Instant Pot Wild Rice Soup

I LOVE soup.  I think I can say it’s likely one of my favorite categories of food.  When I saw this recipe for Instant Pot Wild Rice Soup, I knew I had to try it.

For those of you who have purchased an Instant Pot but were afraid to try it, honestly, try it.  I really don’t think you will regret it!  I so love mine.  This would be an awesome recipe to try for your first time.

As usual I forgot to take the before picture….But that’s easily solved.  I followed this recipe and she has awesome photos and even a video.

Good news for those of you who don’t have an Instant Pot, she converts the recipe to crock pot and to stove top.

Here’s how ours turned out…YUMMY!!!

I was going to attempt to put a salad with this but Hubby wants something heartier so we had breakfast sandwiches instead.

Everyone liked it.  Well that’s my interpretation.  Hubby did his usual grumble about soup saying “If we have to have soup, it’s a good one.”  BAHAHAHA!

I guess if Hubby and I have to have a place that we don’t agree on things much, my love of soup and his lackluster attitude about soup is a great place to have our differences.  We compromise for the most part.  I make hearty soups….I make a sandwich to go with it.  Works for me!!

3 thoughts on “Instant Pot Wild Rice Soup”

  1. I took the plunge and ordered an Instant Pot – it got delivered yesterday. Opened it up today and we had baked potatoes for lunch and then I cooked bacon in it before making Crack Chicken for our supper. Wow! The chicken was still partially frozen when I started and our supper was ready in no time! I love it already! Thanks for sharing recipes, sources and tips for your Instant Pot.

  2. I love soup too! I can eat it everyday when it is cold! My hubby is picky about soup; no cream soups; needs meat! It must be a man thing!!!

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