In the Meantime….UFO Progress

I have my UFO for May finished.  Stop by tomorrow and I’ll have pictures for you.  In the meantime, I pulled another UFO and am starting to work on it.

This is a Block of the Month that I started a LONG time ago.

Originally I was going along fine that all of the sudden at month nine we were given three blocks in one month and the option of having about five different ways to finish it.  Well I didn’t have finishing fabric and to move on I would need to make a decision.  I am horrible at decisions so the project just sat…and sat and sat.

Being there are still two days left in the month, I decided to pull it out and at least get the sampler blocks finished.  I have two done and the third cut out. I decided on the setting AND I found the fabric to finish it up.  If this UFO isn’t picked as the June UFO, that’s okay.  Once it is picked, it will come together pretty easy as the decision process is now done.

If Country Threads picks #3 on June 1st, I am going to keep right or working on this…otherwise I’ll pull the next UFO and leave this one out if reserve in case I finish the other one early too.  Somehow, this quilt is not going back in the cupboard!

I am really happy with my UFO progress…hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up for the rest of the year.  I recently updated my list.  You can see it here.  Anyone else working on UFO’s??

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