.  (Clink the link to get the recipe)

Chocolate Chip Cookie
Soft Ginger Cookie
Monster Cookie
Waffle Cookie
Rice Krispie Cookie

One I didn’t have was a sugar cookie recipe…but no worries, I found the perfect recipe.

I like when my recipes are not only tasty but also look good.  Don’t these look perfectly cracked?

Here’s the recipe:
The dough is awesome.  
It doesn’t stick to the side and it makes for easy clean up.

I used a small scoop to put the cookies on the sheet.   I dipped a glass into sugan and pushed the tops down…not too far.

The recipe says bake for 9 minutes.  I found 10 better for me.

Oh my…they are super tasty….the cracking is lovely and the cookies look very uniform.  They are soft…I’m a soft cookie girl so for me, these are perfection.

So…I can cross another cookie off my list to master.  The one I’m looking for now, a roll out gingerbread cookie that is chewy.  The bakery in Elkador Iowa makes these and I would LOVE a recipe.

If you have one, send it my way!!

17 thoughts on “Iowa Sugar Cookies”

  1. It’s probably a good thing that my oven doesn’t work. There are a quite a few recipes that you have posted that I’d try and they are all the sweet variety. I like your hair cut. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing your recipes Jo! I have known several people who absolutely will not share their recipes! One person was my husband’s aunt. She was the best cook and baker. She has since passed away and all her recipes too! Love your new do!!!

    1. That is sad to not share recipes. I think recipes hold us to our heritage. I remember as a child we went to a family picnic and my aunt Esther made TACO salad. Oh my word, I thought my world was just starting. It was the first time I ever had it. I asked her for the recipe and a few weeks later that recipe came in the mail via a letter from her. I thought I was king and made it as often as mom would let me. I don’t ever eat a taco salad and not think of her!

  3. I, too, love the ‘do! But I was hesitant to say anything, thinking it might’ve been an old pic! Looks great, Jo!

  4. Hair looks awesome , makes you look years younger and if you would have been anywhere else wouldn’t have recognized you. I love my cookies crisp , Hate soft cookies. I’m thinking of tweaking your recipe a little , applesauce instead of oil for a healthier version , more vanilla and who knows what else. Have a Blessed week.

  5. I might have to try this but use gluten-free flour and see how they turn out. Love you hair in the picture! That style really plays up your eyes.

  6. I saw your pattern for stairSteps in American Patchwork & Quilting and would like to make it but as a
    new quilter, the block is too small for me and I am asking your permission to change it to a 8″
    block; I plan to make the 1/2 square 2 7/8″ and the rails 2.5 ” wide and 8 “long. I hope my math
    is correct but I will make a sample block. I ask permission due to copyright laws which I am unsure
    if they apply in this case,but I thought it was better to ask first. I love working with scraps.

    1. I’ve only made the cookies a couple times. They are great and get eaten while I’m making them so I’ve never counted how many it made. You’ll have some to freeze..unless you have a big family or childcare kids around.

  7. I make this same recipe. I messed up one year and forgot to add the eggs. Not sure how but I did. The cookies came out the same just didn’t brown as much. So if you need a cookie recipe that doesn’t have eggs this one works well without eggs.

  8. Soft cookies reign!! Nothing better than soft cookies! Soft & chewy, too! I’ll send you my soft and chewy cookie recipe this week. Your pillow cases are nice gifts!
    Take care! Gloria

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