In the Sewing Room

The sewing room continues to be a battleground for me.  I’m finding that things are taking longer than I anticipated.

The work in my closet continues but it’s getting closer.  I had to order one more set of totes to really have everything stored the way I prefer.  Then I’ll do a closet tour and answer all the questions you asked about the storage.

The thing I’m really trying to drill down on is my unfinished quilt tops.  When the whole covid thing started I had a big stack of unfinished quilt tops.  I’ve tried to do a minimum of one a week and that’s lead me to where I am today.  The problem is that the ones I have left are bigger and harder than all the other ones.

I have Kelli’s Block of the Month on the frame now and I should finish that soon.

I have another one of these quilts that has a backing and is ready to go.  See..there really are two of these.  UGH.

Then I have my double wedding ring.  This will take for forever as I have to custom quilt this.

That last seam has since been sewn and it’s a top.  I need to make the backing for this

I have a Bricks in the Barnyard quilt….

This one is fine but is a beast in size.  I need to make a backing but no fancy quilting will be done on this.

I have Texas Braid which I really want to quilt some feathers in.  I’m not a pro on doing that so that quilt has sat.  Plus it’s really big.  I know I will have to struggle with it size wise.

and then then I have these….I’ve decided that these two are going to wait.  Mary at Country Threads does a UFO challenge.  Participants pick 12 projects and number them 1 through 12.  Then Mary picks a number each month and the participants find their project that corresponds with the number Mary picks and they have to make progress or finish that UFO.  I think she’s starting again in July.  I’ve been lining up projects and hope to participate.

I’ve picked two projects that I am going to set aside and will number.

The first is my churn dash block quilt.  It’s made with all men’s 100% cotton shirts.  I keep rolling this quilt around in my mind.  I think I’ve like a border on it but nothing has really clicked with it.  When this is picked for UFO of the month, I’m figuring out the border and quilting it.

Hmm.  The more I look at, maybe it’s okay just the way it is.  What do you think??   Either way, I’ll hold that as a UFO for that challenge.  It will give me time to think on it.

The other project is this….(Old picture from when Ruby was still with me)

It’s the center of Bonnie Hunter’s Virginia Bound quilt.  This is the original quilt….

But..when Kelli and I were in Moline for a quilt retreat with the Mississippi Valley Quilters years ago, I saw this one that someone else did….

The ladies name was June (she was so sweet).  She added a border and then did some applique around the outside.  I’ve loved that look and have thought to replicate it…or something similar.  You all know applique is a four letter word (and not a good one) to me so being I’ve been saving this top for all these years, I really think I would actually do this with the quilt top.  I’m leaning towards putting a blue border on mine.

June quilted hers doing a big stitch.  As tempting as that is, I know I’d never finish it…but I do think I could talk myself into doing the appliqued border.

Anyway, I’m adding this quilt to my UFO list too.  I’m hoping this number is picked during the winter when it’s easier to sit and work on a project like this.

Anyway…that’s where I am at with my battle on the sewing room.  These last quilts really are going to tax me.  Only the Bricks in the Barnyard quilt is easy..and even at that, it’s really large.  I’m really going to need some cheering on.  I keep telling myself there are only four left besides the two you are putting on the UFO list.  I can do this….right??  In a month, if I continue at my one a week pace, I could have these all finished.  Oh my.  I don’t know if I have that much more gumption in me.  Let’s hope.

12 thoughts on “In the Sewing Room”

  1. I have one that’s been sitting because it’s a bit too big for me to tackle. I should get it out and see what could be done with it.
    Could you work out a trade with Carla to do your bigger quilts???

  2. You GO girl.. I am impressed with what you have accomplished the last few months. So FINISH it up!!!! Then you will be ready for what ever new thing comes into your life.

  3. You are doing such a great job on working thru your projects, Jo! With the more complex quilts, my advice would be to give yourself a bit of grace. Relax the goal to one quilt every two weeks. They will still get finished, but you won’t stress yourself out.

  4. You can TOTALLY do these Jo. Load one in the evening and as a reward, go do some piecing. Do 1 pass at a time, advance the quilt, tack the sides and then reward yourself with some piecing or time in the kitchen. I bet with the work/reward system you’ll get each biggie finished in just 2-3 days! Keep your eye on that goal: all tops quilted!

    Good to see your blog back up and running. I’ve missed “our daily chats” :-)

  5. Judith Fairchild

    Oh boy, Jo, I hadn’t realized how much I look forward to reading your blogs. Till your computer/ website decided to take a vacation. Please tell Kayla thanks with a hug from me, for doing a good job in getting you back on line. I have quilts to be quilted. Keep up what you’re doing. You are inspiring me to dig back in.

  6. Jo, do your quilt of the month, then do an easy one, then do your double wedding ring one, maybe an easier finish will help you in getting more excited about that one! it’ll turn out great no matter what!

  7. Soooo glad you are back! The quilt tops are gorgeous!! My motivation to get things done is thinking about this virus. I know if I get it, I am done. So I am cutting up and using as much fabric as I can so I can enjoy it! Trying to finish up things because my family won’t know what to do with it all. Intend to not do borders anymore. I like the focus to be on the piecework and don’t want the focus diverted. Have you ever made a quilt for someone and they focus on how much they love the back of the quilt?!

  8. Stearns Carol

    I know you will be glad to see the back end of those BOM quilts. I remember the agony you had just sewing them up. Ugh is right. But they are beautiful! And will probably be your favorites when done.

  9. I think the churn dash quilt will look good with a border of random dark shirt squares the same size as the blocks. I still have the kit for that Civil War BOM. I love the finished quilt but have hear$ so many complaints about it I dread making it.

  10. I would suggest a dark navy frame about an inch and a half and then a solid cranberry border with maybe the navy binding for the churn dash.

  11. Smith Rebecca

    Your posts about the Virginia Bound inspired me to make one but I skipped borders altogether. I do like the idea of an appliqué border.

  12. Angie in SoCal

    They are all beautiful, Jo. I can see why you want to finish them – to enjoy them and to get them out of the sewing room. One thing I did with the big quilt tops I finished – sold a few to people who wanted that top but don’t like piecing. I only have three beds in my house – one is the one I drape quilts on backing side up to store so they’ll lie flat. Even though I rotate them , some don’t see daylight for most of the year.

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