I was out grilling and looked at my flowers in the pot.  Something about them didn’t look perky.


I looked closer and saw this!


YUCK!  Bugs…not just a few…LOTS!!  I checked the matching pot and more of the same.


Hubby got the spray out and sprayed them.  I checked an hour later and the bug were gone.  I checked the other flower but there were none there.  They just seemed to like that licorice plant.  I have gotten that plant for several years and never had a problem before.  Do any of you have any advice or knowledge about he bugs?  I think I am going to wait a day then so out and clip the plant back where it doesn’t look the best.  That is unless someone has better advice.

9 thoughts on “Invasion…BUGS!!”

  1. I could be wrong… those looked an awful lot like the kind of caterpillars that turn into butterflies… nevertheless, they were definitely eating your pretty plant. A woman has to choose sometimes…

  2. Those are the ugly bugs that turn into beautiful butterflies. That one plant might be one of their natural food sources. I have a plant that attracts those ugly worms, but it eats the plant every year, and you would not believe how beautiful the butterflies are later on!

  3. These worms look a lot like the bagworms that are starting on our walnut tree right now. They are very destructive and will strip the walnut branches bare. Hopefully it’s a different kind of worm, bagworms are nasty.

  4. I saw a few of those on my chocolate mint plant. I’m going to spray the plant with a cayenne pepper soap wash..not suppose to hurt the plants but the bugs don’t like them.

  5. Jo, just a short note to let you know how much i loved the chain of faith from the moda bake shop the pattern went together well and it was so rewarding for me to use up one of my older layer cakes. again thanks

  6. Jo, I think they are gypsy butterfly caterpillars. The first year I had that plant, it happened to me, too. Haven’t bought them since. They strip the leaves right off.

  7. Debbie Russell

    Oh dear those are butterfly caterpillars. Maybe next time you could pick them off and move there some place else away from your plants. Our bees and butterflies are in jeopardy all over the country.
    I know they were your flowers but…….

  8. I have no idea on the bugs but I am so thrilled to see Ruby back to herself I was catching up on your blog I just found to what happened to here….I was as upset as you! I live in DSM and I have three beagles, yep you heard me right THREE, but it wouldn’t matter what type of dog or animal she was just downright cruel. I was just interested how you managed to get her cleaned up, and if you ever found out who was responsible? Love your blog and your family and of course you quilts and now I am so excited to see your new home come together!

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