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I am so behind on my mailbox posts.  WAY behind.  I feel terrible about that.  There is no good excuse….  There will likely be about two more time I write about my mailbox just so I can get caught up.

I got TWO boxes from Susan in Las Vegas.  Susan has sent a quilt top to me to be quilted for charity…this time, fabric!  She was moving and was ready to part with some things and decided to gift them my way.  WOW.  Check out the loot!


There are all sorts of things.  I thought I’d snap a few pictures of my favorite things….Check out the nursing scraps.  These I will likely pass on to Kelli.


There were LOTS of bright novelty prints.  I want to make a novelty print quilt at some point.  These will likely go in it.

I really love this floral print.  That’s going in my stash of fabric I’ve been setting aside for Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Floribunda.


What fun to sort and pet fabric.  August hasn’t afforded me my usual amount of quilting time so petting the fabric is as close as I’m coming to playing with it.  I’ll take that for now.

One card from Anne (with an e)… a thank you and fabric goodies for me and Kelli.  Mine are going in my spider web quilt.


I got a few cards in the mail too.  All of them thank you cards.  I so appreciate them all.  Two came from retreat attendees and one came from my Aunt Jean.


I had gifted my Aunt Jean a quilt.  It’s my Star Gazing quilt from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails. Here’s a picture of it with my Aunt holding it.


Doesn’t it look right at home in her house?


I don’t see my Aunt Jean very much at all.  She’s one of the ladies I truly admire though.  She worked hard to raise her kids on her own and did a great job.  Anyway…I got a very nice thank you from her.  It made me realize that I need to gift more quilts to family….What good are they doing in a pile here?

Thanks to all who blessed me and my mailbox.  Now that’s the first addition of what’s come in my mailbox…..there will be more to come.

6 thoughts on “In the Mailbox”

  1. Wow, your mail is certainly more interesting than mine. The quilt you gave your Aunt is on my to do list….it looks great in her home.

  2. Love your Auntie Jean’s quilt. I also have an Auntie Jean that I don’t see very often, now I’m thinking to make her a quilt too.

    It’ll be the first I’ve made, new hobby, and I shall include pieces of my late Mum’s blouses. That will make it really special, coz Auntie Jean was Mum’s best friend for over 80 years, but always an Auntie to me, Sue, Dorset, UK.
    Thank you for posting n sharing. Sharing is Caring …… Xxxxxxx

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