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Hey all…I am thinking about going to an upcoming auction.   The auction has a sewing machine.  Can anyone tell me about this machine?

All I know is that it’s a Singer.  I’d love to know how much it’s worth, when it was manufactured and anything else you can tell me.  THANKS!

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  1. It’s a kid’s sewing machine, manufactured in the USA around the 20s/30s.

    I have seen one of those in an auction here in Germany as well and it got sold for 50€ which is about 80$. Unfortunaltely, that’s all I can tell you. Hope that it helps!

  2. I own one that I picked up in a German market for about $80. A good person to ask might be Jill at The Quilt Rat blog. She owns many small machines and has them on side of her blog so you can see them.

  3. If it comes complete with clamp and book, it has sold on eBay for$140. One alone sold for $40 when I was given mine without the clamp. It stands about 8 ” tall and does a chain stitch. The thread loops around under the machine, no bobbins. As a gift, it is cute and sits atop my antique treadle machine. You might want to do a search on eBay to check current prices. I think I got mine 3 years ago. I would never use it, though. I can’t without the clamp, but because it is only a chain stitch, not a lockstitch. If you choose to bid, good luck.

  4. I have one identical to that. But I don’t remember what I paid for it – at the most maybe $50.00, but I’m thinking more in the $35.00 range. Depending on where you get them though, they can run the gamut of price ranges. I saw one recently at an antique mall and they wanted $110.00.

  5. I bought one of those child’s machines at Goodwill, with box and manual for $75. I can’t seem to get it to work, but it was the first child’s machine I’d seen in 20 years of looking, so I don’t regret it.
    I read in the manual that you whip out your needle and thread and sew down the chainstitch ends so that you can actually use the machine for regular stitching.

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