Instant Pot Mac and Cheese

Our family has a message group on Messenger. We use it a lot. We send goofy pictures of the kids, and dogs, and videos of them too. We write about something we’re getting rid of offering to anyone who wants it. We write about workplace woes, happy news, and just about everything else.

Recently there was a to-do about a Mac and Cheese recipe that my son Buck had tried. It was a recipe that Buck was trying to get Karl to try. It was a whole long thread though because it first started out with Buck’s recommendation of Duke’s Mayo.

We are a mayo family. The other day Karl said, “I think I finally come into the world. I have four different brands of mayo in my refrigerator.” If you have four different mayo’s in your refrigerator, I think that means you really like mayo…admittedly, I currently have three brands in my fridge.

Anyway…the Mac and Cheese recipe is made in the Instant Pot. It’s fast and easy. HERE is the recipe. The catch…it uses Duke’s Mayo. I’m sure any mayo would work but Buck used Duke’s and later Karl made it and he used Duke’s. Karl said it was wonderful Mac and Cheese. Then I gave him a hard time for not bringing me some to try…so Karl made some the next day and brought it for me to taste.

It was wonderful. He brought a whole casserole full so I let everyone try it. It was a huge success. Everyone who tried it really liked it.

Here’s Emmett giving it a try.

Here is Georgia. She especially loved it.

I gave some for Kalissa to try. Then she asked me if she could take some home for Craig. So Carver is holding that.

Craig does a great job with the smoker and can really make some good meat. Lately, we’ve had BBQ a few times when we were out and the Mac and Cheese with brisket is always so good. Craig has been thinking about making it but has needed a good homemade Mac and Cheese recipe to go with it. I think this one is it.

Personally, Mac and Cheese is okay but I don’t go crazy for it. This one, I really like. I also like it because it’s quick in the Instant Pot. You’ll have to give it a try and let me know what you think. HERE is the recipe.

9 thoughts on “Instant Pot Mac and Cheese”

  1. I know many people will only use one brand of mayonnaise. I seem to like them all, but never have but one jar open at a time.
    If you have 3, are there certain brand/food combinations for you?

  2. Oh that sounds good! I don’t have an instant pot and we use a small amount of Mac & Cheese I won’t get to try it, but I agree that this will probably go wonderful with the BBQ brisket.

  3. The Joyful Quilter

    We’re a family of Mac and Cheese lovers. Thanks for the recipe link. We will certainly give this a try! FYI… Duke’s is the ONLY mayo we buy.

  4. I never thought to use mayo in Mac and cheese. Admittedly, I have only made it once or twice. This recipe looks good. We are a Duke’s mayo family. I think most people in South Carolina use Duke’s. It’s a SC product. Dukes mayo is my secret ingredient in my gravy. Any time my gravy does not taste quite perfect, adding a dollop of Duke’s mayo fixes it.

    1. Sally, thanks for that gravy tip! I’m not sure I can even get Duke’s here in Central Illinois, but it’s worth a shot!

      And thanks Buck, for the mac & cheese recipe.

      And I have 4 types of mustard in my fridge. As one does…

      1. Kathleen, please don’t tell anyone in my family that I do that. They would be appalled. (But it really does work!)

  5. We love Dukes mayo but we also love to add horseradish to our mayo for sandwiches. I will give this a try and thank you.

  6. I’ve never seen Duke’s Mayo in a local store. I like Best Foods mayo. Mac and cheese was the first thing I made in my IP and make it often. I use Pepper Jack cheese and add Tabasco or something similar. I ate at a smoked meat restaurant on a vacation and one of the sides was a spicy Mac and cheese, so good!

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